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Atika New Capital Compound

Receiving Date: 2023

Meter Price: 32926

Atika New Capital Compound
Price starts from: 5,400,000 EGP
The real estate developer New Plan Real Estate Development Company
The project location in R7
The project area It extends on an area of 35 acres
Building percentage: a low building percentage of 18%
Type of units Apartments, duplexes, and penthouses
Units Space: starting from 70 sqm
Number of units: 1500 residential unit
Buildings number 31 residential building
Buildings Design: a ground floor and 7 upper floors
Maintenance Deposit: 8%
Club fees 50,000 EGP
Garage fees 65,000 EGP
Installments period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

In the second residential launch of New Plan Real Estate Company within New Capital, Atika New Capital is presented, in which you will find stunning architectural designs inspired by the elegant Greek style, with the compound offering a variety of residential units of varying sizes and affordable prices 

as the project aims to provide a luxurious residential environment for residents and investors. The project enjoys modern architectural designs that blend between luxury and elegance.

Atika New Capital Compound is located in a distinctive location in New Capital, as its distinguished by its central location which is close to vital areas and main services like restaurants, cafes, schools, universities, and shopping centers.

The location of Atika New Capital Compound

Atika New Capital Compound
Atika New Capital Compound

Atika New Capital Compound comes in the heart of the 7th district, R7, on plot No. G1, with its location on the central axis with a width of 90 meters, and that is next to a number of the most important vital areas inside and outside the R7 

The most important areas surrounding Atika New Capital Compound

  • It is close to the government district and the diplomatic district 
  • It is close to the headquarters of banks and the financial and business district 
  • Close to the Green River, Fairgrounds and Parliament 
  • A limited distance separates it from the Opera House and Al-Massa Hotel 
  • Close to the most important compounds of 7th district, such as Serrano Compound and Midtown Sky Compound 

The design and space of Atika New Capital Compound 

The space 

New Plan has allocated a suitable area for the construction of residential Atika New Capital Compound project, which extends over 35 acres, while providing the lowest proposed building percentage, which is about 18%, while the rest of the project’s land area has been allocated to green spaces, landscapes, and artificial lakes 

Project design 

The name “Atika” was taken from the Greek language, as well as the architectural designs that were simulated with the art of the Greek style, with the help of the owner company with the best consultants and engineering design experts, by providing about 31 residential buildings consisting of a maximum of 7 upper floors 

Units space of Atika New Capital Compound 

Atika New Capital Compound 
Atika New Capital Compound

The development process of Atika New Capital, was divided into two phases as follows: 

The first phase 

  • It includes about 1,500 housing units 
  • It includes apartments, penthouses and duplexes 
  • The spaces start from 70 square meters 

The first phase includes a special type of residential building called Alto Casa, which is a limited-height building consisting of penthouses and 3 duplexes 

The second phase 

  • New Plan company and Lamborghini collaborated on it, so it was called the Lamborghini phase 
  • It is a phase that includes hotel apartments, with an estimated number of 310 apartments 
  • Units space starts from 116 square meters 

Services of Atika New Capital Compound

Atika New Capital Compound
  • An integrated shopping mall 
  • Shopping places 
  • Guard and security services 
  • Electronic portals 
  • Various recreational areas 
  • Public and private swimming pools 
  • Green spaces and landscapes 
  • Artificial lakes and water fountains 
  • Tracks for jogging 
  • Sports club and various playgrounds 
  • Social club and open areas 
  • An area that includes cafes and restaurants 
  • A comprehensive and integrated club house 
  • Private garages for the units. 
  • Parking spaces. 
  • Elevators in all buildings. 
  • Internal streets linking the project areas together. 

Features of Atika New Capital Compound 

Atika New Capital Compound, includes a set of characteristics and advantages that we discuss as follows: 

  • The unique location of the compound is in the most residential districts
  • Rare and unique architectural designs 
  • The lowest building ratio the company puts out to make room for landscaping 
  • Various spaces and units targeting various categories of customers 
  • Suitable prices and multiple payment systems 

Disadvantages of Atika New Capital Compound 

After looking at the residential Atika New Capital Compound in all its aspects, no defect affecting the quality of the project appeared, perhaps due to New Plan Real Estate Company’s keenness to avoid all factors that may lead to problems in the compound 

Atika New Capital Compound prices 

  • The prices of the first-phase units start from 1,015,000 pounds 
  • While the prices for the second phase (Lamborghini) start from 2,320,000 Egyptian pounds 

Important note: The price per square meter in Attica Compound, the administrative capital, is in a constant state of change, so make sure of your unit price before your purchase request by clicking here 

Payment systems 

  • Payment and repayment packages vary in Atika New Capital Compound as follows: 
    The first system: 0% reservation down payment, and the amount is paid in installments over 4 years. 
  • The second system: 5% reservation downpayment, and the remaining amount due in installments over 5 years. 
  • The third system: 20% reservation downpayment, and the rest of the amount due in installments over 6 years. 
  • The fourth system: 10% reservation down payment, then 10% payment upon receipt of the unit, and the rest in installments over 9 years. 
  • The fifth system: 15% reservation downpayment, then 10% payment upon receipt of the unit, and the rest in installments over 10 years. 

Atika Mall New Capital 

Atika Mall New Capital 
  • The mall’s space: it extends over 11,342 square meters. 
  • Mall design: ground floor and first floor. 
  • Units type: It includes commercial and medical units. 
  • Units Space: starting from 47 square meters. 
  • Maintenance deposit: 10%. 
  • Units Prices: it starts from 2 million pounds for commercial units. 
  • Installment period: a repayment period of up to 8 years. 
  • Finishing system: on red bricks for commercial, and full finishing for medical 
  • Delivery date: 3 years after contracting. 
  • Cash discount: 32% 

The owner company of Atika New Capital Compound  

Atika New Capital project is owned by New Plan Real Estate Development Company, which is an Egyptian-Saudi partnership, so we will see great imprints on it within the Arabian Gulf region, in addition to its investments inside Egypt, of which New Capital gained a large share 

Its most important works

  • Serrano Compound New Capital. 
  • Eleven Mall New Capital. 
  • Granvia Mall New Capital. 
  • Ministry of Health in Riyadh. 
  • Oil companies and residential buildings in Dubai. 
  • Cooperation in the construction of Almarai Company in Saudi Arabia 

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The real estate developer

New Plan Real Estate Development Company

The project’s location

The compound is located in the 7th district, R7

The project’s area

it extends over an area of 35 acres

Sales number


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