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4 golden tips for buying in the New Capital

4 golden tips for buying in the New Capital

The buying process in the New Capital is one of the points under consideration and research for all market clients who are interested in real estate investment in the Administrative Capital, so there are several tips that will influence the purchase decision if taken into consideration,
Especially with a focus on the real estate developer of the project as one of the most important points for making an investment decision at all

Together, we review the most important elements of a sound purchase by addressing a number of tips, but after a quick introductory overview of the New Capital

About the New Capital

The New Capital represents one of the most important investment destinations, both locally and internationally, as it is one of the new Egyptian cities that achieve high investment returns, as it enjoys the following:

  • The geographical location of the capital, which makes it an easily accessible destination, in addition to the high value it achieves in the real estate market through the proximity of the most important landmarks and cities, as the New Capital comes on the borders of New Cairo, Badr City, and Madinaty. In addition, it comes on the Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road, and the Cairo-Suez Road
  • Its vast area of 184 thousand acres, which is being developed in 3 phases.
  • The city was divided professionally to achieve all factors of purchase in the New Capital, where there is a group of districts on which the New Capital Company is based, in addition to districts that real estate companies in Egypt are developing from the private sector.
  • The price per square meter in the Administrative Capital is distinguished by its simulation with the new cities in Egypt, especially when compared with the Fifth Settlement, so apartments are offered for sale in the Administrative Capital at a meter price starting from 9,000 pounds, while the commercial square meter price starts from 50 thousand pounds, with an administrative meter price starting from 18 thousand pounds

The most important buying tips in the New Capital

The most important buying tips in the New Capital
The most important buying tips in the New Capital

There is a set of criteria that puts the client in the process of successful investment, which are related to the project and its real estate developer, and the points that must be focused on in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the contract, which we discuss in detail in the following:

1/The reputation of the real estate developer

The developer’s reputation in the market does not primarily require him to have a long business history or great experience, as companies always start from scratch to reach great successes.
We have seen many realistic examples of this in the best real estate companies in the New Capital, which included many emerging real estate institutions

While the most important points for choosing a real estate company to buy in the New Capital are as follows:

  • Lack of interest in the promotional terminology of the real estate company, such as the term “financial mantle”, which is widely used as it suggests that the company has a large capital that enables it to develop its projects in record time, this is something that does not usually happen, as the majority of real estate developers in the field of real estate investment depend on the advance of the seriousness of reservation and the gains of other projects, in addition to other various methods

Financial cloak is a term among several promotional concepts that are used in the same vein

  • Searching for a previous development history of the company, as emerging companies are one of the most important and latest achievements of the New Administrative Capital in providing a unique experience, represented in the achievement of small and recent companies with outstanding successes, which enabled customers to buy in the Administrative Capital according to investment rules that are often unusual

The developmental history does not have to be in the field of real estate investment only, but rather look for all the previous works of the company, whether in contracting or the field of tourism, etc.. with interest in the previous work and history of the company’s founders and members of its board of directors in case it was a newly established company

  • The presence of a website or pages for the company on the communication sites, where modern marketing methods come according to partial or total reliance sometimes on internet marketing, which is what is followed by business owners and professional-style companies

The real estate developer displays on his website and electronic pages his previous works and projects with pictures, which makes it easier for the client to get to know him well and follow his latest theses

  • Obtaining a copy of the contract before documenting the contract, as many problems occur in real estate investment in projects when not paying attention to the contract clause before signing a binding signature on the contract, such as the delivery date, quality of finishing, administrative expenses, additional expenses, and others

You may be surprised by some items binding the customer with additional expenses related to maintenance, cameras, and firefighting systems, so you should read the contract well before buying in the New Capital

  • View the engineering planning of the project, or what is called Autocad, which is the corresponding drawing of the project on the ground, and it also does not mean the drawing of the project floors or unit divisions

The Autocad drawing must be attached to the contract with its seal, and it is worth noting that there are some companies that refuse to show customers the engineering drawing, and we do not recommend buying from them

  • Paying attention to the check portfolio, which is the sum of the payment receipts and checks proving all the expenses that have been paid, whether the seriousness of the reservation, the administrative expenses, the unit provider, and others

Purchasing in the New Capital or within any of the areas of real estate investment depends on collecting all checks with their own stamp and attaching them to the contract

  • The professional approach of the company’s members, as one of the most important and prominent ideal investment tips, as the best malls of the Administrative Capital or its residential projects are mainly determined according to the professional dealings of the developer company

The speed of response to your requests and the system followed within the company indicate your distinguished investment future with the company, whether in solving your upcoming problems or inquiries

  • Do not be deceived by the exaggerated facilities, such as the reduced price or the large number of payment packages compared to the prices of the apartments of the neighboring New Capital and the facilities provided within them, as it is illogical to get a unit at a price of 20,000 pounds per meter, with specifications identical to a unit in a neighboring project, at a price of 30,000 pounds per meter

