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Reeva Compound New Zayed
The real estate developer Landmark Developments
The project location New Zayed
The project area 10 acres
Units Type Standalone villas
Installments period Up to 8 years
Delivery date after 3.5 years
Finishing Core & Shell
Maintenance Fees 7%
Down payment starting from 5% to 20%
Sales number 00201104894802

Reeva Compound New Zayed, developed by Landmark Developments, is a remarkable residential project that occupies a land area of 10 acres. This expansive and thoughtfully designed compound offers a blend of modern living and natural surroundings. 

With its strategic location, Reeva Compound provides residents with a serene and harmonious environment, while also granting easy access to essential amenities and urban conveniences. 

The project is a testament to Landmark Developments’ commitment to creating exceptional communities that prioritize comfort, quality, and a balanced lifestyle.

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The location of Reeva Compound New Zayed

Reeva Compound New Zayed

Reeva Compound holds a prime location within New Zayed City, enhancing its appeal as a coveted residential destination. Situated in the heart of this vibrant city, the compound enjoys proximity to key areas such as West Cairo and Giza, making it exceptionally well-connected.

The strategic placement of Reeva Compound New Zayed also provides convenient access to major highways, facilitating effortless commuting to various parts of the city and beyond. This sought-after location not only offers residents the convenience of urban life but also ensures a tranquil setting surrounded by green spaces, ensuring a harmonious blend of modern living and natural beauty.

  1. Reeva Compound New Zayed is surrounded by a host of nearby attractions and essential facilities, enhancing the convenience and quality of life for its residents. Within close proximity, residents can find shopping centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues. 
  2. The compound’s strategic location ensures easy access to major roads and transportation hubs, enabling residents to explore neighboring areas and enjoy the offerings of the city. 
  3. Whether it’s shopping, education, healthcare, or leisure activities, Reeva Compound’s surroundings provide a well-rounded and dynamic living experience for its residents.

The design of Reeva Compound New Sheikh Zayed

Reeva Compound New Zayed
Reeva Compound New Zayed

The design of Reeva Compound New Zayed is a testament to thoughtful planning and aesthetic innovation. The architectural concept seamlessly blends modernity with functionality, creating a harmonious living environment. 

The compound features a variety of contemporary and stylish building structures, carefully arranged to optimize space and views. The incorporation of green spaces, landscaped gardens, and recreational areas adds a touch of tranquility and nature to the urban setting. The exterior façades are characterized by clean lines, elegant detailing, and a harmonious color palette that compliments the overall ambiance. 

With a focus on providing a comfortable and visually appealing living space, Reeva Compound’s design elevates the quality of life for its residents, making it a truly exceptional residential destination.

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The space of Reeva Compound New Zayed

Spanning across 10 acres, Reeva Compound New Zayed offers an expansive and well-organized living space that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. The generous land area allows for the thoughtful allocation of various amenities, green landscapes, and recreational areas within the compound. 

This ample space provides an opportunity for residents to enjoy a balanced lifestyle, where tranquility and urban convenience coexist harmoniously. With room for carefully designed residential units, communal facilities, and natural elements. 

Reeva Compound’s 10-acre expanse ensures that residents can experience both comfort and a sense of openness, creating an inviting and vibrant community within the heart of New Sheikh Zayed City.

Units in Reeva Compound New Zayed

Reeva Compound New Zayed City offers a limited type of units to cater to preferences and needs of residents. These unit types include only Standalone .

Reeva Compound New Zayed ensures that residents can find the perfect home that aligns with their preferences, space, and lifestyle choices within the vibrant community of New Sheikh Zayed City.

Services of Reeva Compound New Zayed

Reeva Compound New Zayed
Reeva Compound New Zayed
  • Reeva Compound New Zayed offers a comprehensive array of services and amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents.
  •  From the moment you enter Reeva Compound New Zayed, you’re greeted with state-of-the-art security systems and round-the-clock surveillance to ensure a safe and secure environment. 
  • The lush green spaces and beautifully landscaped gardens provide serene spots for relaxation and social gatherings.
  • For those seeking an active lifestyle, there are sports facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and outdoor courts for various sports. 
  • Children can enjoy dedicated play areas, and families can gather in designated barbecue and picnic areas.
  •  Additionally, Reeva Compound New Zayed boasts a clubhouse where community events and social gatherings can be organized, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among residents. 
  • All these services are thoughtfully integrated to offer a harmonious and enriching living experience for everyone in Reeva Compound New Zayed community.
  • Parking Spots
  •  Storage Places
  •  water feature
  •  Kids Areas
  •  Landscape areas
  •  Cinema 7D 
  •  family room
  •  spa 
  • Swimming pool

Prices of Reeva Compound New Zayed

You can buy a standalone villa with a building area of ​​437 square meters, with a garden of 216 square meters

  • Starting Price: 11,865,700
  • Starting Price After Discount: 10,679,130

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Payment systems of Reeva Compound New Zayed

The developer company offers many payment options that include: 

  • Down Payment: 5% – Discount 5%, Installments up to 5 Years
  • Down Payment: 10% – Discount 10%, Installments up to 6 Years
  • Down Payment: 15% – Discount 15%, Installments up to 7 Years
  • Down Payment: 20% – Discount 20%, Installments up to 8 Years

Landmark Developments

Landmark Developments is a distinguished real estate company known for its commitment to creating exceptional living spaces and innovative communities. With a track record of excellence spanning several years, Landmark Developments has established itself as a prominent player in the real estate industry. The company’s portfolio reflects a diverse range of projects, from residential complexes and commercial centers to mixed-use developments and more. 

What sets Landmark Developments apart is its unwavering dedication to quality, design, and customer satisfaction. Each project is meticulously planned and executed, combining architectural brilliance with modern amenities to create environments that resonate with residents’ needs and aspirations. Landmark Developments’ commitment to sustainability and innovation further underscores its vision to shape vibrant and sustainable communities for generations to come.

Projects by Landmark Developments:

  • Giselle Compound. 
  • Selena 1 Compound. 
  • Bait Elwatan Compound. 
  • Bianca Compound. 
  • Reeva Compound. 
  • Ria Compound. 
  • Selena 2 Compound

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The real estate developer

Landmark Developments

The project’s location

New Zayed

The project’s area

10 acres

Sales number


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