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Dijar New Cairo Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 45800

Down Payment: 5%

Price starts from: 3,900,000 EGP
The real estate developer Ready Group Real Estate Company
The project location Fifth Settlement
The project area 25 acres
sales number 00201104894802

After achieving significant success in their recent projects in New Cairo, Reedy Group has decided to launch a new project named “Dijar New Cairo Compound”. This project has garnered considerable interest from individuals seeking successful and secure investment opportunities through their collaboration with Reedy Group for Real Estate Development.

Today, you can reserve your unit in one of the best locations in Fifth Settlement, where the project by Reedy Group Real Estate is situated close to many prominent landmarks and key areas.

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The location of Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar New Cairo Compound
Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar New Cairo Compound is distinguished by its excellent location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. The compound is situated in El Shorouk Projects area and enjoys a strategic location close to the Ring Road, Suez Road, and New Capital. This unique location significantly facilitates access to the most vital areas in Cairo.

Nearby Places to Dijar New Cairo Compound:

  • Dijar New Cairo Compound is very close to the Middle Ring Road, contributing to easy access to various vibrant areas.
  • It is only a 5-minute drive away from New Capital, making it an ideal choice for living and investment.
  • Madinaty can be reached in just 10 minutes from Dijar New Cairo Compound.
  • It takes less than 15 minutes to reach the American University from the compound.
  • Dijar New Cairo Compound is located very close to compounds like Palm Hills in Fifth Settlement and Mountain View I-City, providing additional options for living and entertainment.

The design of Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar New Cairo Compound offers a design inspired by the state of California, USA, giving it a unique and exceptionally attractive character. This design features a modern and contemporary style that combines luxury, elegance, and comfort, reflecting the essence of sophisticated urban living.

The design of Dijar New Cairo Compound embodies the California vibe by incorporating natural elements and scenic landscapes into its design. The expansive green spaces and beautiful gardens scattered throughout the compound create a peaceful and rejuvenating environment. Trees and plants are strategically distributed to provide shade, refreshment, and a tranquil natural atmosphere.

The buildings in Dijar New Cairo Compound boast a modern and elegant design on their exterior facades, utilizing clean lines and innovative geometric shapes. Spacious terraces and balconies have been allocated in the residential units to enjoy enchanting views and provide spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Large windows and open reception areas ensure ample natural light and proper ventilation.

The California-inspired design employs modern materials and advanced technology. Glass, steel, and reinforced concrete are widely used in the buildings and structures, adding a contemporary and stylish touch. The interior design of the residential units pays attention to the smallest details, incorporating modern designs and aesthetic details to create a charming and upscale ambiance.

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Services of Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar New Cairo Compound
Dijar New Cairo Compound
  • Dijar New Cairo Compound boasts multiple swimming pools within the complex.
  • A wide range of water games suitable for all ages.
  • A dedicated area for kids’ enjoyment and entertainment.
  • A fully equipped gym to maintain your fitness.
  • A dedicated pathway for walking and cycling enthusiasts.
  • A distinct area for dining and enjoying café atmospheres.
  • An indoor space that reflects the beach and relaxation vibes.
  • A massive screen for residents to watch matches and movies.
  • 24/7 security and safety within Dijar New Cairo Compound.
  • Specialized maintenance teams to ensure your comfort and safety within the compound.

Prices of Dijar New Cairo Compound

  • Dijar New Cairo Compound offers apartments with prices starting from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in Dijar New Cairo Compound

Dijar New Cairo Compound stands out for offering flexible and convenient payment options for customers seeking to own a residential unit in a luxurious complex at reasonable prices, without bearing a heavy financial burden from the beginning. These payment plans are designed to meet customers’ needs and facilitate the purchasing process with greater flexibility.

The payment plan in Dijar New Cairo Compound starts with a down payment of only 5% of the unit’s value, and it provides the longest payment period in New Cairo, extending up to 8 years without interest. This allows customers to adapt to their financial schedule and alleviates financial pressure on them.

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The developer company

Dijar New Cairo Compound

Reedy Group Real Estate Company stands at the forefront of prominent companies in the vast real estate market in Egypt. This company embarked on its journey in this sector since the 1970s, and during this period, it has rightfully transformed into one of the pioneers in the field, deserving the recognition and acknowledgment it currently enjoys.

The integrated projects undertaken by the company are among the most significant factors contributing to its success. It offers a diverse range of projects in various sectors to meet the needs of investors and businessmen, which significantly contributes to its prominent position in the real estate arena.

Other projects by Reedy Group for Real Estate Development:

  • The Address East New Cairo Compound.
  • Zayed Heights Compound.
  • Azar Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • Azar 2 New Cairo Compound.
  • Azar Island North Coast Village.
  • Azar 3 Fifth Settlement Compound.

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The real estate developer

Reedy Group Real Estate Company

The project’s location

In Fifth Settlement

The project’s area

25 acres

Sales number


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