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Taj Tower New Capital 

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 35000

Down Payment: 5%

تاج تاور العاصمة الادارية الجديدة
Price starts from: 1,050,000 EGP
The real estate developer Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company
Engineering consultant: Dr. Medhat Al-Durra
The project area CBD central business district.
The project area: is 12,500 square meters
The building ratio is 30% of the land area
The design of the tower: consists of ground floor + 47 floors
The Units type includes commercial and administrative units
Units space starts from 30 square meters
Maintenance deposit of 10% of the price
The administrative down payment starts from 20,000 pounds
The commercial deposit starts from 50,000 pounds
Administrative finishing: integrated finishing
Commercial Finishing Core & Shell
Price per meter The price per meter starts from 35 thousand pounds
Repayment period: Repayment period up to 10 years
The delivery date is within the year 2025
Sales number: 00201104894802

Taj Tower New Capital is a towering architectural and investment project, standing tall as one of the high-rises in the capital’s skyline. Taj Misr Company presents this as its fifth real estate venture in the city, aiming to provide genuine investment opportunities to its clients.

With meticulous planning, Taj Tower New Capital is strategically positioned in a vital and distinguished location. The company has taken great care to offer a host of distinctive services, targeting a wide range of clients and their diverse investments. In this article, we will delve into the details of Taj Tower New Capital, provided by Korastsherot website.

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The location of Taj Tower New Capital 

Taj Tower New Capital 
Taj Tower New Capital 

Taj Misr Company ensured that Taj Tower New Capital  is located in a vital and distinctive area, surrounded by essential services to provide complete convenience. The company prioritized selecting a location for Taj Tower New Capital itself, in close proximity to various facilities.

Taj Tower New Capital  project comes on plot MU7-CN14 in the first row of the iconic tower, and near the following: 

  • financial district 
  • government district 
  • Ministries district 
  • Diamond Hotel 
  • green river 
  • Bin Zayed Axis 
  • Infinity Tower 
  • 31 North Tower 

The space of Taj Tower New Capital 

Taj Tower New Capital 
Taj Tower New Capital 

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company prioritized providing diverse spaces and various units in its project, Taj Tower New Capital . The company also dedicated spaces for green areas and essential and recreational services, resulting in the ideal presentation of Taj Tower New Capital.

Taj Tower spans an area of 12,500 square meters and is designed as a high-rise tower with a ground floor and 42 upper floors, in addition to 5 underground floors for parking.

Taj Tower New Capital  includes administrative and commercial units starting from 30 square meters, catering to different needs and requirements.

The design of Taj Tower New Capital 

Taj Commercial and Administrative Tower encompasses 47 floors, including 4 underground floors, a ground floor, and 42 upper floors. It is built on a land area of 12,500 square meters, equivalent to 3 feddans. The tower’s design was carried out in collaboration with Space Consultant, an engineering consultancy company.

The tower boasts a luxurious architectural design with distinctive glass facades and a modern interior layout that allows business owners to make the most of the available spaces. Surrounding the tower are green spaces and landscape, providing a beautiful view for all the units within the tower. Additionally, the tower enjoys a prime location with a view overlooking three main axes and major roads.

Services of Taj Tower New Capital 

Taj Tower New Capital 
Taj Tower New Capital 

The development company has provided numerous services within Taj Tower New Capital, aiming to cater to the needs of customers and fulfill their requirements. Some of the available services in Taj Tower New Capital include:

  • Electronic portals 
  • security system 
  • security cameras 
  • Entertainment area for the kids 
  • Cleaning services 
  • reception desk 
  • Solar energy 
  • Fire alarm systems 
  • Central air conditioning 
  • Periodic maintenance services 
  • Display screens 
  • Spa and gym 
  • Green spaces 
  • Underground garage 
  • Electric lifts 
  • Conference rooms 
  • Free internet 

Payment systems and prices of Taj Tower New Capital

the prices 

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company has made sure to offer diverse units within Taj Tower’s mall at competitive prices, providing several options for each client. Therefore, the prices of the units start from:

  • The price per square meter for administrative units in Taj Tower New Capital starts from 35,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter for commercial units starts from 140,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems 

The company has provided diverse payment systems to offer various options for payment, enabling all customers to make their purchase within Taj Tower New Capital. You can choose from the following payment options:

  • Down payment of 5%. 
  • Repayment period up to 10 years. 

About Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company 

Taj Tower New Capital

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company is an Egyptian company specialized in the field of real estate development, construction, renovation, and maintenance. It was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

The company is engaged in developing and constructing a diverse range of real estate projects, including villas, residential and commercial properties, hotels, tourist resorts, and industrial projects.

Taj Misr aims to provide the best real estate development services to its clients by offering high-quality projects at competitive prices, utilizing the latest technologies and modern equipment in construction and development processes.

The company stands out with its extensive experience in real estate development, interior and exterior design, as well as a qualified and highly experienced team that always seeks to achieve customer satisfaction and cater to their needs with precision and attention to detail.

  • De Joya New Capital 
  • De Joya 2 New Capital 
  • De Joya 3 New Capital 
  • Ezdan Mall New Capital 
  • South Valley Courts Complex 
  • Diyar Al Mokhabarat Compound New Cairo 

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The real estate developer

Taj Misr Developments

The project’s location

CBD area

The project’s area

12,500 sqm

Sales number


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