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Solimar New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2024

Meter Price: 15200

Down Payment: 35%

Price starts from: 4,400,000 EGP
Real Estate Developer: Solimar Real Estate Development Company
Project Location: New Zayed, Green Belt
Project Area: Occupies an area of 2.5 acres
Building Percentage: Only 15% of the total area
Unit Types: Twin Houses and Villas
Unit Sizes: Starting from 290 square meters
Finishing: Units are delivered in semi-finished condition
Number of Units: The project includes 16 villas
Maintenance Fee: 5% of the unit's price
Installment Period : Up to 3 years
Sales Number: 00201104894802

In the first steps of its business in Sheikh Zayed, Solimar Real Estate Company unveils the star of the new project, Solimar New Zayed Compound. The company plans to initiate a series of residential projects within the Green Belt area. In its initial offerings, Solimar New Zayed Compound introduces private and shared villas at reduced prices with luxurious design quality.

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The location of Solimar New Zayed Compound

Solimar New Zayed Compound

Solimar New Zayed Compound is located in an exceptionally strategic and vibrant location. It was chosen in District 13, Gate 1, facing the 5th entrance of Zayed. The compound is in proximity to key landmarks in Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October, including:

  1. The Touristic Promenade.
  2. Dahshur Link.
  3. Mall of Arabia.
  4. Juhayna Square.
  5. Towny October Compound.
  6. Sphinx Airport.
  7. Alexandria Desert Road.
  8. The Middle Ring Road.

The space of Solimar New Zayed Compound

Solimar New Zayed Compound

The new residential project Solimar New Zayed Compound is considered one of the best residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed due to its emphasis on privacy and its limited space, which does not exceed 2.5 acres. In addition, the developer allocates a lower construction percentage of about 15%.

Solimar New Zayed Compound’s new project includes 16 villas, most of which have already been reserved. Therefore, act quickly to secure your unit before the remaining units are contracted. These units come in the following residential areas:

  • Twin houses starting from 290 square meters.
  • Villas in Sheikh Zayed inside Solimar New Zayed Compound, with areas starting from 290 square meters.

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Services of Solimar New Zayed Compound

Solimar New Zayed Compound offers a range of exceptional services to meet the needs of residents and provide a comfortable and enjoyable living environment. These services include:

  1. The compound features a comprehensive security system that operates 24/7, ensuring the safety and security of residents and properties.
  2. High-quality surveillance cameras are deployed throughout the compound to monitor public areas and enhance security.
  3. Smart gates are used to control the entry and exit of residents and visitors, ensuring ease of access and maintaining privacy.
  4. The compound includes a commercial area where a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes are available, providing convenient access to services and shopping.
  5. Private parking spaces are provided for residents, offering convenience and security for vehicles.
  6. Landscaped areas and green spaces are integrated into the compound, allowing residents to enjoy beautiful scenery and greenery.
  7. The compound features water features such as artificial lakes or swimming pools, providing areas for relaxation and entertainment.
  8. Diverse recreational areas are provided, including children’s playgrounds, golf courses, or sports fields, allowing residents to enjoy leisure time and engage in recreational activities.
  9. Swimming pools are available for residents to enjoy swimming and spend enjoyable time in the water.
  10. Green spaces within the compound are well-maintained through landscaping and garden design, creating a beautiful and natural atmosphere in the project.
  11. A social club is available within Solimar New Zayed Compound, offering a range of social and recreational services and facilities for residents.

Prices of Solimar New Zayed Compound

Solimar New Zayed Compound
  • The prices for twin houses in Solimar New Zayed Compound start at 4,400,000 Egyptian pounds for units with a minimum area of 290 square meters.
  • The prices for villas in Sheikh Zayed within Solimar New Zayed Compound start at 5 million Egyptian pounds for units with a minimum area of 290 square meters.

Payment systems of Solimar New Zayed Compound

  • A 35% down payment with installment over 3 years.

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The real estate developer

Solimar New Zayed Compound

Solimar Real Estate Development Company is one of the emerging real estate firms that started its development journey in October and Sheikh Zayed areas. Under the leadership of its Chairman of the Board, Mr. Abdullah Suleiman, the company has introduced several projects, including the following:

  • Solar buildings in October in Al Hossary area.
  • Residential buildings in Hadayek El Ahram.

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The developer company

Solimar Real Estate Development Company

The project’s location

New Zayed

Sales number


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