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Silio New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 15042

Down Payment: 5%

Price starts from: 5,715,960 EGP
Real estate developer: El Khalifa Group
Project Location: In New Zayed, in Sector 17
Compound Area: Approximately 5 acres
Compound Units: Includes twin houses, townhouses, and independent villas
Villa Sizes: Villas with sizes starting from 257 square meters
Number of Villas: The project comprises a total of 34 villas
Maintenance Fees: Maintenance fees in Silio project are 8%.
Payment Duration: The developer offers payment plans of up to 9 years
Cash Discount: 25%
Sales Number: 00201104894802

El Khalifa Real Estate Group continues to achieve success in Zayed and October regions, recently unveiling Silio New Zayed Compound. This real estate development is currently one of the most prominent events in the Green Belt area, especially given its stunning Spanish antique-inspired designs that offer a luxurious residential living experience.

When you decide to own a villa in Silio New Zayed Compound, you are just steps away from purchasing at the most affordable price for villas in Sheikh Zayed City and its surrounding areas. The developer offers highly competitive prices, making it the most affordable compound in Sheikh Zayed City among projects specializing in villas.

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The location of Silio New Zayed Compound

El Khalifa Real Estate Company carefully selected an attractive geographic location to capture the attention of customers. Therefore, the project is located in Sector 17 in New Zayed, as the second block from the central axis, in a strategic location at the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.

Close places from Silio New Zayed Compound:

  • Located very close to the regional ring road.
  • Within minutes of Sheikh Zayed and Sixth of October City.
  • Additionally, just minutes away from Mall of Arabia and Hyper One.
  • Near Sphinx International Airport.

The design and space of Silio New Zayed Compound

Silio New Zayed Compound

The space

As is customary with new Sheikh Zayed compounds, Silio New Zayed Compound is relatively small in size, covering approximately 5 acres. This limited space ensures complete privacy, especially with the small number of units offered, which is only 34 villas.

The space is divided into residential areas, service areas, and roads, with the majority of the area allocated for green spaces.

The design

A team of skilled planning experts were responsible for designing the engineering layout of Silio New Zayed Compound. As a result, you can enjoy remarkable privacy when residing in Silio New Zayed Compound, thanks to its circular design that provides open and diverse views for all units.

Furthermore, the architectural designs are inspired by Spanish style, making the project one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed, especially in terms of its unique architectural artistry, which is being introduced for the first time in the region.

Units space in Silio New Zayed Compound

Silio New Zayed Compound includes various villa types with different sizes, as follows:

  • Villas in Sheikh Zayed within Silio New Zayed Compound, with areas starting from 380 square meters.
  • Independent villas with spacious sizes starting from 428 square meters.
  • Twin houses with areas starting from 380 square meters.
  • Townhouses with areas starting from 257 square meters.

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Facilities of Silio New Zayed Compound

Silio New Zayed Compound

In order to achieve the desired real estate and residential vision of El Khalifa Real Estate Company, they have ensured the inclusion of a wide range of services and residential amenities within the project. These include:

  1. An advanced sound system, leveraging modern technology extensively.
  2. Smart gates operating on a Smart System for added security and convenience within the compound.
  3. State-of-the-art surveillance cameras, complemented by security and guard services.
  4. Extensive landscaped areas spread throughout and around the buildings.
  5. Artificial lakes occupying central points within Silio New Zayed Compound.
  6. A pharmacy to meet medical needs, along with a hypermarket for convenient shopping.
  7. A cycling track for bike enthusiasts, as well as a public promenade.
  8. Water fountains for aesthetic appeal, along with pergolas.
  9. Regular maintenance services to ensure the upkeep of project facilities.
  10. Banking and financial services, including ATM machines.

Features of Silio New Zayed Compound

  • The first project in Sheikh Zayed to offer this style of architectural designs.
  • It is the most affordable compound in Sheikh Zayed compared to compounds specializing in villa offerings.
  • It offers payment facilities that are highly competitive with equal installments.
  • A prime location on the central axis and the regional ring road.
  • A residential project with a high level of privacy, especially given its limited space.

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Flaws of Silio New Zayed Compound

It cannot be pointed out as a specific issue or drawback in the compound, but it can be noted that it may not be suitable for those looking for ready-to-move-in units due to the project’s recentness and its expected delivery in 2026.

Prices of Silio New Zayed Compound

Silio New Zayed Compound

The prices of villas in Silio New Zayed Compound Sheikh Zayed’s Silio project start at 5,715,960 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Silio New Zayed Compound

The developer offers a payment plan with significant facilitations, as follows:

  1. The customer pays a limited amount as a down payment, equal to 5% of the total price.
  2. Another 5% of the price is paid upon delivery.
  3. Installments can extend for up to 9 years.

A brief about El Khalifa Group Developments

Silio New Zayed Compound

El Khalifa Company has played a significant role in leading the real estate investment field in the face of intense competition in October and Zayed regions. Despite its relatively recent establishment in 2017, it has demonstrated extensive development expertise and skills. Some of its prominent projects include:

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The real estate developer

El Khalifa Group

Project’s location

New Zayed

Sales number


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