Neom 6th October Compound

Neom 6th October Compound

Price starts from:


The real estate developer Arab Developers Holding
The project location 6th of October
Project Area: 330 acres
Building ratio 20%
Unit Types: The project includes apartments, duplexes, and villas.
Unit Sizes: Unit sizes start from 54 square meters.
Number of Units: It comprises approximately 3,000 residential units.
Installment Duration: Up to 8 years.
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Project Description

Neom 6th October Compound is the new name given by Arab Developers to their project in Porto October. It has gained widespread fame and garnered significant attention among real estate clients.

Neom 6th October Compound includes a diverse range of residential units that cater to various needs and budgets, including apartments, villas, and twin houses. Additionally, it offers numerous recreational and commercial facilities such as swimming pools, sports clubs, green spaces, shopping areas, restaurants, cafes, and more.

The project’s aim is to provide a luxurious and secure living environment for residents, ensuring comfort, safety, and the necessary services for a comfortable and happy life. Thanks to its modern and unique design, along with its prime location, Neom October Compound is an ideal choice for investors seeking exceptional real estate opportunities in Egypt.

The location of Neom 6th October Compound

Neom 6th October Compound residential project boasts a strategic geographic location in the heart of 6th of October City, surrounded by vital areas and adjacent to several well-known residential compounds such as Mountain View and Giza Plateau compounds.

Key nearby areas and thoroughfares for Neom 6th October Compound project include:

  • Close proximity to Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square.
  • Adjacent to the Boulevard Axis and the 26th of July Axis.
  • A few minutes away from the Smart Village.
  • A short distance from Sphinx International Airport.
  • Minutes from Dahshur Road and the Shooting Club.

The space of Neom 6th October Compound

Neom October Compound project occupies a vast land area of approximately 330 acres, equivalent to around 1.3 million square meters, making it one of the largest residential projects in 6th of October City.

Neom 6th October Compound offers various types of residential units with the following summarized sizes:

  • The residential apartments within Neom October Compound start from 54 square meters.
  • The compound provides twin houses with various sizes starting from 105 square meters.
  • Standalone villas in Neom October Compound come in medium to large sizes, starting from 370 square meters.

Phases of Neom 6th October Compound

Neom October Compound consists of multiple phases or zones, totaling up to 4 phases. Here is a brief overview of each:

  1. Boulevard Zone:
    • This phase includes residential apartments only.
    • It offers apartments with two and three bedrooms.
    • Apartment sizes start from 78 square meters.
  2. Stanley Zone:
    • This phase exclusively consists of villas.
    • It spans over an area of 15,000 square meters.
    • The unit sizes in this phase start from 118 square meters.
  3. Fontana Zone:
    • Fontana Zone contains both residential and commercial/administrative units.
    • It includes a section for residential units.
    • The other section is dedicated to commercial and administrative units.
  4. Roma Zone:
    • Roma phase features residential units in the form of apartments.
    • Apartment sizes in the Roma phase start from 54 square meters.

Services of Neom 6th October Compound

Neom October Compound offers a wide range of amenities and facilities, including:

  1. Swimming pools.
  2. Dancing fountains.
  3. Green spaces.
  4. Private garages.
  5. Public parking areas.
  6. Equestrian club.
  7. Public gardens.
  8. Sports club.
  9. Social clubs.
  10. Medical center.
  11. Commercial areas.
  12. Restaurants and cafes.
  13. Security system.
  14. Clubhouse.
  15. Entertainment areas.
  16. Running tracks.

Features of Neom 6th October Compound

  1. Neom 6th October Compound is located on a spacious area, allowing for the provision of all services.
  2. Neom 6th October Compound is a convenient residential compound suitable for various segments of society.
  3. Neom 6th October Compound enjoys a prime location next to all major roads and important axes.
  4. Neom 6th October Compound achieves diversity in units and spaces, resulting in price variation.

Prices of Neom 6th October Compound

  1. Apartments for sale in Neom 6th October Compound starting from 2,272,000 Egyptian Pounds with areas starting from 118 square meters.
  2. Twin House villas within Neom 6th October Compound at affordable prices starting from 4,681,000 Egyptian Pounds with an area of 185 square meters.
  3. Own a Stand-Alone villa in Neom 6th October Compound starting from 10,692,000 Egyptian Pounds with an area of 370 square meters.

Payment systems of Neom 6th October Compound

  • 5% of the price is paid upfront, followed by another 5% after 3 months, and an additional 5% after 4 years.
  • The remaining amount is then divided into 8 years with no interest.

Features of investing in Neom 6th October Compound

Here are the investment Features Neom 6th October Compound:

  1. Prime Location: Neom 6th October Compound is situated in New October City, a strategically located area near important regions like 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed, and the Cairo Ring Road, providing easy access to various parts of Greater Cairo.
  2. Modern Designs: The compound offers modern and contemporary designs, with a variety of residential units and villas to cater to different needs and preferences.
  3. 24/7 Security: The compound provides round-the-clock security and a comprehensive surveillance camera system, ensuring residents’ safety and privacy.
  4. Recreational Facilities: Neom 6th October Compound features numerous recreational facilities and amenities, including pools, health clubs, sports courts, gardens, commercial areas, restaurants, and cafes, offering residents a comfortable and integrated lifestyle.
  5. Profitable Returns: Expected returns on investment in Neom 6th October Compound are lucrative, as property values tend to increase over time, making it a good real estate investment opportunity.

Arab Developers Holding

Arab Developers Company is the result of an alliance between Amer Group, an Emirati-based company called Asmak, and Prime. The company was established in 2005 under the name Amer Group before the later partnership.

The company owns a large portfolio of development projects across various parts of Egypt, including the following:

  1. New Cairo Project.
  2. New Assiut Project.
  3. Sia Grand View, Ain Sokhna.
  4. Sia Matrouh Project.
  5. Sia Golf Bay Marina.
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