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Compound Zizinia Mostakbal City

Zizinia Mostakbal City A huge residential project that is being developed by ‘Ardic’ a Real Estate Investment Company in the heart of New Cairo, Mostakbal city, with achieving the largest residential diversity in terms of units and spaces, on the other hand, the developer worked on providing the residents with an entertaining atmosphere at the best prices

Mostakbal City is one of the unique new cities, in all aspects, whether geographically overlooking several main roads and famous cities, or in terms of the lifestyle of the fourth-generation cities, which is characterised by the contemporary digital reality and the healthy life

Information about Zizinia Mostakbal City

  • .The developer company: Ardak Real Estate Development company
  • .Project design: the design work was carried out by Dr. Ahmed Mito and Dr. Akram Farouk
  • .Compound’s location: located directly on Mostakbal Boulevard
  • .The area of the project: the space of the Zizinia project is about 70 acres
  • .Building percentage: 20% of the total area of the compound
  • .Units of the project: it includes: apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas
  • .Units space: apartments for sale in Zizinia Mostakbal City, with spaces of 85 meters
  • .Units design: units will be delivered semi-finished
  • .Units prices: the price per meter in Zizinia Compound starts from 12,000 Egyptian pounds
  • .Repayment period: the longest payment period in New Cairo up to 12 years
  • .Delivery date: the first phase will be delivered in December 2022, with the second phase being delivered in December 2023
  • Sales number: 00201104894802

?The location of Zizinia Mostakbal City

كمبوند زيزينيا المستقبل سيتي

It is considered as one of the distinctive projects of the Mostakbal City with a distinguished geographical location on the middle ring road, as the project is only 15 minutes away from it, with a vital presence in the heart of New Cairo, which makes the compound close to Madinaty, the New Administrative Capital, and many other cities.

Places and roads near the Zizinia project

  • Zizinia residential project is located near the Suez Road.
  • Also, located near Ain Sokhna Road.
  • It’s only 45 minutes from the Administrative Capital.

The nearest compounds to Zizinia project

Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound is located closely to the most important compounds of Mostakbal City, which are:

  • Monte Napoleone Mostakbal Compound
  • Aria Compound in Mostakbal City
  • Green Square Mostkbal City Compound
  • L’avenir Compound in Mostakbal City
  • Bloomfields New Cairo Compound

The design and space of Zizinia Compound, Mostakbal City

كمبوند زيزينيا المستقبل سيتي

?What is the total area of Zizinia Compound

The real estate developer of the Zizinia residential project was interested in providing the huge area of about 70 acres, which had a positive impact on achieving service and housing availability, In addition, it allowed the owner company to provide a variety of unit spaces, from limited to vast spaces.

The development process of Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound was divided into two phases, where the actual completion of the first phase has been completed, which will be delivered by the end of 2022, while the majority of the development work for the second phase has been completed and will be delivered by the end of 2023.

The design of Zizinia Compound

The meticulous attention to detail in the overall design of the project is reflected in the residents of the project, in terms of their enjoyment of the high luxury of the design, which suggests complete privacy, in addition, the project achieved the factor of landscaping and artificial lakes that permeate the units and the residential area.

It is worth noting that the project has a length of 1 km, thus, allowing the largest breadth for the project’s clients, in addition to offering 45 residential buildings in the first phase of the project, with a ground floor design and 5 upper floors.

The units space in Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound

Considering the different residential tastes and desires, Ardak Real Estate Company met this difference with varying residential spaces and general patterns of units as one of the best compounds in New Cairo in terms of diversity, as it provided the following:

  • Apartments for sale in Zizenia Al Mostakbal, with areas ranging from 85 sqm to 300 sqm.
  • Apartments with gardens, with residential spaces starting from 263 square meters.
  • Duplex apartments in Zizinia Al Mostakbal, with an area of 304 square meters.
  • Penthouse units start from 325 square meters and reach a maximum of 330 square meters.

