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Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Meter Price: 34800

Price starts from: 4,210,800 EGP
Real Estate Developer: ERG Real Estate Development Company
Project Location: Suez Road
Project Area: 28 acres
Installment Plan: Installment up to 8 years
Unit Type: Apartments
Sales Number: 00201104894802

ERG Real Estate Company offers modern living concepts through its new residential project, which is Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound located in New Cairo. This project includes a wide range of residential units, including apartments and duplexes, to meet various customer needs. In addition, the company provides facilities and services that ensure a distinctive residential experience, including entertainment and leisure amenities.

Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound stands out with competitive prices and flexible payment systems, making it a good opportunity for many individuals looking for a home that suits their budget. The company aims to provide a living environment that meets modern lifestyle needs and enhances the happiness of the project’s residents.

The location of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound
Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound stands out with its exceptional strategic location, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both housing and tranquility. ERG Real Estate Company has carefully selected a prime location for Eilaaf Compound on the Suez Road, placing it in close proximity to vital amenities that enhance residents’ lives, such as shopping malls, universities, and schools. Additionally, residents have easy access to ERG Compound in the Fifth Settlement, which is considered one of the most important roads and hubs in the area.

Key areas close to Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound:

  • Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound is located just 3 minutes away from Al Rehab City.
  • Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound by ERG is only a 10-minute drive from Cairo International Airport.
  • It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound from the American University.
  • Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound by ERG is about a 15-minute drive from the New Capital.
  • Access from Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound to New Heliopolis also takes around 15 minutes.

The design of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

The design of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound is the result of carefully chosen architectural elements by the expert design team at ERG Real Estate Company, led by Engineer Hafez Mohamed Hafez, who is among the prominent figures in this field in Egypt. This design is distinguished by a superb balance between elegance and uniqueness, giving Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound a distinct and special architectural character.

  • The total area of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound covers 28 acres, providing ample space to offer a variety of services and amenities.
  • 50% of the total compound area is dedicated to residential units that meet the residents’ needs with modern and comfortable styles, while the other 50% is allocated for commercial shops and services available to the residents.
  • The buildings in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound consist of a ground floor and 5 repeated floors, allowing for distinctive and comfortable residential spaces for the residents and contributing to the creation of an integrated residential environment.

The space of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound is characterized by a wide variety of its residential units, making it unique among real estate projects. The residential apartments in this compound have been designed with diverse sizes to cater to the different needs and preferences of customers. The apartment sizes in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound range from 121 square meters to 271 square meters, providing multiple options for families and individuals.

This diversity in sizes ensures comfort and ideal accommodation for all residents, allowing them to choose the residential unit that meets their needs and suits their lifestyle perfectly. Therefore, Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound can provide a residential environment that accommodates diverse tastes and multiple needs for all its residents.

Services of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Residents of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound enjoy a distinctive residential experience thanks to the wide and diverse range of services and facilities provided by ERG Real Estate Company. This compound has been carefully designed to ensure the comfort and happiness of residents at all times, and the facilities and services in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound include:

  1. Green spaces and recreational areas that make the compound an ideal place for outdoor enjoyment and various activities.
  2. Barbecue areas that enhance the relaxation and entertainment experience for residents.
  3. Electronic gates for entry and exit to facilitate mobility and reduce congestion.
  4. Commercial area that provides residents with shopping opportunities and quick access to daily necessities.
  5. Parking garages to ensure car safety and reduce congestion.
  6. Running and biking paths that encourage physical fitness.
  7. Equipped sports courts suitable for various games and residents’ needs.
  8. 24/7 security and surveillance to provide safety and protection.
  9. Modern fire extinguishing systems to address any emergencies.
  10. Instantly operating generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply.
  11. Maintenance and cleaning team available seven days a week to maintain the quality of facilities and the surrounding environment.

Prices of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

ERG Real Estate Company has placed significant emphasis on ensuring that the prices of its units inEelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound are in line with the numerous features and services available to residents.

The best price per square meter has been offered to ensure the availability of units at reasonable and affordable prices. Starting from a price per square meter in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound of 34,800 Egyptian pounds, this allows many individuals and families to take advantage of the opportunity to reside in a distinguished environment at reasonable prices.

These affordable prices make Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound an attractive destination for many individuals searching for new homes in New Cairo.

Payment systems of Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

In addition to the diversity in unit sizes and attractive prices, exceptionally flexible reservation and installment systems have been provided in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound. This attention aims to facilitate the process of purchasing units in the compound for customers without imposing significant financial difficulties.

Furthermore, the seriousness of unit reservations in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound reflects ERG’s commitment to meeting customer needs and ensuring they acquire their ideal units. Reserving a unit requires a payment of 50,000 Egyptian pounds, making the process more accessible, and many individuals can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to realize their dream of living in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound.

Reasons to invest in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound

Investing in Eelaf Residence Fifth Settlement Compound can be an attractive option for several reasons:

  1. Strategic Location: The compound’s strategic location in the Fifth Settlement of New Cairo makes it highly desirable. It is close to major roads and highways, providing easy access to other parts of Cairo and key areas.
  2. High Demand Area: New Cairo is known for its high demand for residential properties due to its modern infrastructure, green spaces, and a growing number of amenities. This can potentially lead to good rental yields and property appreciation.
  3. Diverse Unit Options: Eelaf Residence offers a variety of unit types, including apartments and duplexes, catering to different preferences and budgets. This diversity can attract a wide range of tenants or buyers.
  4. Quality and Facilities: The compound is designed by ERG Real Estate Company, known for its commitment to quality and modern amenities. High-quality construction and a wide range of facilities can make it an appealing choice for residents and investors alike.
  5. Flexible Payment Plans: Many real estate developers in Egypt offer flexible payment plans, making it easier for investors to finance their purchases or investments. Eelaf Residence may offer similar plans to make it more accessible to potential buyers.
  6. Potential for Capital Appreciation: As New Cairo continues to grow and develop, property values in the area may appreciate over time. Investing in a compound like Eelaf Residence can potentially offer capital appreciation.
  7. Rental Income Potential: The compound’s proximity to universities, schools, and commercial areas can make it attractive to tenants. This can generate a steady rental income for investors.
  8. Security and Amenities: Security is a top priority in many compounds in Egypt, including Eelaf Residence. Additionally, the presence of amenities such as green spaces, recreational areas, and commercial spaces can enhance the overall appeal of the compound.
  9. Stability and Legal Framework: The Egyptian government has been working to improve the legal framework for real estate investment, providing more stability and protection for investors.
  10. Diversification: Real estate can be a good way to diversify an investment portfolio. Investing in properties like Eelaf Residence can complement other investment assets and spread risk.

It’s essential to conduct thorough research, consider your investment goals, and consult with financial and real estate experts before making any investment decisions. Local market conditions and regulations may also play a significant role in the success of your investment.

About ERG Developments

ERG Developments was established as a leading real estate entity in 2005 through the merger of four diverse companies under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Rizk. These companies include ERD for Real Estate Development, Emaar Rizk Real Estate, Emaar Rizk Shipping, and Emaar for Import and Export of Wood. Since its inception, ERG Developments has successfully executed numerous prominent projects in various provinces, including Damietta, Mansoura, and the New Capital.

ERG makes significant investments in real estate development projects spanning residential, commercial, and recreational sectors. Thanks to its robust investment strategy and deep expertise in the real estate development industry, the company has become one of the leading firms in its field.

Projects by ERG Developments:

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The real estate developer

ERG Real Estate Company

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On Suez Road

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