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Palmier Developments

Palmier Developments specializes in implementing a diverse range of residential, commercial, and hotel projects. Its projects stand out for their modern design, high quality, and contemporary facilities that cater to clients' needs. Palmier Developments boasts extensive experience in the real estate industry and operates with professionalism and innovation in all aspects of its work, from design to execution and project management. The company aims to achieve the highest levels of quality and meet customer aspirations.


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New Zayed
Down Payment: 25%
Receiving Date: 2026
7,800,000 EGP
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Palmier Developments is a leading Saudi company in the field of real estate development. Established in 2005, its headquarters is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in the development and management of real estate projects, offering design, construction, marketing, and project management services.

Palmier Developments is distinguished by its expertise and professionalism in real estate project development, achieving the highest quality standards in all aspects of its work, including design, construction, project management, and marketing. The company relies on a qualified and experienced team in real estate development, management, and marketing, utilizing the latest technologies and global practices in all its operations.

Palmier Developments’ projects encompass a variety of residential, commercial, industrial buildings, and public facilities. Numerous successful projects have been executed in various regions of Saudi Arabia, such as projects in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, Dammam, and other cities.

Palmier Developments is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Saudi Arabia, constantly striving to achieve its vision and objectives in providing high-quality homes and real estate projects that meet customer needs.

The most important projects by Palmier Developments

Zayard Elite Sheikh Zayed Compound

Zayard Elite Sheikh Zayed Compound by Palmier Developments

Zayard Elite Sheikh Zayed Compound is a luxurious compound located in Sheikh Zayed area of Greater Cairo, Egypt. The compound stands out for its prime and central location, boasting breathtaking landscapes, vast green spaces, making it one of the best living options in Sheikh Zayed City.

Zayard Elite Sheikh Zayed Compound consists of 31 residential buildings, housing 1,120 residential units with varying sizes ranging from 148 square meters to 356 square meters. The residential units are characterized by their modern and luxurious design, including many modern features such as high-end electrical appliances, centralized air conditioning, and heating systems.

Zayard Elite Sheikh Zayed Compound offers numerous luxurious amenities and services for its residents, including large swimming pools, indoor pools, gyms, children’s recreational areas, fitness centers, saunas, and steam baths, in addition to green areas, parks, and gardens.

The compound also provides various security and protection services such as 24-hour security and surveillance camera systems, in addition to round-the-clock maintenance and cleaning services. The compound’s proximity to commercial and entertainment areas, schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, and cafes makes it an ideal choice.

Palmier Square Project

Palmier Square Project

Palmier Square project is one of the developments by Palmier Developments Company. Palmier Square is a modern residential and commercial complex located in a prime location in the city. The project aims to provide an integrated urban environment that meets the needs of residents and investors.

Palmier Square consists of multi-story buildings that house luxurious residential units, in addition to commercial spaces and offices. The project was designed using the latest architectural styles and modern interior designs to ensure comfort and aesthetics.

Palmier Square boasts a range of upscale amenities and services, such as a shopping center containing retail shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as open green spaces for relaxation and sports activities. The project also includes a gym equipped with modern equipment and a public swimming pool.

Its prime location is one of the standout features of Palmier Square project. It enjoys a strategic location close to commercial centers, schools, hospitals, and public transportation, making it easily accessible and desirable for both living and investment.

Palmier Square is an example of modern real estate development that combines comfort, luxury, and comprehensive facilities in an innovative urban environment.

Other projects by Palmier Developments Company:

  • Palmier Plaza project.
  • Palmier Towers project.
  • Palmier Residence project.
  • Palmier Walk project.
  • Palmier Park project.
  • Palmier Grand project.

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