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Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 38800

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 7,650,000 EGP
Developer: Merath Development Company
Project Location: New Zayed in the Green Belt Area
Project Area: Approximately 4,200 square meters
Construction Percentage: Only 15%
Unit Types: Twin Villas and Townhouses
Unit Sizes: Starting from 197 square meters
Payment Duration: Up to 7 years
Maintenance Fees: 7%
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound is one of the prominent residential contributions by Merath Development Company. It is situated in the heart of New October Green Belt area, featuring elegant architectural designs and a distinctive lifestyle for its customers.

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound stands out with its unique and upscale architectural designs, meticulously crafted to showcase architectural beauty. High-quality materials and intricate details are employed to add a touch of luxury and elegance to the project.

This compound enjoys a prime location in New October Green Belt area, providing easy access to major amenities and main roads. Residents have convenient access to schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes.

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The location of Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound boasts a strategic location in the heart of 6th of October area in Egypt. It is situated along the Middle Ring Road in Green Belt area, which is considered one of the project’s key success factors, offering numerous benefits and advantages.

It is close to the following:

  1. Dahshur Interchange.
  2. The Boulevard Axis.
  3. 26th of July Axis.
  4. El Dabaa Axis.
  5. Mall of Egypt.
  6. Mall of Arabia.
  7. El Hossary Area.
  8. The Industrial Zone.
  9. Sphinx Airport.
  10. Sheikh Zayed City.

The space of Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound encompasses a spacious area of 4,200 square meters, providing residents with ample space for a peaceful and comfortable residential life. A portion of this extensive area is dedicated to the development of infrastructure and public facilities that cater to the needs of the residents and enhance their quality of life.

Thanks to this generous space, more green areas and gardens are available for residents to enjoy outdoor activities and recreation. Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound also provides open spaces for walking, strolling, and sports, creating a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.

Furthermore, a portion of the area is allocated for luxurious residential units and diverse service facilities, such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and social gathering areas. These units are strategically distributed to ensure privacy and convenience for the residents.

Units of Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

  • Villas in 6th of October in Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound start at a size of 240 square meters.
  • Twin House units start at a size of 208 square meters in Ladera Compound.
  • Townhouse units in Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound start at a size of 197 square meters.

Services of Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound

Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound offers a diverse range of facilities and services to meet the residents’ needs and enhance their quality of life. Here are some more details about the available amenities and services:

  1. Mosque: A mosque is provided within Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound to facilitate prayer and worship for the residents.
  2. Track Area: A designated area for jogging and running is available, providing a safe and comfortable space for residents to pursue their fitness activities.
  3. Pharmacy: A pharmacy is located within the compound to meet the healthcare needs of the residents, including medications and medical supplies.
  4. Open Green Spaces: Spacious open areas are provided for residents to stroll and enjoy the outdoors, creating a refreshing environment.
  5. Businessmen’s Club: A dedicated club space for business meetings and social gatherings is available, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals.
  6. Health Club: A well-equipped health club with the latest fitness equipment is provided for exercise and relaxation.
  7. Sports Halls: Sports halls with state-of-the-art equipment are available for various types of sports and fitness activities.
  8. Green Spaces and Gardens: Extensive green spaces and gardens are integrated into the project, offering a beautiful and refreshing environment for relaxation and leisure.
  9. Water Fountains: Beautiful water fountains are installed in the project, adding an element of beauty and refreshment.
  10. Electronic Gates: Electronic gates are provided to ensure ease of entry and exit and enhance security within Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound.
  11. Integrated Security System: A comprehensive security system, including surveillance cameras and a professional security team, is in place to ensure the safety of residents and protect the project.
  12. Commercial Area: A commercial area within the compound houses a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes to meet the shopping and entertainment needs of residents.
  13. Dedicated Mobile App: A dedicated mobile app for the compound makes it easy for residents to access important information, available services, and communicate with the management of Ladera Green Belt Compound.

These facilities and services are designed to create a comfortable and convenient living environment for the residents, promoting a high quality of life within the compound.

Prices and payment systems of Ladera Heights New Zayed Compound


  1. Townhouses: Starting from 7,650,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  2. Twin Houses: Starting from 8,200,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  3. Villas: Starting from 11,900,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment systems

  • The down payment starts at 10%.
  • The maximum repayment period extends up to 7 years.

Merath Developments

Merath Developments

The company has been in operation since 1998 and has made 6th of October City a primary destination for its development endeavors. The company has executed a diverse range of residential and commercial projects, including residential apartments, villas, commercial buildings, and commercial and entertainment centers. The company aims to meet the varied market needs and provide multiple options for customers.

Quality and innovation are at the core of the company’s operations. Merath Development Company strives to deliver innovative designs and high-quality standards in all aspects of its projects, from upscale architectural designs to meticulous attention to detail and the provision of integrated facilities and services.

The company operates with a high level of professionalism and is committed to meeting project deadlines. It ensures that its customers receive their units on time and with high quality.
Some of the most important projects by Merath Development Company include:

  1. Merath Palaces 6th of October.
  2. Jasmine Gardens October.
  3. Fayrouz Palaces 6th of October.

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The real estate developer

Merath Development Company

Project’s location

New Zayed

Sales number


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