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Real Estate Investment in Spain  

الاستثمار العقاري في اسبانيا

Spain is a beautiful country steeped in history. It has a culture rich in food, music, art and literature. It has a diverse and majestic landscape, from the rolling hills and wild coasts of the north to the hot, sandy beaches of the south, Spain has something for everyone. 

Moreover, Spain also has one of the safest societies in Europe, a stable economy and a world class healthcare and transport system. All these factors combined make it a very attractive place to invest 

What you do not know is that you can acquire the Spanish Residency by Investing in Spain, as your fast-track route to acquiring residency in the EU for your entire family. The Spanish Golden Visa Program allows investors outside the EU to invest in real estate, funds, job creation and public debt. Under the program, both investors and their families are eligible to obtain residency 

Some information about Spain  

  • Capital City: Madrid  
  • Main Language: Spanish 
  • Currency: Euro 
  • Population: 47 million 
  • Nearest Country: Portugal and France  
  • Total Area: 504,030 km2  
  • Main destinations: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Marbella, Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife  
  • Central European Time Zone: Summer UTC + 2, Winter UTC +1 

The benefits of Spanish Residency 

Member of the EU: Enjoy the freedom to live, study, and work in Spain and move freely throughout the Schengen Region 

Circulation throughout the Schengen area: Move freely around the Schengen Zone 

Eligibility for citizenship: within 10 years and in 2 years for those from Ibero-American countries & former Spanish colonies (*Argentina, Boliva, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ecuatorial Guinea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, The Philippines, Uruguay and Venezuela). This extends to your spouse/partner, children under 18 and other 

No minimum length of stay: A minimum length of stay in the territory is not required. You will still benefit from all the same rights. 

Good quality of life: with an enviable climate, the Mediterranean diet and work-life balance, Spain has many surprises for you 

Cost of living: enjoy the best goods, services and features at very affordable prices 

Work permit: the resident permit in Spain allows you to work in the country 

Quick and easy process: Obtain residency with minimum input and without a language or history test 

What are the investment options in Spain? 

1/Real Estate Investment: Real estate investment with a specific amount of money, and this may be allocated to more than one property and includes all classifications of real estate such as residential, commercial, industrial, parking etc. For every specific amount of money invested = 1 Golden Visa. Larger investment amounts may qualify for more than 1 (family) visa 

2/It is possible to obtain more than one residence visa in Spain when increasing the amount of real estate investment in Spain

3// Equity in business: An amount of money allocated for real estate investment in Spain in the shares of Spanish companies

4/Investment fund OR Bank deposit: A bank deposit or investment fund of a specified amount in any Spanish financial institution

5/Government bonds: A certain amount earmarked for investing in Spanish government bonds

We will present now the overview of the process of investing in Spain and its steps in collaboration with Orience company: 

  • Consultation with Orience: Learn about the various investment routes. We will help you choose the most appropriate one 
  • Prepare documentation: We will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation including translation & legalization. We perform a rigorous due diligence process to ensure there are minimal delays for our clients 
  • Submit residence application: Once all the information has been collected, we will present the completed application to the Spanish authorities 
  • The application is processed: The submitted documentation is assessed by a specialized government department 
  • Receive approval: When the application has been approved, you will receive an official letter informing you that your application has been successful, and you will be issued with a residence authorization. (Later, you will get an appointment for biometrics to receive your resident card (TIE)) 

Now, we’ll review Spain Golden Visa Timeline and what it takes to have the Golden Visa 

Let’s first identify what is a Golden Visa 

Golden Visa: A visa stamped on the passport that allows one to live, work, and study in Spain and travel throughout the Schengen for one year 

The overall process of the Golden Visa takes 4 to 7 months 

The first Month: 

  • The client must sign a legal package 
  • Orience company must sign the POA, and the client must also obtain the NIE (1-2 depending on the consulate or in Spain by Orience company) 
  • Orience company will comply, open and validate a Bank account (and this happens 2-4 weeks after submitting all documents) 

After 15 other days (1.5 month): 

Funds are transferred to Spain and asset research if relevant and this depends on the client  

After 45 days (the 3rd month): 

  • Public deed signature by the company 1 week after funds are available (for all other investment classes apart from Real Estate, this step is not necessary) 
  • Property registry certificate (3 to 4 weeks after the deed is signed) 
  •  Prepare all documents to be submitted by Orience company and the client 

After 1 month (the 4th month): 

  • The company books an appointment at consulate, (1 or 2 weeks depending on the consulate), the applicant should have an existing Schengen visa, this step may be skipped. However, applicant must be in Spain when the Application for Residency is Submitted.  
  • The client submits the application 
  • Golden Visa issued from consulate (the Spanish Administration) (The consulate must respond within 21 days) 

After 1 month (the 5th month): 

  • Resident permit application Submitted online by Orience. The UGE has 30 days to respond, (applicant may opt to go directly to this step, but they must have a valid Schengen visa and be physically present in Spain during submission) 
  • 3-year authorization approval by the Spanish Administration 

5.5 Month: 

  • The company books Biometrics appointment when Client is in Spain 
  • Biometrics and T.I.E. are processing by the Spanish Administration and the client  

After 45 days (the 7th month): 

  • T.I.E. issued by the Spanish Administration and ready for pick-up, and the Average processing time is 30 to 45 days 
  • The client collects the T.I.E and it must be only collected by the client  

What is a T.I.E? 