Zizinia Compound Facilities, Mostakbal City

Zizinia Mostakbal City

From basic facilities to services and entertainment features, the developer company worked to provide it entirely within the walls of the compound, so that the project’s residents did not have to fulfil their needs from outside, and from this point, the following services were offered:

  • The project provided a mosque in the centre of the compound.
  • A comprehensive and integrated medical center for various health services.
  • A nursery for children, which provides a variety of recreational activities.
  • Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound includes jogging tracks.
  • Separate children’s entertainment area that includes all games.
  • Artificial lakes permeate the residential area, spreading over large areas.
  • Vast landscapes all over the project.
  • A comprehensive club house, and a gym.
  • A chain of high-end restaurants and cafes.
  • A commercial area that includes various shops and commercial activities.
  • State-of-the-art security system and surveillance cameras.
  • Electronic gates for the multiple entrances to the Zizinia Compound.

Features of Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound

كمبوند زيزينيا المستقبل سيتي

  • .The developer provides ultra modern facades for all the project buildings
  • Administrative offices are provided to serve the residents and clients of the project.
  • The project is in a vital location, whether due to its proximity to the most important nearby cities or the main roads.
  • The project offers the longest payment period, compared to all New Cairo compounds.
  • It achieves the largest residential diversity in terms of units and spaces, and therefore in terms of prices.

The disadvantages of Zizinia Mostkbal City Compound

Some of the owners of the Zizinia Moustakbal project suffered from some shortening in contracting works for architectural buildings, with negligence in supervising some buildings within the project, which the company may consider when handing over the second phase.

The prices of Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound

مستقبل سيتي زيزينيا

The prices of the residential units within the Zizinia Mostakbal City project vary as follows

  • Apartments for sale in Zizinia Mostakbal City, with prices starting from EGP 2,000,000 up to EGP 3,800,000.
  • Duplex apartments prices start from 3.2 million pounds, and up to a maximum of 4.2 million pounds.
  • Penthouse units in Zizinia Mostakbal City, prices ranging from 3.9 million pounds to 4.1 million pounds.
  • The price per meter in Zizinia Mostakbal City starts from 12,000 EGP up to 13,000 EGP.

The installment system of the Zizinia Compound, Mostakbal City

The project customer can own an apartment in Zizinia Compound with the best facilities, according to the following system:

  • 5% down payment.
  • Installments up to 12 years.

‘Ardak’ Real Estate Development and Investment Company

Ardak Real Estate Company operates through the vision of the development chain, as it is one of the successful strategies to promote the company’s projects on a large scale, this is after achieving the first success and then proceeding on the same path, as the company is one of the most important real estate companies that enjoyed long experience as it was established in 1998.

The company has made huge investments through its various projects, reached about 5 billion pounds.

The most important projects by Ardak company

The company presented a series of Zizinia projects in a number of new Egyptian cities, which we mention below:

  • Zizinia Gardens Compound, New Cairo.
  • Zizinia Rose Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Zizinia Flowers Compound, El Shorouk City.
  • Mazar Mall in the Haram area.

About the Mostakbal city

عيوب السكن في مدينة المستقبل القاهرة الجديدة

?Where is Mostakbal City located

  • The city is located on the Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road.
  • It comes on the Suez Road and the regional and middle ring road.
  • Al Amal Axis cuts Mostakbal City from its middle and connects it to several nearby areas.
  • It is located on the borders of the New Administrative Capital, and is close to Badr, Al-Obour and Al-Shorouk cities.

The area of mostakbal city

  • It is located on an area of 11 thousand acres, about 45 million square meters.
  • It is characterized by allocating the majority of its area to landscape

spaces, as it is considered one of the contemporary green cities.

The advantages of living in Mostakbal City

  • One of the cities that enjoys calmness because it is isolated from the hustle of crowded cities.
  • In contrast to its isolation, it is one of the cities with great geographical vitality, for the ease of movement from it to its surroundings
  • The availability of an external transportation network that facilitates linking the city with nearby cities.
  • The spread of green spaces and the presence of all the elements of modern cities.

The disadvantages of living in Mostabkbal City

One of the most important defects of Mostabkbal City is its incompatibility in terms of the living and material aspects for all segments of society, as the price per meter in Mostakbal City is suitable for the middle and upper class.

Questions that may interest you about Zizinia Mostakbal City Compound


?What are the prices of Zizinia Compound

Starting from 2 million pounds

?What is the sales number of Zizinia Al Mostakbal units

– 00201104894802

?Who is the developer company of Zizinia project

Ardak’ a Real Estate Investment Company

?What is the area of the project

70 acres


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