Seashore North Coast

Seashore North Coast

Price starts from:


The real estate developer Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company
The village design SB Architects Company
The project location kilo 210 in Ras El Hikma
The village space about 240 acres
Units type Chalets, townhouses, and twin houses
Units spaces units spaces start from 124 sqm
Repayment period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

Hyde Park Developments is proud to present Seashore North Coast Village, and its an exceptional destination that blend between luxury and nature. The village offers many different options for those seeking to spend their summer vacations in European alike atmospheres.

Seashore North Coast Village enjoys a unique collection of chalets and villas, as they were designed with the highest standards of quality and modern design, residential units were prepared with all the essential preparations to guarantee the comfort of residents.

Hyde Park Company allows payment facilities in Seashore North Coast, in addition to, flexible payment systems to meet their financial needs and to make the purchasing process more flexible and easier.

The location of Seashore North Coast

Hyde Park Company cared intensively choosing the location of Seashore North Coast, as it was determined carefully to guarantee the comfort of residents, Seashore North Coast is located in kilo 210 in Ras El Hikma, and this means that the project enjoys a distinctive location close to vital and famous areas in the region.

Thanks to its distinctive location, its easy for residents to quickly and easily access all the essential services and facilities. Whether they need to shop in local malls or enjoy a fine dining in high-end restaurants.

Close places to Seashore North Coast

Seashore North Coast village is surrounded by many vital places in North Coast. Some of those places include:

  • Salt Village: located close to Seashore North Coast Village, and it offers a group of restaurants, cafes, and stores, in addition to varied services places.
  • Sea View Village: is considered one of the prominent resorts of North Coast, and its located to Seashore Hyde Park, and it also provides a collection of services and luxury facilities.
  • Alamein City: located close to Seashore Hyde Park village and provides commercial and cultural facilities. Residents can enjoy restaurants, cafes, shops, and parks in this modern city.
  • Marsa Matrouh: It is located a close to Seashore North Coast village and is a famous tourist destination. Residents can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and different water activities there.
  • New Alamein City: It is a famous tourist destination that hosts many luxurious hotels and resorts, in addition to wonderful facilities and landmarks. Residents can visit museums, exhibitions, and enjoy natural views.
  • El Dabaa: It is an important commercial center in the region, as there are shopping centers, stores, restaurants, and cafes. Residents can enjoy a delicious meal and shop for local products in this city.

The design and space of Seashore North Coast

Hyde Park Company excels in providing exceptional designs that add a unique touch to Seashore North Coast village, inspired by European elegance and the designs of the state of Florida in USA. These designs are executed by a distinguished team from SB Architects.

The project features a terraced system that provides a stunning panoramic view for all units, where residents can enjoy a direct view of the sea.

Seashore North Coast extends on an area of 240 acres, as a high percentage of space was allocated for landscapes and green spaces. also the remaining buildings accommodate various residential units, including chalets, villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

Hyde Park Company affirms its place and reputation as a creative company in the industry of real estate, through its unique designs and it paying attention to details. Seashore North Coast is a unique destination to have a luxury life and to enjoy the beautiful nature and sea.

Units in Seashore North Coast

different residential units are available in Seashore North Coast to meet the different needs of clients, here are the details of the units:

  • Chalets enjoy a space that range from 124 to 225 sqm, which were designed in a modern way that mix between comfort and beauty, and it offers ideal spaces to enjoy the magical views.
  • Twin houses in Seashore North Coast enjoy spaces that range from 168 to 182 sqm, as they were designed to meet the needs of big families, as they enjoy privacy and unique designs and high quality finishes.
  • Town houses in Seashore North Coast spaces start from 212 sqm, these villas are an ideal option for families who seek privacy and comfort, as it is characterized by vast spaces and unique designs.

Services of Seashore North Coast

Seashore North Coast offers its residents a group of services that guarantee them a comfortable stay, which are:

  • Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at the multiple swimming pools available in the village, where you can bask in the sun and swim in the stunning sea waters.
  • Discover a world of shopping, dining, and services in the commercial area available within the village, where you can easily find everything you need.
  • Dedicated parking spaces are available under the residential units, providing easy access and parking for residents and ensuring the safety of their vehicles.
  • Keep fit and exercise your favorite sports at the fitness centers equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Enjoy playing your favorite sports at the various sports fields, whether you prefer football, basketball, or tennis.
  • Enjoy running and cycling on the dedicated tracks provided by the village, and practice your favorite sports with ease and comfort.
  • Relax and recharge at the available health clubs in the village, where you can enjoy spa services, jacuzzi, and massage for a comprehensive relaxation experience.
  • The security team works around the clock to ensure the safety and protection of residents and their property, providing peace of mind.
  • The village relies on modern surveillance systems to enhance security and maintain the safety of the project and its residents.

Payment systems of Seashore North Coast

  • Units prices in Seashore North Coast start from 3,720,000 EGP, and this for units with spaces of 73 sqm and one bedroom only. Prices reach up to 31,890,000 EGP and this for independent villas with spaces of 240 sqm.

Payment systems

  • You can own a distinctive unit in Seashore North Coast with 5% down payment and installments upto 8 years.

The real estate developer

Hyde Park Development Company is one of the leading real estate companies in the Middle East. The company was founded in 2007 and since then has implemented massive and innovative projects.

Hyde Park Company is known for providing integrated residential compounds that offer a comfortable living experience. The company affirms meeting the different needs of its clients and providing them with the best. Thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation, Hyde Park Company has achieved a prominent position in the real estate market in Egypt.

Hyde Park Company is distinguished by its innovative and modern designs, which provide exceptional living communities that are comfortable and luxurious. Thanks to its experience and the unique skills of its team, Hyde Park Company offers unique and distinctive projects that meet the needs and requirements of its customers.

The most important projects by the company

  • Garden Lakes Compound October.
  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement Compound
  • Hyde Park North Coast
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