  • Resident Card that allows the client to live, work, and study in Spain and travel throughout the Schengen for an initial 3 years. Renewable for periods of 5 years thereafter. 

The Golden Visa allows you to have several features, which are: 

  • Residency within 60 DAYS  
  • Right to LIVE AND WORK in Spain 
  •  Investment from €500,000  
  • VISA-FREE TRAVEL within the Schengen Region  
  • No requirement to live in Spain 
  • No min. visitation requirement  
  • Entire family is eligible 

Golden Visa Spain: €350K Financing Solution 

Steps are as follows: 

  • The investment shall be of a specified and agreed value and shall be in a commercial property in Barcelona or Madrid
  • The equivalent of 3% interest for the next 10 years is paid up front immediately
  • TOTAL INVESTMENT €350,000  
  • Your Spanish residency (“golden visa”) processed within 60 days after documents are submitted 

What are the investment types? 

  •  Brands looking to expand in Barcelona and Madrid Main Sectors: Catering, Retail, Office 

What are the asset types? 

  • From 60 to 100m2, Location: Barcelona and Madrid city centers 

What are the exit options? 

After year 10 

  • Option 1: A buy-back option applies and a partial refund is made to you
  •  Option 2: Selling to the market at the current price
  • Option 3: Maintain ownership of the asset and collect rent 

Before year 10 

After acquiring the property for a total of €350,000 and owning it for at least 5 years, you may choose to exercise an early buy-back option under the following schedule 

  • Buy-back year 5: 50% discount applied
  • Buy-back year 6: 40% discount applied
  • Buy-back year 7: 30% discount applied
  • Buy-back year 8: 20% discount applied 
  • Buy-back year 9: 10% discount applied
  • Buy-back year 10: 0 discount applied

An overview of the process: 

  • Onboarding, Compliance 
  • Complete Investment & Submit Application 
  • Resident Visa issuance and/or Residence Authorization (effective start of resident status) 
  • Biometrics  
  • Resident Card 3 Year Initial Validity 

The fees and the total cost of the Spanish residency 

The Golden Visa types  

  • Program: Spain Golden Visa €350k 
  • Investment type and location: Commercial, in Barcelona  
  • Number of applicants:

The program cost: 

  • Legal fees will be paid
  • Asset Search Fees (1b): 0 
  • VAT will be paid on services 
  • Transfer taxes are paid, ITP
  • Investment: 500,000 € 
  • Notary fees are payable on the public bond
  • There are registration fees and certified copies
  • A financial part allocated to agencies
  • Bank Compliance and Account Opening: included  
  • Tax Representation: included  
  • An amount set aside for official translations
  • Transfer of Supply Accounts and Correspondence: included

Other fees

  • Misc. expenses to obtain documentation, local consular fees, etc.: client expense  
  • There are private health insurance expenses (through an institution)
  • There is a legal renewal fee expense
  • Other renewal expenses are paid
  • Other Considerations: N/A 

Timing and Schedule of Payments 

First Installment, upon signing the service agreement  

  • Professional Fees – 1st Installment (50%)
  • There are Retainer Fees also that are paid
  • Powers of Attorney, Official Translations, Other Expenses are to be paid

Second Installment within 1 week of identifying the chosen property 

  • Expenses for reserving the property

Third Installment no later than 1 week before deed signing 

  • 50% of Professional Fees are paid
  • The balance due on the property is calculated
  • The tax amount is paid
  • Notary, Registry, Tax Representation, Transfer of Supplies are paid

The second program of Spain Golden Visa 

  • Investment Type and Location: Madrid 
  •  Number of Applicants:

The program fees and cost 

  • Legal Fees are to be paid
  • Asset Search Fees:
  • Value Added Tax on Services (VAT) is to be paid
  • Investment 500,000  
  • Arras & Property Reservation are to be paid
  • Transfer Taxes, ITP or AJD will be paid
  •  Notarial Fees on Public Deed are to be paid
  •  Registry and Certified Copies are to be paid
  • Bank Compliance and Account Opening: 0  
  • Tax representation fee is paid
  • Official Translations are to be paid
  • Transfer of supply and correspondence accounts are to be paid
  • Other Expenses also will be paid


  • Misc. expenses to obtain documentation, local consular fees, etc: totally borne by the client
  • Private Health Insurance (Est.) will be paid
  • Renewal Legal Fees are to be paid
  • Other Renewal Expenses (Est.) are to be paid
  •  Other Considerations N/A 

Timing and Schedule of Payments  

First Installment Upon signing the service agreement 

  • Professional Fees – 1st Installment (50%)
  • Powers of Attorney, Official Translations, Other Expenses will be paid

Second Installment within 2 weeks of identifying the chosen property

  • There is a set amount for the deposit

Third Installment no later than 1 week before deed signing

  • Balance due on the Property is to be paid
  • Taxes are to be paid
  • Notary, Registry, Tax Representation, Transfer of Supplies will be paid

Fourth Installment upon receiving complete package for Visa/Residency Application

  • 50% of Professional Fees
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