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Leaves New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2027

Meter Price: 34817

Down Payment: 10%

كمبوند ليفز نيو زايد
Price starts from: 3,829,920 EGP
The real estate developer Al Attal Holding
The project location In New Zayed
Designer of the project Engineer/ Raef Fahmy
Spaces of the compound starting from 80 sqm
Design of the buildings 3 floors and a ground floor
Buildings number 30 building
Units number 680 number
Maintenance deposit 8%
Installment period up to 9 years
Sales number 00201104894802.

Leaves New Zayed Compound is the latest project by El Attal Holding, located in the heart of New Zayed City, near the vibrant areas of 6th of October City. The company has carefully selected a prime location to offer a serene and upscale lifestyle, providing all the essential amenities and recreational services needed for a wonderful living experience.

The project offers a variety of residential units that cater to different space requirements, with convenient payment and installment plans. Leaves New Zayed Compound not only focuses on providing homes but also ensures the availability of all necessary services for its residents, including shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, and more.

Thanks to Leaves Compound Zayed unique location, the project boasts magnificent views of the surrounding natural landscapes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful and refreshing life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Investors have a unique opportunity to invest in a distinctive property in one of the best locations in 6th of October City.

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The location of Leaves Compound Zayed

Leaves New Zayed Compound
Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound is directly located next to Compound Promenade Wadi Degla on New Giza Road, just 300 meters away from the 26th of July Axis, which is considered the main axis in 6th of October City, connecting all areas of the city together. The compound is also in close proximity to many services and facilities in the city.

The carefully chosen location of Leaves Compound Zayed allows for the construction of a comprehensive residential complex. It benefits from its proximity to the city’s most important landmarks, as well as a well-developed network of major roads, such as the 26th of July Axis, the Ring Road, and the Egypt Alexandria Road, facilitating easy access for residents to various destinations.

Additionally, Leaves West Zayed is conveniently located near October Monorail station and Dahshur Link. It also provides easy access to the city’s major universities, such as Cairo University and Nile University, the largest educational institution in West Cairo. Leaves West Zayed is also close to the Media Production City and several international hospitals.

The location of Leaves New Zayed Compound is distinguished by being in a prime residential area that includes the best compounds in October, such as Compound O West and Compound Mountain View October.

The design and space of Leaves West Zayed

Leaves New Zayed Compound
Leaves New Zayed Compound

West Leaves Zayed Compound is located on an area of 36 acres and consists of Leaves West 6th of October project covering an area of 28 acres for residential units and 8 acres for hotel units. The rest of the space is allocated for Leaves West Mall by El Attal Group.

The project includes 30 buildings and comprises a total of 680 units. The buildings in Leaves New Zayed Compound are designed with a ground floor and 3 different floors, offering unit sizes ranging from 80 square meters to 320 square meters.

The design of the project is modern and contemporary, providing a comfortable and luxurious residential environment for residents and visitors alike. The compound boasts various modern amenities and services, such as swimming pools, health clubs, sports fields, green spaces, and many other facilities.

Engineer Raafat Fahmy is a well-known architect who was responsible for the design of Leaves New Zayed Compound. He has worked on numerous successful and prestigious projects within Egypt. The project of Leaves New Zayed Compound has been carefully designed to provide upscale and diverse architectural designs to meet the needs of all customers.

Leaves New Zayed Compound is distinguished by its excellent location, which allows easy access to neighboring areas such as 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Dokki, and Downtown Cairo. This makes it an ideal choice for living and investing in Greater Cairo.

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Services of West Leaves Zayed Compound

West Leaves Zayed Compound offers many fantastic services and facilities for its residents.

  • West Leaves Zayed Compound features extensive green spaces and artificial lakes that add natural beauty to the area.
  • There is a modern surveillance system with cameras operating 24/7.
  • A large 24/7 grocery store is available providing all essential food items.
  • Multiple swimming pools in various shapes and sizes are available.
  • An emergency power generation system is in place in case of electricity outages.
  • The compound is equipped with a direct smoke sensing fire protection system.
  • There is a well-equipped sports gym with professional trainers.
  • Modern technological gates secure the project’s entrances.
  • Additionally, the compound includes a sports club with multiple sports fields.
  • Covered parking spaces are available, and trained security personnel provide safety and protection.
  • Regular and continuous maintenance services are provided.
  • There is a designated area for BBQ parties in the picturesque nature.
  • A cleaning team serves the compound regularly.
  • A solar system is implemented to conserve electricity consumption.
  • Furthermore, there is a well-equipped health club with a sauna and jacuzzi.
  • The compound offers jogging, walking, and cycling tracks.
  • A dedicated children’s play area is available.
  • A commercial mall is present offering famous international brands.

Units and prices in Leaves New Zayed Compound

 Leaves New Zayed Compound
  • Leaves New Zayed Compound offers a 2-bedroom unit with an area of 110 square meters and a garden of 15 square meters at a starting price of 3,829,920 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Leaves New Zayed Compound

Leaves New Zayed Compound offers a flexible payment plan for its customers. The down payment can start from 10% of the property value, and the remaining amount can be paid over 8 years in equal installments. Alternatively, customers can choose to pay a 15% down payment and the remaining amount can be paid over 9 years in equal installments.

Moreover, El Attal Group provides a maintenance service at a rate of 8%, which includes maintenance of buildings, public facilities, gardens, pools, fountains, and more.

This payment system allows customers the opportunity to own a property in Leaves New Zayed Compound with ease and pay monthly installments that suit their budget.

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Features of investing in Leaves New Zayed Compound

Investing in West Leaves Zayed Compound offers several advantages, including:

1- The location of Leaves Zayed Compound in Zayed area, one of the most comfortable and stable areas in New Cairo, is characterized by its proximity to various facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial, and entertainment centers.

2-Leaves New Zayed Compound , designed by the renowned engineer Raafat Fahmy El Ghanay, boasts a modern and unique design that aligns with the latest global architectural standards. It also provides high-quality facilities and services.

3- The compound ensures comprehensive security measures, including guards, surveillance equipment, and CCTV cameras, providing a safe and protected environment for residents.

4- Leaves New Zayed Compound offers numerous social amenities, such as swimming pools, green spaces, relaxation areas, sports halls, barbecue areas, and event venues. These amenities promote social life and integration among residents.

5- Investing in Leaves New Zayed Compound presents a good opportunity for a favorable return on investment. The property enjoys high popularity among investors, and the demand continues to increase steadily.

6- The compound provides excellent property management services, including regular maintenance of facilities and services, supervision of construction and administrative works. This ensures ease of use and maintenance, preserving its long-term value.

7- Leaves New Zayed Compound offers a flexible payment system, allowing investors to choose from several payment and installment options. This makes property investment more convenient, flexible, and provides the opportunity for long-term benefits.

The real estate developer

El Attal Holding for Real Estate Development is one of the prominent real estate companies in the Egyptian market, boasting extensive experience in the field since its establishment in 1948. The company strives for continuous innovation and development in all its projects, earning it a prominent position among the major competitors in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company stands out for adopting different objectives and strategies in all its projects, making it distinguished and a shining name in the Egyptian real estate market. Its residential units are renowned globally and enjoy great popularity among both local and foreign investors.

The most important works by the company:

  • Compound Park Lane New Capital.
  • Bay Side Village in Ras Sedr.
  • Al Attal New Zayed Compound

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The real estate developer

Al Attal Holding

The project’s location

In New Zayed

Sales number


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