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Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 80000

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed
Price starts from: 2,400,000 EGP
The real estate developer West Way Developments Company
The project location In a vital area in Sheikh Zayed
The project area 2,243 sqm
Units Type Commercial and medical
Units spaces starting from 30 sqm
Mall's design 2 basements, a ground floor, and 3 upper floors
Installments period up to 10 years
Reservation down payment 50,000 EGP
Sales number 00201104894802

West Way Developments Company is honored to present its new and creative project, Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, which is a commercial and medical complex in a distinctive and vital location in Sheikh Zayed City, Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is an attractive investment project for investors looking for a profitable investment opportunity in the heart of this modern and vibrant district.

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed enjoys a vast area around 2,243 sqm, which offers an excellent opportunities for investors and traders to establish their projects and their commercial shops in this distinctive place, this project enjoys an attractive architectural designs that meet the expectations of clients and guarantee an enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience.

In addition to this, Z4 Mall Zayed offers a various group of services and facilities that meet the needs of visitors and shoppers.

The mall includes a wide group of international and local shops, in addition to high-end cafes and restaurants, and entertainment places, as the mall also offers flexible spaces and offers multi usage that suit different businesses and trades, which contribute in enhancing the commercial activity and increasing incomes.

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The location of Z4 Mall Zayed

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

The location of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is distinguished by it vital and distinctive location, which is a priority for West Way Developments Company, Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is located in Sheikh Zayed City, which offers a strategic opportunity to benefit from the commercial movement and continous growth in this advanced and modern area.

Thanks to its distinctive location, Z4 Mall Janna Zayed enjoys a direct view on Village west sheikh Zayed and Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed, and this location is strategic for an ideal opportunity as it guarantees a continuous flow of visitors and shoppers from the close exclusive residential areas.

Places close to Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

  • Z4 Mall Janna Zayed enjoys a distinctive location and is surrounded by many landmarks and main services, the mall is located 3 minutes away from El Nozha Street, which is one of the main streeta in the area and considered to be a vital corridor for traffic movement.
  • Hyper one is 5 minutes away from Z4 Mall Janna Zayed, which is a series of famous and well-known supermarkets which is jnown for offering and providing a wide range of products and different brands.
  • Z4 Mall Zayed is 5 minutes away from Desert Alexandria-Road, which is main road that links between Cairo and Alexandria and the Western Desert, which eases the existence of the mall on this road to access different areas of the city.
  • The mall enjoys being close to Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt, which are among the largest and most famous commercial complexes and shopping centers in Egypt. In addition to that, Juhayna Square can be easily reached, which is a famous destination for entertainment, shopping, and restaurants.
  • Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is located on the road of Waslet Dahshur and 26 July axis, and those 2 are important axis to move in this area
  • Finally, Z4 Mall Janna Zayed enjoys its proximity to the Media Production City, which is an important destination for the film and television industry in Egypt, making it attractive for those interested in the media and entertainment industry.

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The space of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

The space of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed is suitable for meeting the needs of many traders and investors as the mall extends over an area of 2,243 sqm, which allows the availability of offering a wide group of residential units.

Units spaces in the mall vary, as spaces start from 30 sqm, starting from 30 square meters, this means that regardless of the size of your business or the commercial idea you want to implement, you will be able to find a unit that perfectly meets your needs.

The design of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

Z4 Mall Zayed is designed by the most prominent engineering and design consultants, which guarantees the highest quality standards and creativity in architectural designs, as designs enjoy having unique units that enjoy a panoramic view, and the glass facades is distinguished by its beauty and allow visitors to enjoys the external views.

Special attention has been paid to organizing the outdoor spaces in the mall, where the landscape and plaza enjoy a large share of the project’s total area. The landscape is designed in a unique style that combines natural beauty and architectural elements, creating an attractive and comfortable environment for visitors. In addition, the mall provides a wonderful plaza that allows visitors to rest and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

The mall consists of 2 basements and a ground floor and 3 upper floors, which offers a vast area and multi usages of it for commercial brands in the mall, each floor is dedicated to retail and commerce in a way that enhances the shopping experience and ensures ease of access and navigation within the mall.

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Services of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed
  • The mall is equipped with electronic entrances that facilitate the entry and exit process and reduce crowding and congestion.
  • Z4 Mall Janna Zayed uses the latest technologies to ensure a comfortable experience for both tenants and visitors.
  • Smart parking garages are available to prevent congestion in front of the mall gates.
  • Panoramic elevators and escalators are available in the mall to facilitate movement for visitors and tenants.
  • The mall has a high-speed internet network to facilitate efficient business transactions.
  • Meeting rooms are available to facilitate flexible and suitable environments for tenants to conduct their meetings.
  • Central air conditioning is provided in the mall to maintain a suitable temperature throughout the day. 
  • ATMs are widely available to facilitate various financial transactions.
  • Security and surveillance personnel are available around the clock to provide security and tranquility for tenants and visitors.
  • Advanced surveillance cameras are used in the mall to increase the level of security and control.
  • Modern fire extinguishing systems are provided to maintain safety in the mall.
  • Electric generators are available in the mall to deal with power outages and ensure service continuity.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services operate throughout the week to ensure excellent operation of services at all times.

Prices of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

  • Commercial units prices as basement start from 80,000 EGP
  • Commercial units prices in the ground floor start from 150,000 EGP
  • Commercial units prices in the first floor start from 95,000 EGP
  • Commercial units prices as in the second floor start from 85,000 EGP
  • Commercial units prices in the third floor start from 95,000 EGP
  • clinics prices in the third floor start from 55,000EGP

Payment systems of Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed presents a flexible payment plan for investors, here are the available payment systems:

  • First installment: The starting price for the first installment is 0%.
  • Installments period up to 10 years
  • A reservation down payment is to be paid for 50,000 EGP

About the real estate developer

Z4 Mall Janna Zayed

West Way Real Estate Developments is a company specialized in real estate development in Egypt. The company was founded by a group of leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, giving it extensive experience and knowledge in this sector.

West Way Developments Company is characterized by its commitment to providing high-quality real estate projects with creative designs. The company has achieved significant success in a short period since its establishment, establishing an excellent reputation in the real estate development industry in Egypt.

The most important projects by West Way Developments

  • River Park New Zayed Compound
  • Health Medical Center Sheikh Zayed 360

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The real estate developer

West Way Developments Company

The project’s location

In a vital area in Sheikh Zayed

The project’s area

2,243 sqm

Sales number


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