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IRA New Zayed Compound

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 28800

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 7,200,000 EGP
The real estate developer El Gabry developments
The project location New Zayed
The project area 20 acres
Units Type Town houses, twin houses, and independent villas
down payment 10%
finishing systems semi-finished
Delivery date within 5 years
Installments period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

IRA New Zayed Compound, developed by El Gabry Developments, stands as a remarkable residential project in New Zayed. With a commitment to excellence, El Gabry Developments has crafted IRA New Zayed Compound to offer a harmonious blend of modern living and natural surroundings. This exceptional development provides a range of thoughtfully designed residences that cater to diverse lifestyles. Situated in the heart of New Zayed, IRA Compound Zayed presents a unique opportunity for individuals and families seeking a comfortable and convenient living environment.

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The location of IRA New Zayed Compound

IRA New Zayed Compound
IRA New Zayed Compound

The strategic location of IRA New Zayed Compound, near Waslet Dahshur Road in Basin 7, adds to its appeal. This prime positioning offers residents easy access to essential amenities, major thoroughfares, and key destinations. With its proximity to Waslet Dahshur Road, IRA Compound ensures convenient connectivity, making daily commutes and travel hassle-free. Whether it’s for work, leisure, or daily needs, the accessibility of this location enhances the overall living experience for residents of IRA New Zayed Compound.

Its close to the following: 

  • Alexandria-desert Road
  • Near Waslet Dahshur 
  • Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia
  • Juhayna Square 

The design of IRA Compound Zayed

IRA New Zayed Compound
IRA New Zayed Compound

The design of IRA New Zayed Compound is characterized by its thoughtfully planned layout, featuring an array of housing options to cater to various preferences. The compound spans an expansive area of 20 acres, providing ample space for a diverse range of residential units.

This includes townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, each designed to offer modern living spaces and a comfortable lifestyle. The well-conceived design ensures a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, creating a welcoming and vibrant community within this dynamic development.

Units Spaces in IRA New Zayed Compound

IRA New Zayed Compound by El Gabry Developments offers a variety of unit sizes to cater to different needs and preferences. The compound provides a range of residential options, including townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, each with its own distinct layout and dimensions. The unit spaces are thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and functionality, creating living spaces that are well-suited for modern lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a cozy townhouse or a spacious villa, IRA Compound Zayed aims to provide a diverse selection of unit sizes to accommodate varying family sizes and lifestyles, as spaces start from: 

  • Independent villas’ space start from 268 sqm.
  • Twin houses’ spaces start from 266 sqm.
  • Townhouse spaces start from 250 sqm. 

Facilities and services of IRA New Zayed Compound 

IRA New Zayed Compound 

IRA New Zayed Compound by El Gabry Developments offers a comprehensive range of services and amenities to enhance the residents’ quality of life. The compound is designed to provide a comfortable and modern living environment. Some of the services and facilities available within the compound include:

  1. Security: 24/7 security personnel and advanced surveillance systems to ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents.
  2. Landscaped Areas: Beautifully landscaped gardens and green spaces throughout the compound, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere.
  3. Clubhouse: A fully equipped clubhouse with various recreational facilities, including a gym, spa, and swimming pools.
  4. Sports Facilities: Dedicated sports courts for activities like tennis, basketball, and more.
  5. Shopping Centers: Convenient on-site shopping centers and commercial areas for residents’ daily needs.
  6. Kids’ Areas: Playgrounds and children’s areas designed to offer safe and enjoyable spaces for children to play.
  7. Restaurants and Cafes: Various dining options offering a diverse culinary experience.
  8. Medical Center: A well-equipped medical center to provide immediate healthcare services.
  9. Educational Facilities: Schools and nurseries for the convenience of families with children.
  10. Parking: Ample parking spaces for residents and their guests.
  11. Smart Home Systems: Integration of smart home technologies for added convenience and security.

These services and amenities are carefully designed to create a self-contained community that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents, making IRA Compound Zayed an attractive and comfortable place to call home.

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Prices of IRA New Zayed Compound

The pricing structure of IRA New Zayed Compound by El Gabry Developments is designed to offer a range of options to accommodate different budget considerations. Whether you’re looking for a townhouse, twin house, or independent villa, the project aims to provide competitive and attractive prices that reflect the value and quality of the properties. The prices take into account the prime location, modern design, and array of amenities and facilities within the compound, the prices are:

  • Town houses prices start from 7,200,000 EGP
  • Twin houses prices start from 8,950,000 EGP
  • Independent Villas prices start from 9,700,000

Payment systems in IRA New Zayed Compound

El Gabry Developments offers flexible and convenient payment systems for IRA New Zayed Compound to cater to the diverse needs of potential buyers. The payment plans typically include options that allow purchasers to spread out their payments over a defined period. These plans often include an initial down payment followed by installments that extend throughout the construction period or even after project completion, prices are as follows:

  • Payment System 1: Pay a 10% down payment and spread the remaining amount over 7 years.
  • Payment System 2: Pay a 15% down payment and spread the remaining amount over 8 years.
  • EIO’s for townhouse villas in IRA New Zayed Compound project is 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • EIO’s for twin-house villas in IRA project by El Gabry Developments in New Zayed is 70,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • EIO’s for independent villas in IRA New Zayed Compound is 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

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About El Gabry developments

El Gabry developments

El Gabry Developments is a prominent real estate development company with a strong presence in the Egyptian market. With a commitment to delivering high-quality projects that cater to various lifestyles, El Gabry Developments has gained a reputation for creating innovative and well-designed communities.

The company focuses on providing exceptional residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments that elevate the standards of modern living.

El Gabry Developments has successfully completed several noteworthy projects in different locations, showcasing its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Some of its previous projects include:

  • Zahya Compound New Capital
  • The Eight New Zayed
  • Green Park New Cairo
  • Galleria Moon Valley

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The real estate developer

El Gabry developments

The project’s location

New Zayed

The project’s area

20 acres

Sales number


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