Lugar New Zayed Compound

Lugar New Zayed Compound

Price starts from:
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The real estate developer Gates Real Estate Development Company.
Project Location: Heart of New Zayed City.
Unit Sizes within the Project: Starting from 65 square meters
Types of Units: Apartments - Villas - Townhouses.
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Project Description

Gates Real Estate Development Company intends to launch a luxurious and distinctive project within New Zayed City, and Lugar New Zayed Compound is one of its latest and most prominent projects. Lugar New Zayed Compound is characterized by several features that make it unique and eye-catching.

One of the most significant features of Lugar New Zayed Compound is its strategic location, which provides convenience and easy access to all essential services and facilities in New Zayed City. The project includes luxurious residential units meticulously designed to ensure maximum comfort and luxury for residents. These units range from small apartments to large villas, catering to diverse buyer needs.

Furthermore, Lugar New Zayed Compound offers world-class services such as magnificent swimming pools, advanced fitness facilities, and recreational areas. These services add significant value to the residents and provide them with an exceptional living experience.

Considering the attractive and competitive prices offered by Lugar Gates, investing in it becomes an appealing investment opportunity for investors and a chance for residents to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Gates Real Estate Development Company aims to achieve great success through this project and enhance the quality of life in New Zayed City.

The location of Lugar Gates Compound

In the heart of New Zayed City, and in one of the best locations in this beautiful city known for its vast green spaces, Lugar New Zayed Compound is the optimal choice.

Alongside the charming nature, exceptional climate year-round, excellent urban planning, and robust infrastructure, attention was directed toward launching the company’s most powerful project in the heart of Sheikh Zayed West area in Cairo, specifically on the direct Alexandria Desert Road.

It’s of utmost importance that the location of Lugar New Zayed Compound is near the Mehwar Road, Wahat Road, and the Ring Road, providing it with exceptional geographic advantages. Thanks to the Gates compound, you have direct access to El-Dabaa and Rod El-Farag Axis, in addition to a direct view of Sphinx International Airport.

Furthermore, the project is distinguished by its proximity to major shopping centers such as Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt. It is also located adjacent to projects like De Joya Sheikh Zayed and The Estates Sheikh Zayed, adding a very upscale and distinctive surrounding environment.

Nearby Locations to Gates Lugar Compound:

  • Located near the Alexandria Desert Road directly.
  • Directly located on Sphinx Airport.
  • Located on 26th of July Axis and the Dahshur Link.
  • Close proximity to the New Museum.
  • Adjacent to The Estates Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Nearby the Smart Village and the industrial area.
  • Just minutes away from Mall of Arabia.
  • Also just minutes away from Mall of Egypt.

The space of Gates Lugar Compound

Lugar New Zayed Compound boasts its unique urban vision, starting from vast carefully chosen spaces to create an enormous and stunning residential community. This project stands out for its integration between expansive areas, significant and distinctive constructions that cater to all the needs of valued customers. Tremendous effort has been put into planning to establish a fully integrated life within this colossal community.

Lugar New Zayed Compound spans over an area of 65 acres, with an investment of over five billion Egyptian pounds for its development. It enjoys a distinctive strategic location that adds exceptional value to it. This strategic location offers a unique opportunity to build an integrated community that combines elegance and comfort, where residents have easy access to key services and facilities in the area.

In short, Lugar New Zayed Compound is a unique project offering a distinguished residential life with a blend of luxury and comfort in an exceptional strategic location.

The design of Gates Lugar Compound

The aspects of design and real estate planning in Lugar New Zayed Compound represent a prominent point of distinction, emphasizing quality and excellence. The company collaborated with top engineering consultants and experienced designers to ensure the delivery of a project with a global character.

The project was meticulously designed to ensure full utilization of spaces and achieve the highest levels of comfort and sustainability. The latest technologies were incorporated into the design to maximize space utilization and conserve energy and resources.

World-class designers with a creative vision and a unique concept of modern urban design were employed. Aesthetic details and finishes were executed with high quality to add a touch of luxury and beauty to the project.

Thanks to this precise collaboration with professional consultants and designers,Lugar New Zayed Compound achieved a wonderful balance between architectural beauty, sustainability, and comfort, truly making it a global project that meets the expectations and needs of investors and residents.

Services of Lugar New Zayed Compound

  • Expansive Green Spaces: The project includes extensive green areas adorned with trees and flowers, providing serene spots for relaxation and enjoyment of fresh air and nature.
  • Walking and Jogging Trails: There are designated areas for walking and jogging, promoting outdoor sports and family gatherings.
  • Barbecue Areas: Barbecue areas foster a sense of cooperation and family entertainment within the community.
  • International Restaurants: A diverse range of international restaurants offers delicious cuisine to the residents.
  • Cafes: Quiet cafes with exceptional service are available within the project.
  • Sports Facilities: Multiple sports fields cater to various activities and entertainment within the compound.
  • Modern Health Club: Gates Lugar Compound features a modern health club equipped with the latest fitness equipment for sports and physical fitness enthusiasts.
  • Swimming Pools: There are wonderful swimming pools providing residents with relaxation and swimming opportunities.
  • Innovative Water Elements: Innovative water elements add beauty and tranquility to the project.
  • Biking Paths: Dedicated bike lanes are available for cycling enthusiasts.
  • Meditation and Yoga Areas: Special areas for meditation and yoga enhance relaxation and inner balance.
  • Children’s Play Areas: Designated areas for children and infants meet the needs of families.
  • Gated Entrances: The project boasts secure gates to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.
  • Supermarket: A supermarket is open 24/7, providing all household needs, making Gates Lugar Compound a comprehensive place that meets residents’ needs with ease and convenience.

Prices of Lugar New Zayed Compound

Units within Lugar New Zayed Compound have been offered at incredible prices, representing an exceptional opportunity. These reduced prices aim to enable all customers aspiring to live in luxury to obtain a fantastic residential unit within the project.

  • One-Bedroom Units: Units with one bedroom are available with an area of 65 square meters, and the price per square meter starts at 35,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Maisonettes: Maisonette units are available with areas ranging from 135 square meters to 150 square meters, and the price per square meter starts at 48,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouses: Townhouse units are available with areas ranging from 185 square meters to 190 square meters, and the price per square meter starts at 44,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Independent Villas: Independent villas are available with an area of 255 square meters, and the price per square meter starts at 59,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Lugar New Zayed Compound

Gates offers suitable payment systems for you to be able to book apartments for sale in the new Jets project and also villas in Lugar New Zayed Compound on installment in the most appropriate way for you:

  • You can pay a down payment of 5% and installments for up to 7 years.
  • You can pay a down payment of 10% and installments for up to 8 years.

A brief about Gates Developments

Gates Developments, known as Jets, is one of the leading companies in the real estate market in Egypt. It boasts extensive experience in the real estate field and has achieved numerous remarkable accomplishments since its establishment.

What sets Gates Developments apart is that its expertise is not limited to real estate alone; it has a group of subsidiary companies in various sectors. These companies include those in the tourism industry, construction and building companies, as well as companies operating in the iron and steel industry. Moreover, Jets also manages companies specialized in facility management.

Thanks to this diversity and specialization in a variety of industries, Jets is considered a treasure trove of expertise in multiple fields, enabling it to achieve success and excellence in delivering exceptional services and projects.

Projects by Gates Developments:

  • Audaz New Capital
  • Plaza Espana Complex Mall 6th of October
  • Catalan New Capital Compound
  • Venia New Capital

The developer company

Gates Developments

The project’s location

in the heart of New Zayed

Sales number


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