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Park Valley New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2024

Down Payment: 20%

كمبوند بارك فالي زايد الجديدة
Price starts from: 7,000,000 EGP
The real estate developer Efid Developments
The project location Waslet Dahshur in New Zayed
The project area 21,000 sqm
Building percentage: 15%
Type of units Twin houses and independent villas
Installments period up to 6 years
Available discounts 50% discount of the paid deposit
Sales number 00201104894802

Park Valley New Zayed Compound is a new real estate project by a well-known company which is called Efid Developments, the project enjoys unique designs and a distinctive location in New Zayed.

The location of the project was chosen carefully to guarantee its existence in a vital and central area in New Zayed, the compound is located in front of the famous City Walk complex, and its steps away from Juhayna Square, this offers easy access to a very wide range of facilities and services in the region.

An area of around 21,000 sqm has been allocated for the project, and this space is utilized in a distinctive way to provide a comfortable and modern residential environment for the residents of the compound. The project includes a diverse range of residential units, including apartments and villas, all designed with the highest standards of quality and comfort.

In addition to this, Park Valley Compound offers a wide range of facilities and services, like green spaces , swimming pools, sporting fields, gyms, and entertainment areas, as it also offers parking lots, and a security system to guarantee safety and comfort of residents.

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The location of Park Valley Compound

Park Valley New Zayed Compound enjoys a strategic location in the Green Belt and specifically in basin number 2 Gate 1 in New Zayed as the project is located on Waslet Dahshur, which offers easy access to it and make it visible and suitable to visitors and residents.

Places close to Park Valley New Zayed Compound

  • Media Production City: It is one of the largest media complexes in Egypt and the Middle East, offering diverse job, business, and cultural opportunities.
  • Juhayna Square: It is a major shopping destination and a commercial and entertainment center that includes retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, and recreational facilities.
  • City Walk: It is an integrated commercial and entertainment complex that provides a unique and diverse shopping experience, including shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment spaces.

The space of Park Valley New Zayed Compound

The space of Park Valley Compound was allocated in a distinctive way to offer a comfortable and suitable residential environment to residents, the space of the project is about 21,000 sqm, and it was used in a way that offer vast green areas to residents.

The project places great focus on green spaces, dedicating a large part of the area to gardens and landscapes. This allows residents to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and experience a comfortable environment within the project. The gardens have been carefully designed to provide open areas for meditating and places to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Units in Park Valley New Zayed Compound

  • Town houses: Units spaces start from 290 sqm, and include a private garden with a distinctive space.
  • Independent villas: Independent villas are the second option in the compound, as units spaces start from 300 sqm with a private garden with a space of 220 sqm.

The design of Park Valley New Zayed Compound

Park Valley New Zayed Compound

Park Valley New Zayed Compound was designed in a modern and genius was to offer a distinctive project that meets the aspirations of clients. A Great emphasis was put on designing the internal units in a distinctive way to offer a comfortable residential environment. Units are designed on an European manner, which offers a luxurious and high quality residential experience.

In addition, the project is distinguished by a low building density of only 15% of the total area, meaning that many spaces within the project are allocated for green landscapes and gardens. This design allows residents to enjoy the beauty of nature and breathe fresh air within the project, creating a calm and refreshing atmosphere for residents.

In addition to this, Park Valley Compound has a number of 34 luxurious villa, which enhances the luxury and exclusive type of the project. Villas were designed with the highest quality and luxury standards, with intensive care to design details and high finishes to meet the needs of residents looking for luxurious life.

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Services of Park Valley New Zayed Compound

 Park Valley New Zayed Compound
  • The project is characterized by its vast green spaces and beautiful gardens throughout the community, providing a tranquil and comfortable environment for residents to relax, stroll, and engage in outdoor activities.
  • It includes sports facilities such as fitness centers and sports courts, allowing residents to exercise and maintain their fitness and health.
  • Swimming pools are available in the project, providing residents with an enjoyable time in the water and a refreshing escape during the summer season.
  • Dedicated areas for children with playgrounds and recreational activities are provided, creating a safe and entertaining environment for kids to play and have fun.
  • Adequate parking spaces are provided within the project, offering convenience for residents and visitors to the community.
  • An advanced security system, including inspection points and surveillance cameras, is implemented in the project to ensure the safety and security of residents and the overall community.
  • Regular maintenance services are provided for the facilities and common areas in the project, ensuring they maintain a high level of quality and performance.

Reasons to choose Park Valley New Zayed Compound

There are many reasons that push you to choose Park Valley New Zayed Compound, among which are:

  • Park Valley New Zayed Compound is a development by Eved Development, a reputable company in the real estate field, where people feel confident working with a reliable and well-reputed company.
  • The project enjoys a strategic location in New Zayed, near Media Production City, Juhaynah Square, and City Walk. This vital location enhances easy access to nearby facilities and services, in addition to providing a comfortable residential environment close to key areas in the region.
  • Park Valley New Zayed Compound has been designed with modern and ingenious methods, paying attention to the interior design details of the units. The contemporary design offers a luxurious and comfortable living experience, keeping up with the latest trends in real estate design.
  • The project offers a wide range of distinctive services, such as green spaces and gardens, sports facilities, pools, recreational areas for children, parking spaces, and an advanced security system. These services provide comfort and luxury to residents, catering to their various needs.
  • The low building ratio of the project (15%) of the total area, leaving the rest for natural landscapes and gardens, is an attractive feature. This design allows for a peaceful and comfortable environment, striking a balance between built-up spaces and greenery.

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Prices and payment systems of Park Valley New Zayed Compound

Park Valley New Zayed Compound
  • You can buy a twin house with a distinctive price starting from 7 M EGP
  • A luxurious villa with a price of 8,250,000 EGP

Payment systems

  • You can pay 50% of the units price and receive your unit with full finishing.
  • You can install up to 6 years

Efid Developments

Eved Development is a distinguished real estate company and a leading company in the market. With over 40 years of experience in the field, the company has successfully executed many exceptional projects that have positioned it at the forefront of top real estate companies, offering modern and innovative residential communities that meet the needs of customers in the present time.

EFID Developments is distinguished by its commitment to the highest international quality standards in project development. The company employs the best engineering expertise and specialized professionals in the real estate field. This high quality reflects the company’s dedication to delivering luxurious and outstanding projects with modern and innovative designs.

The most important works by Efid Developments

  • Park Valley New Zayed Compound
  • Park Valley Plateau New Zayed Compound
  • Park Valley Blue 6th of October Compound

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The real estate developer

Efid Developments

The project’s location

Waslet Dahshur New Zayed

The project’s area

21,000 sqm

Sales number


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