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River Park New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 28300

Down Payment: 25%

Price starts from: 7,500,000 EGP
The real estate developer West Way Developments
The project location Basin number 1 in New Zayed
The project area 5 acres
Units Type Villas
Units Type: starting from 265 sqm
Units number 38 luxurious villa
Available discounts 10% on launch
Installment period up to 6 years
Sales number 00201104894802

New Zayed area shines with a unique real estate project called “River Park New Zayed” which has been exceptionally developed by West Way Real Estate Development Company. The project is located in the heart of this distinctive area and boasts an unparalleled strategic location.

The project extends on an area of 5 acres, the company was able to use this space in a genius and creative way to establish this unique project, River Park Zayed Compound consists of luxurious villas unit, which enhances privacy and entertainment that many distinctive clients look for.

In addition, River Park New Zayed Compound offers a range of wonderful services that add extra value to the living experience. From the magical views and green gardens to a fully integrated entertainment area and fitness facilities, the project provides a comprehensive and balanced environment that fulfills the residents’ needs.

River Park New Zayed Compound represents the ideal mix between modern design and luxurious elegance, which make it an elegant residential destination for individuals and families looking for luxurious life in a residential environment surrounded by beauty and calmness.

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The location of River Park Zayed Compound

River Park New Zayed Compound
River Park New Zayed Compound

The location of River Park Zayed Compound is distinguished by being in the heart of New zayed, as its located in Basin number 1 Gate number 1, this location is vital and ideal for residence, as it offers easy access to many surrounding areas and important places.

Places close to River Park Compound

  • Waslet Dahshur Road: two minutes away from River Park New Zayed Compound, there is a main road that facilitates easy access to many other areas in Cairo.
  • Mall of Arabia: 10-minutes away from River Park New Zayed Compound, and it is a distinctive shopping destination that has a wide range of international brands and luxurious restaurants.
  • Nile University: 15 minutes away from the compound, and its one of the most prominent universities in Cairo, which offers easy access to university by students and faculty members.
  • International Sphinx Airport: 10 minutes away from River Park Compound, which offers easy movement and travelling that residents need if they use the airport regularly.

The space and design of Up West Compound

River Park New Zayed Compound
Up West Compound

River Park New Zayed Compound extends on an area of 5 acres, and this space was used in an exceptional and distinctive way, as a very low percentage was allocated for buildings, as buildings are only 15% of the total area of the project, this means that the most of the project’s area is allocated for geen spaces and magical natural scenes.

Thanks to this smart design, residents can enjoys a magical natural environment and vast green areas, which add calming and refreshing atmosphere on the project, the ideal balance between buildings and green spaces creates a comfortable and healthy residential environment for residents.

As for the design, Up West Compound has been crafted to reflect the real estate developer’s vision. The project stands out with exclusively villa units, consisting of 38 luxurious villas designed to the highest standards, using globally inspired designs from the latest trends in the real estate world. These villas boast luxurious design and wonderful finishes, providing residents with both comfort and elegance at the same time.

In short, Up West Compound mixes between vast green areas and luxurious villas designs, to offer residents an exceptional residential experience that mixes between beauty and comfort in the heart of New Zayed.

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Services of River Park New Zayed Compound

River Park New Zayed Compound

River Park Zayed Compound offers a wide range of services and important facilities, among which are:

  • The project provides an advanced security system and 24/7 surveillance to ensure the safety and security of residents and their properties.
  • It features green spaces and playgrounds for children to play and enjoy recreational activities safely.
  • The project offers integrated sports facilities, including a sports hall, gym, and swimming pool, allowing residents to exercise and relax.
  • There are designated areas for barbecues and social gatherings, providing residents with enjoyable social moments with family and friends.
  • The project includes commercial outlets and stores that cater to the daily needs of residents, providing easy access to various services and amenities.
  • The mesmerizing scenic views and lush gardens create a serene and refreshing environment for residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Spacious and secure parking spaces are available within the project to meet the needs of residents.
  • A multi-purpose hall is provided for events, social gatherings, and entertainment, offering residents an ideal space for celebrations and social gatherings.
  • The project features a health center and spa, where residents can enjoy healthcare services, beauty treatments, massage sessions, and relaxation.
  • An exclusive social club is available, offering entertainment and sports facilities such as tennis and squash courts, indoor and outdoor sports halls, a swimming pool, a billiards hall, and more, providing residents with opportunities for recreational and sports activities within the project.
  • Integrated administrative services are provided for the project, including property management and general maintenance, making it easy for residents to receive support and assistance with any project-related issues.

Payment systems and prices of River Park New Zayed Compound

River Park New Zayed Compound

The prices and payment systems in River Park Compound vary and provide customers with the flexibility to choose what suits them. Here is some information about the available prices and payment systems:

Twin house villas:

  • Land space: 227 sqm
  • Construction space: 265 sqm
  • Garden: with a space of 150 sqm with a private swimming pool
  • Total price: 7.5 M EGP

Independent Villas:

  • Land space: 305 sqm
  • Construction space: 305 sqm
  • Garden: with a space of 215 sqm with a private swimming pool
  • Total price: 10,500,000 EGP

In addition to this, a discount of 10% is presented on the total prices in the first launch.

A flexible payment system is presented as to install over 6 equal years when paying 25% as a down payment of the unit’s values, which offers clients an opportunity to distribute deposits on a long period

Investment in New Zayed

There are many reasons that make New Zayed an ideal destination for investment, here are some main reasons:

  • Investing in New Zayed, where it experiences rapid and advanced urban growth, offers promising opportunities for real estate investments, commercial projects, and other services. The area’s continuous development with modern infrastructure and essential services makes it an attractive investment destination.
  • New Zayed benefits from an excellent strategic location in Cairo, with easy access to other important areas such as Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City, and Maadi. Its proximity to major highways like Wahat Road and Suez Road enables quick and convenient connections to other parts of Cairo.
  • The high demand for real estate in New Zayed is driven by population growth and a significant increase in housing demand. This provides exceptional opportunities for investing in residential and commercial properties in the area.
  • A wide range of facilities and services is available in New Zayed, meeting the needs of residents, including international schools, universities, hospitals, commercial, and recreational centers. This enhances the area’s attractiveness as an integrated residential and commercial destination.
  • Over the years, New Zayed has witnessed a noticeable increase in property values, making it a favorable investment opportunity to achieve long-term high returns.

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About West Way Developments

West Way Developments, also known as is considered one of the emerging companies witnessing increasing popularity in the real estate market. Despite its relatively short period of existence, the company has achieved a series of significant successes, earning an excellent reputation in the sector.

About West Way Developments was founded by leading real estate entities, which added to it honesty and trust, the company is distinguished by implementing residential and commercial projects with high quality, and its committed to apply the best international standards in constructing and real estate development.

West Way Developments collaborates with wonderful engineering teams to ensure the execution of projects with the highest quality. The company continuously strives to keep up with developments in the real estate market and achieve excellence. West Way Developments aims to become one of the top real estate development companies in Egypt in the coming years.

Most important works by West Way Developments

  • 360 Health Medical Sheikh Zayed
  • River Park New Zayed Compound

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The real estate developer

West Way Developments

The project’s location

Basin number 1 in New Zayed

The project’s area

5 acres

Sales number


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