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ERG Developments

ERG Developments


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New Capital
Down Payment: 10%
Receiving Date: 2026
1,770,000 EGP
More Info About The Developer

ERG Developments is the result of the merger of four companies owned by Mr. Mohamed Rizk. These companies are ERD Real Estate Development, Emaar Rizk Real Estate, Emaar Rizk for Navigation, and Emaar for Import and Export of Wood. The purpose of this merger was to enter strongly into the mega projects of New Capital.

The company is not new to the real estate field; its true experience dates back to 2005 as an extension of ERD Company, which is one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt. ERD has executed many significant and large-scale projects in Damietta, Mansoura, and New Capital.

ERG Developments stands out due to its important strategic partnership with the Housing and Development Bank, making it a trusted source for many clients, including investors and those seeking upscale housing. The company places great emphasis on providing excellent returns for its investors and ensuring comfort and luxury for residents in its compounds and resorts.

Projects by ERG Developments

Diamond Tower New Capital

Diamond Tower New Capital by ERG Developments

Diamond Tower New Capital is a remarkable project in New Capital, distinguished by its strategic location in the Downtown area of the Leisure and Shopping District. It offers unique views of the main streets and the central park, and its architectural design makes it a true masterpiece.

The mall features diverse spaces starting from 20 square meters, providing opportunities for various commercial and retail activities. Prices start from 18,000 Egyptian pounds, with a long payment period of up to 12 years, making it a suitable option for investors and those seeking upscale housing.

As a project under ERD, a subsidiary of ERG Developments, Diamond Tower can be a trusted source for clients. ERG Developments has extensive experience in real estate development and has executed many significant and large-scale real estate projects in Egypt. Additionally, it benefits from a strategic partnership with the Housing and Development Bank.

In addition to Diamond Tower, ERG Developments has undertaken several other real estate projects, including:

  1. City Live Compound: A villa compound located in Ras El Bar, implemented in partnership with the Housing and Development Bank.
  2. City Live 2 Project: A residential apartment project in Damietta.
  3. Various independent residential and commercial projects in Damietta, Mansoura, and other locations.

Partners of ERG Developments

Thank you for the additional information. The partnership between ERG Developments and Housing and Development Bank is a factor that contributes to increasing the confidence of investors in the company, as it enhances its ability to execute real estate projects in a sustainable and reliable financial manner.

Furthermore, the selection of PRIME STUDIO as the engineering consultant for ERG’s projects can be an additional factor in boosting confidence in the company. PRIME STUDIO is a specialized and prestigious engineering company that has been involved in the execution of several significant projects in New Capital, including the Presidential Palace, showcasing their expertise and engineering capabilities.

These factors can support the investors’ confidence in ERG Real Estate Company and enhance the attractiveness of Diamond Tower Mall project in New Capital, as they work with reliable partners and professionals in the real estate development and engineering field.

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