Among these facilities is also the mandatory rental system, which may sometimes indicate a slowdown in the sales process, and the large number of sales does not necessarily indicate the success of the developer, in addition, you must take into account that the existence of large facilities does not necessarily mean that the developer deceives customers as long as it is within the reasonable and competitive range

  • Going to the project land and following up the development work, as one of the basics of purchasing in the New Capital is the periodic and realistic follow-up of the project and not relying entirely on engineering drawings and pictures

The realistic inspection helps the customer to know all the events on the project’s land, in addition to that, it enables him to know the landmarks, malls, and compounds of the New Capital adjacent to him/her

  • Ensure the legal papers of the developer company, which is one of the obvious factors that must be taken into account by all real estate market clients, to ensure the legitimacy of the developer’s business so that no future problems occur between the developer and the state

You can contact the New Capital Company by telephone to inquire about the developer and the continuation of his work or not

We have briefly discussed the most important points and tips for buying in the New Administrative Capital, and to obtain more free consultations through our real estate team, contact us via WhatsApp or through the sales number 00201104894802

2/Project location

The compass of the location of the investment or residential project indicates the extent of success that can be achieved through your unit in the future, so the best real estate companies in the Administrative Capital depend on this factor as a main component within any project.

The best malls of the New Capital and its compounds are distinguished from others by the location factor, which attracts customers and makes a difference in the price as well, as the more vital the project, the higher the price per square meter in the New Capital, and the famous and important landmarks that provide a vital geographical location are as follows:

  • green river
  • The iconic tower.
  • Diamond Hotel.
  • Monorail project.
  • electric train.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and Masjid Masr

In addition, there are a number of other landmarks beside the important roads and the Administrative Capital compounds or its investment projects that have gained wide fame and would create a vital location in the area in which it is located

3/The quality of the project

The general quality of the project includes several considerations, such as the quality of the interior and exterior finishes, the ratio of buildings to the ratio of natural views, in addition to that, it includes focal points, such as the following:

  • load ratio.
  • Project completion period.
  • Quality versus volume returns.
  • Units space and project

4/Average price of the area

One of the most important tips when buying a real estate unit is to compare the price of the target project against the prices of neighboring projects, as the main disadvantages of investing in the New Capital are the exaggerated prices offered by some projects.

There must be an actual proportion between the quality and the size of the capabilities on the one hand, and the prices on the other hand, as one of the most important tips when buying in the New Capital

5/Interest in management and operation companies

Interest in management and operation companies
Interest in management and operation companies

Despite the multiplicity of important points in the purchase process and choosing the optimal real estate investment, we have reviewed the most important and prominent points, the most important of which is the point of looking at the management and operation company.

The management company plays a very important and pivotal role in the success of the project, whether it is an investment mall or a residential compound, as it is noticeable that there are projects of high quality and successful ingredients, while it does not have a distinguished operating and management company, which leads it to loss and failure.

The best project management companies in Egypt are:

  • EFS
  • KAD.
  • Keep property.
  • FACIl.
  • CFM.
  • TMH.
  • UFM.
  • SKY AD.
  • Hotel Europa

The best New Capital compounds

The best New Capital compounds
The best New Capital compounds

The projects of the New Administrative Capital are characterized by distinction, whether they are residential or investment malls, so when talking about the best of them, we are going to mention some of them, for example, but not limited to, as the most prominent of them are as follows:

  • Al Bosco Compound.
  • Vinci Compound.
  • Anakaji Compound.
  • Pukka Compound.
  • Al Maqsad Compound.
  • Right RI8 Compound.
  • La Vista City.
  • Midtown Condo.
  • Entrada Compound

The best malls in the New Capital

The best malls in the New Capital
The best malls in the New Capital

The New Capital Investment Towers include many opportunities to achieve a safe investment with the highest returns available, so we review a group of the best malls in the New Capital:

To review all real estate investment opportunities for buying in the New Capital, click here

Real estate transactions are one of the crucial decisions in an individual’s life, and with the spread of various real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate website Korastsherot offers you a selection of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market, to help you make a proper purchase decision

The most prominent questions about purchasing opportunities in the New Capital

What is the meter price in the New Capital?

The prices of the New Capital apartments start from 9,000 pounds per meter.
The price per meter for administrative offices starts from 18,000 pounds.
Shops for sale in the New Capital, at a price per square meter, starting from 50000 pounds

What are the cheapest price of apartments in the New Capital?

You can get the cheapest housing price in the New Capital in several projects, including the following:
Teba Rose Compound.
Rhodes Compound.
Sueno Compound.
Scarta Compound.
Town Gate Compound

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