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Sueno Compound New Capital

Receiving Date: 2023

Meter Price: 17000

Down Payment: 5%

كمبوند سوانيو العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة
Price starts from: 1,955,000 EGP
The real estate developer SAK Developments
The project location R7 in New Capital
The project area 11 acres
Project's design a ground floor and 7 upper floors
Units spaces starting from 115 sqm
Installments periods up to 7 years
Maintenance deposit 10%
Building percentage 15%
Sales number 00201104894802

If you are looking for luxurious accommodation in a distinctive residential complex, then Sak Real Estate Company has brought to you your favorite choice, Sueno Compound New Capital. It offers a residential compound that resembles a small city, fully integrated with services and residents’ needs, while emphasizing luxury and elegance inspired by authentic Spanish architecture.

The development company has carefully chosen an excellent location for its project, Sueno Compound New Capital, in the famous and vibrant Seventh District. Furthermore, they have focused on providing diverse spaces and competitive prices, along with offering easy payment plans for their customers. We will explore the rest of the features and highlights in the upcoming paragraphs.

The location of Sueno Compound New Capital

Sueno Compound New Capital
Sueno Compound New Capital

The compound is located in the Seventh District, R7, specifically in Plot N4, directly on the tourist promenade and the University Axis in New Capital. It is in close proximity to the following:

  • 3 minutes away from the Exhibition Grounds and the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • 3 minutes away from the Medical City and the British, Russian, and Swedish universities.
  • Approximately 5 minutes away from the famous Diamond Hotel and the Government Quarter.
  • Approximately 15 minutes away from the New Capital Airport.
  • Approximately 20 minutes away from Fifth Settlement and New Cairo City.
  • Overlooking the Green River and in proximity to the Presidential Palace and the Eighth District.
  • Near Al-Fatah Al-Aleem Mosque, the Cathedral, and the Diplomatic Quarter.

The space of Sueno Compound New Capital

Sueno Compound New Capital is situated on a limited area of approximately 11 acres, equivalent to 46,200 square meters. Despite its smaller size compared to neighboring projects, SAK Real Estate has utilized the space efficiently to create a self-contained city within Sueno Compound New Capital.

Sueno Compound New Capital achieves a low building density of approximately 15% of the total area, with the remaining 85% dedicated to services, green spaces, and landscape to ensure the highest level of luxury and sophistication for its residents.

The project consists of around 12 residential buildings, comprising a ground floor and 7 upper floors. In total, there are approximately 370 residential units, including apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Features of Sueno Compound New Capital

Sueno Compound New Capital
  • A prime location near vital areas in the Seventh District.
  • A small residential community that provides tranquility and serenity for its residents.
  • One of the lowest population densities in New Capital, ensuring privacy.
  • Offers a variety of unit sizes and unique views.
  • Includes essential and recreational services.
  • Emphasizes nature and green spaces in the area.
  • Utilizes solar panels as a source of clean energy.

Services of Sueno Compound New Capital

  • A large mosque capable of accommodating a large number of worshippers.
  • Strong security system and 24/7 surveillance services.
  • Various swimming pools, including public and private ones.
  • Centralized showers, a spa, modern gym, and a clubhouse. State-of-the-art surveillance system with cameras distributed throughout the compound.
  • Spacious green areas and artificial lakes for a beautiful natural ambiance.
  • Designated tracks for jogging and cycling away from main roads.
  • Recreational areas for adults and safe play areas for children.
  • Health services, including specialized clinics and fully-equipped hospitals.
  • Luxurious cafes and restaurants within Sueno Compound New Capital.
  • Private garages under residential buildings to prevent traffic congestion.
  • Infinity pool, family park, social centers, and a library.
  • Each residential building is equipped with two German-made elevators.

In addition, Sueno Compound New Capital includes a commercial mall with a distinctive view of the tourist promenade, offering the following facilities:

  1. Hypermarket.
  2. Medical clinic.
  3. Beauty center.
  4. Entertainment areas.
  5. Pharmacy.
  6. Restaurants.
  7. Cafes.

The spaces and prices of Sueno Compound New Capital

Sueno Compound New Capital
Sueno Compound New Capital

We notice price variations due to the differences in unit sizes. This discrepancy is a result of the diverse range of available spaces within Sueno Compound New Capital, this appears clearly in the following points:

The Spaces

The unit spaces vary within Sueno Compound New Capital:

  • Apartment spaces range from 115 square meters to 185 square meters.
  • Duplex spaces range from 268 square meters to 277 square meters.
  • Penthouse spaces range from 240 square meters to 327 square meters.

As for the prices:

  • The price per square meter starts from 17,000 EGP and goes up to 20,000 EGP.

Additionally, a maintenance deposit of 10% of the total unit price is required.

Payment systems in Sueno Compound New Capital

Sak Real Estate Company offers several payment packages that may vary from time to time, but generally, the following offers are available:

  1. 5% down payment with the remaining amount to be paid in installments over 5 years.
  2. 10% down payment with the remaining amount to be paid in installments over 6 years.
  3. 15% down payment with the remaining amount to be paid in installments over 7 years.

Units are delivered in either semi-finished or fully finished condition, based on the customer’s preference. The units are scheduled to be delivered during the year 2022.

The developer company of Sueno Compound New Capital

The ownership of Sueno Compound New Capital belongs to SAK Real Estate, a highly successful company known for its renowned projects both inside and outside Egypt. SAK Real Estate is considered one of the top real estate companies in Egypt, and this is mainly attributed to its partnerships with experienced and prominent figures in the real estate industry within the Arab region. The company’s wide-ranging expertise and collaborations with industry leaders have contributed to its exceptional reputation and success in the real estate sector.

Engineer/ Sameeh Tawfeek El Keshawy

He is a member and partner in one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered one of the oldest companies with a successful track record of previous projects. Mr. Samih Tawfik is the actual owner of Emdad Company in Egypt, which serves as the specialized consultant for Sueno project.

Engineer/ Kadri Al Ghetani

He is the owner of Al-Ghetani Contracting Company, which is classified as a first-class company and has executed numerous projects in Egypt.

Engineer/ Ali Elshahat

He is the owner of the largest land division portfolio in Mansoura City and the Delta region.

All of these experiences have come together under the entity SAK, to present residential and commercial projects, and offer a wide range of residential and administrative units in New Capital.

The most important projects of the company:

  1. Al Ula City.
  2. Mansoura Business Tower in Mansoura, Egypt.
  3. Stadium Mansoura Hotel.
  4. Othman Towers in Masr El Gedida, Cairo, Egypt.
  5. Elite Mall New Capital, Egypt.
  6. The V Mall New Capital, Egypt.
  7. Wafi Residential Complex in Saudi Arabia.
  8. In addition to participating in housing projects under the Ministry of Housing in Egypt.

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The real estate developer

SAK Developments

The project’s location

R7 in New Capital

The project’s area

11 acres

Sales number


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