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Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 26000

Down Payment: 25%

Price starts from: 7,800,000 EGP
The real estate developer Palmier Real Estate Development Company
Project Location: New Sheikh Zayed City
Unit Sizes: Units in the project start at 300 square meters.
Installment Plan: Flexible installment plans are available, with options extending up to 6 years.
Unit Type: The project primarily consists of villas.
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Due to the increasing demand for modern residential units, Palmier Real Estate Development Company has decided to launch a new project named Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound. This project is entirely dedicated to independent villas with the aim of providing a comfortable life for residents. The project stands out for offering all the amenities, services, and entertainment facilities to meet the residents’ needs.

Additionally, Palmier Company provides facilities in the prices of units within Trio Compound. Moreover, flexible installment plans are available to assist customers in easily realizing their dream of homeownership.

Overall, Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound is highly suitable for individuals and families seeking a distinctive residential life in a modern and comfortable area.

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The location of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

It is essential to understand that the residents’ happiness largely depends on choosing the right location for their residence. Palmier Real Estate Development Company is carefully focusing on achieving this aspect. The location of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound plays a fundamental role in providing comfort to its residents.

Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound is situated in Zone 3 of the Sheikh Zayed area, and this location is strategic, allowing residents to be close to areas that cater to their living and recreational needs. It offers easy access to shopping facilities, entertainment venues, schools, hospitals, and more, making the residents’ lives more convenient and comfortable.

By prioritizing the location of their project, Palmier Company reaffirms its commitment to providing a residential environment that meets the residents’ needs and aspirations. This makes Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound an ideal choice for families and individuals seeking comfortable housing in a distinguished area.

Landmarks Near Zayard Trio Compound:

  1. Located just two minutes away from the Dahshur Link Road, providing easy access to the area.
  2. It is conveniently close to the Alexandria Desert Road, facilitating residents’ mobility to other locations.
  3. Adjacent to Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia, offering residents shopping and entertainment options close to their homes.
  4. Situated near the Media Production City, providing employment and investment opportunities in the media sector.
  5. In proximity to the Giza Pyramids, adding historical and cultural value to the location.
  6. Close to the Shooting Club, offering residents places for sports and recreational activities.
  7. Located near Park Valley Compound and Medgarden Compound, enhancing shopping and entertainment choices in the area.

The design of Zayard Trio Compound

Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Palmier Real Estate Company offers luxurious architectural designs in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound, relying on some of the foremost architectural design firms. This makes the project appear as an architectural masterpiece, evident in its stunning features and the use of premium materials in building finishes. Key highlights of the design include:

  1. The total area of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound is approximately 5 acres, providing residents with ample space to enjoy a comfortable life.
  2. Careful consideration has been given to dedicating a significant portion of the project to green spaces and natural landscapes, with units surrounded by them on all sides, creating a beautiful and tranquil natural environment.
  3. The project includes independent villas, making it an ideal choice for residents seeking privacy and comfort in their homes.

In summary, the designs of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound combine architectural beauty with charming natural surroundings, creating a luxurious and comfortable residential environment for its residents.

Units space in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Palmier Real Estate Company excels in its exceptional use of space to perfectly cater to the diverse needs of customers in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound. The company offers unit sizes that meet the varied preferences of customers, contributing to their peace of mind. The villa sizes in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound range from 300 to 375 square meters, ensuring the satisfaction of different needs and providing residents with ample space to enjoy their lives in comfort and relaxation.

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Services of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Residents of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound enjoy complete comfort, thanks to the availability of all essential amenities and entertainment facilities within easy reach. The project includes numerous advantages and facilities, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Swimming Pools: Ideal for relaxation and leisure.
  2. Electronic Gates: Ensuring safe entry and exit, enhancing security.
  3. Green Spaces: Providing suitable areas for BBQ and social gatherings.
  4. Commercial Area: Facilitating shopping and meeting daily needs.
  5. Smart Parking Garages: Reducing congestion in common areas.
  6. Sports Fields: Enabling residents to engage in their favorite physical activities.
  7. Health Clubs: Ensuring well-being and relaxation.
  8. Running and Cycling Tracks: For outdoor enthusiasts.
  9. 24/7 Security Team: Providing safety for residents.
  10. Surveillance Cameras: Enhancing overall security.
  11. Maintenance and Cleaning Services: Keeping the area clean and well-maintained.

Thanks to these comprehensive facilities, Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound creates a vibrant residential community, offering residents the comfort and luxury they dream of.

Prices of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Palmier Real Estate Company strategically offers competitive prices to encourage customers to purchase residential units in Trio Compound. The company aims to ensure that prices are accessible to everyone while reflecting the value of the unique features and advantages that the project offers to residents.

Villa prices in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound range from 7,800,000 to 9,800,000 Egyptian pounds, providing multiple options for customers to choose a unit that suits their needs and budgets. Thanks to these reasonable and suitable prices, many individuals can seize the opportunity to live in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound and enjoy all of its features and amenities.

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Payment systems of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound

Palmier Real Estate Company ensures that all means are provided to make the process of purchasing units in Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound comfortable and convenient for customers. To achieve this, the company has introduced flexible installment plans that give customers ample time to pay for the units without any financial difficulties. Customers can make a 25% down payment of the unit’s value and then spread the remaining amount over 6 years.

The seriousness of reserving villas in Trio Compound requires a booking fee of 75,000 Egyptian pounds. This facilitates an opportunity for customers to reserve their units with ease. Additionally, it is expected that delivery will occur within 3 and a half years, allowing customers to take advantage of Zayard Trio New Zayed Compound project as soon as possible.

About Palmieer Developments

Palmier Real Estate Development Company embarked on its journey at the beginning of 2016. Since then, the company has built its reputation and earned the trust of customers through the successful execution of numerous distinctive projects.

The company relies on top engineering expertise in its project implementation and adheres to global standards in the field of construction and development. Palmier is committed to keeping pace with the continuous developments in the real estate market and delivering the latest and best offers and projects to its clients, reflecting its dedication to providing quality and excellence in everything it does.

Some of the company’s other projects include:

  1. Farida Heights Compound in Sheikh Zayed.
  2. Farida Tower Compound in 6th of October.
  3. O Bay Village in Marsa Matrouh.
  4. Agiba City Project in Marsa Matrouh.

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The real estate developer

Palmieer Developments

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New Zayed

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