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Eleven Mall New Capital

Receiving Date: 2024

Meter Price: 85000

Price starts from: 2,716,800 EGP
The real estate developer New Plan Real Estate
The project location It is located in the Financial and Business District.
The project area 9,880 sqm
Building percentage: 30%
Units Type: Administrative and commercial units
Units Space: starting from 37 sqm
Mall design a round floor and 7 upper floors
Commercial Units: All shops are delivered without finishing.
Administrative Units Delivery is done with complete finishing.
Load Ratio: The lowest load ratio in the market is around 23%.
Maintenance Fee: 10% of the total price for maintenance fee.
Price per Square Meter: The price per square meter starts from 37,000 Egyptian pounds.
Installment period: up to 7 years.
Cash Discount: You can receive a 30% discount when paying in cash.
Delivery Date: 2024.
Sales number: 00201104894802

New Plan Real Estate has introduced Eleven Mall New Capital ايليفن مول العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة, following its successful residential ventures that have gained popularity and remarkable achievements in New Capital. Eleven Mall New Capital represents the company’s foray into the realm of real estate investment, as its first commercial mall project.

You can enjoy a unique investment experience by owning an administrative office or commercial shop within Eleven Mall New Capital, benefiting from its strategic geographical location in the banking district and competitive prices compared to many other malls in New Capital.

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The location of Eleven Mall New Capital

Eleven Mall New Capital
Eleven Mall New Capital

In recent times, the Financial District has been the prime location for all the malls in New Capital, due to its unique style and diverse investment opportunities. Eleven Mall, located strategically in the banking district on plot number B1_11 along a main street with a width of 90 meters, has become part of this trend. Additionally, the project is situated at the beginning of another street with a width of 60 meters.

Eleven Mall New Capital is conveniently situated near various key places and roads:

  • It faces Masa Hotel in the Downtown area.
  • It’s only a 2-minute drive from the Ministerial District and the Government District.
  • It’s within minutes from the Regional Ring Road.
  • It’s in proximity to the Egyptian Parliament headquarters.

The nearest malls to Eleven Mall New Capital are surrounded by several malls within the Financial and Business District, the most notable of which are:

  • Paragon Mall New Capital.
  • Pyramids Mall New Capital.
  • Mid Tower Mall New Capital.

The design and space of Eleven Mall New Capital

The space

Eleven Mall New Capital is built on a large area of approximately 9,880 square meters, with a building ratio of around 30%. In comparison with other leading malls in New Capital that offer expansive spaces, Eleven Mall New Capitalstands out for its sizable area.

The developer offers a variety of unit sizes within Eleven Mall New Capital, including:

  • Administrative offices with spaces starting from 43 square meters and going up to 3,000 square meters.
  • Commercial shops with spaces ranging from 50 square meters to 456 square meters.

The design

The design of Eleven Mall New Capital takes advantage of its extensive space by adopting a horizontal layout. This layout provides ample room for complete privacy for the project’s customers. Additionally, the building features a variety of entrances catering to different activities.

The overall design and exterior finishes of the mall exude an air of luxury and sophistication. The focus on providing multiple entrances and a spacious layout enhances the convenience and accessibility of the mall, making it an attractive destination for a wide range of activities and businesses.

Services and facilities of Eleven Mall New Capital

Eleven Mall New Capital
Eleven Mall New Capital

Eleven Mall New Capital is a specialized investment project that offers two types of units. The developer has taken great care to provide all the necessary facilities to meet customer expectations. The following facilities are offered:

  1. Sky Lounge: Providing VIP services.
  2. Green Spaces and Outdoor Landscapes: Creating a natural and serene environment.
  3. Meeting Rooms: Equipped with all the necessary amenities.
  4. Maintenance and Cleaning Teams: Ensuring the upkeep and cleanliness of the premises.
  5. Professional Security Company: Ensuring a secure environment.
  6. Advanced Surveillance Cameras: Monitoring the premises effectively.
  7. Smart Gate Systems: Incorporating modern smart technologies.
  8. Free Wi-Fi Coverage: Available throughout the project.
  9. Dedicated Rooms and Halls for Businessmen: Offering suitable spaces.
  10. Building Management System (BMS): Efficiently managing the mall.
  11. Elevators and Escalators: Ensuring easy movement within the mall.
  12. Spacious Parking Area: Providing ample parking space.

These facilities enhance the overall experience and make Eleven Mall New Capital a comprehensive and appealing investment opportunity in New Capital.

Features of Eleven Mall New Capital

Eleven Mall New Capital
Eleven Mall New Capital
  • Eleven Mall New Capital heavily relies on the latest technologies.
  • It provides complete privacy to its customers through separate entrances for each activity.
  • Solar panels are installed to generate clean energy.
  • The developer of Eleven Mall offers a highly competitive per square meter price along with substantial payment facilitations

Disadvantages of Eleven Mall New Capital

Some might think that limiting the project to commercial and administrative activities only is a drawback or deficiency in its investment proposition. However, the specialty of financial district malls lies in their focus on administrative offices in particular, given the nature of the area as a hub for financial institutions.

Prices of Eleven Mall New Capital

Eleven Mall New Capital
Eleven Mall New Capital

The prices of units in Eleven Mall New Capital are diverse to suit all customers. The mall consists of 7 floors in addition to the ground floor. The mall offers commercial and administrative units on various floors, and the prices vary between them as follows:

  • Prices per square meter for commercial units on the ground floor start from 180,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • For administrative units on the third floor, prices range from 2,716,800 Egyptian pounds to 7,656,800 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices for units on the fourth floor start from 7,205,000 Egyptian pounds.

These price differences showcase the flexibility and variety offered by New Plan Company to meet the requirements and needs of different clients.

Payment systems of Eleven Mall New Capital

  • 0% down payment for reservation, with installments over 4 years.
  • 5% as a down payment, with installments up to 5 years.
  • 10% down payment, with installments over 6 years.
  • 10% down payment and 10% after 3 months, with installments up to 7 years.

New Plan Developments

New Plan Developments

New Plan Real Estate Company has managed to become one of the top real estate companies in New Capital by embracing ambitious and innovative developmental concepts. This achievement is marked by significant investments reaching up to 8 billion Egyptian pounds.

New Plan Real Estate has presented a range of high-value projects, particularly its diverse contributions to New Capital, including:

  1. Atika Compound New Capital.
  2. Sirano Compound New Capital.
  3. Talah Compound New Capital.
  4. Granvia Mall New Capital.
  5. Eqla Project in Port Said.
  6. Tourism projects in Sharm El Sheikh.

These projects reflect the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and impactful developments in various sectors of the real estate market.

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The real estate developer

New Plan Real Estate

The project’s location

It is located in the Financial and Business District.

The project’s area

9,880 sqm

Sales number


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