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Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 13235

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 4,500,000 EGP
Developer: Ricon Real Estate Development
Project Location: In front of Zayed Gate 2 in a vital location with a direct view of Beverly Hills
Compound Area: 150 acres
Unit Type: Luxury villas
Unit Area: Starting from 340 square meters
Available Discounts: Special discount on the first 20 villas only
Payment Duration: Up to 7 years
Project Sales Number: 00201104894802

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound, developed by Ricon Real Estate Development, is one of the distinguished projects meticulously designed to meet clients’ needs and provide a luxurious living experience. The location was carefully chosen to face Beverly Hills, a prestigious site in New Zayed. Moreover, the project boasts a unique area of 150 acres, which has been excellently utilized to create an integrated residential community.

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound offers residential units of twin houses and standalone villas only, allowing clients to choose from these distinctive options according to their needs and preferences. The units are very reasonably priced, making them accessible to a broad range of potential clients.

Furthermore, the company offers flexible and easy payment plans for clients, making it a unique opportunity to invest in the ideal home without a heavy financial burden.

The location of Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound enjoys a strategic location in New Zayed, as it is located in front of Zayed Gate 2 at the entrance of Ricon. This location is one of the project’s most prominent features, as it provides easy access and mobility to and from the community.

There are many facilities and distinctive projects near Aster 2 New Zayed Compound, enhancing the value of the location. Residents can enjoy the presence of numerous commercial and recreational facilities, in addition to schools, hospitals, health centers, mosques, gardens, and parks.

The design and space of Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

The space

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound spans an area of 150 acres and is an integrated residential city that provides all the essential and recreational services needed by its residents. The project was designed in a way that ensures the availability of all daily life and entertainment needs in one place, making it easy for residents to meet their basic requirements without having to leave.

Additionally, the project boasts a unique space allocation, with only 15% dedicated to buildings and residential units. This means that the rest of the area has been utilized to create vast green spaces that cover the entire project. These green spaces provide a beautiful and refreshing environment for residents, where they can enjoy the stunning natural views and wander through the green areas and water features scattered throughout the project.

The design

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound was meticulously designed to provide privacy and comfort for each residential unit. Significant attention was directed towards designing the units in a way that ensures the privacy of its residents, with well-thought-out and intelligent designs preserving privacy within the units.

Furthermore, the units were designed both internally and externally using global designs that meet high standards of quality and uniqueness. The interior design exudes luxury and sophistication, with high-quality materials and finishes used to create a comfortable and stylish ambiance.

The external design stands out for its elegance and beauty, making Aster 2 New Zayed Compound one of the most prominent and best projects in New Zayed.

The project’s global design aims to provide an exceptional living experience for its residents, combining comfort, elegance, and modern design. The design of the units and the surrounding landscapes harmoniously integrate to create a cohesive and harmonious residential community.

Services of Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound offers a diverse range of distinguished services to meet the needs of its residents and provide a comprehensive living experience. Here are some additional services that the project offers:

  • Aster 2 New Zayed Compound includes 4 comprehensive sports clubs that offer various sports facilities such as gyms, tennis courts, football fields, mini-golf courses, and other sports activities.
  • Recreational and gathering areas: The project boasts over 10 swimming pools, including private pools for each villa. These pools provide residents with recreational areas and spots to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.
  • Aster 2 New Zayed Compound features the largest strip mall in the Sheikh Zayed area, where residents can enjoy a shopping experience and access to the most famous international brands in a wide range of fields such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and more.
  • The compound offers a range of restaurants and cafes that serve a wide variety of dishes and beverages, ranging from international cuisine to local dishes and delicious drinks.
  • The project provides dedicated play areas for children, where the young ones can enjoy games, recreational activities, and interact with their peers.
  • Aster 2 New Zayed Compound is adorned with green spaces and beautiful gardens, providing a comfortable and refreshing environment for residents to enjoy nature, walking, running, and outdoor recreational activities.

The importance of Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound holds significant importance in the real estate market and in the New Zayed area. Here are some reasons that make it a vital project:

  1. Strategic Location: Aster 2 New Zayed Compound boasts a prime strategic location in the New Zayed area. This ensures easy accessibility and its proximity to essential services and facilities. Its central location offers convenience and ease of access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other recreational areas.
  2. Unique Architectural Design: The compound is characterized by a unique and attractive architectural design. Modern and contemporary designs were chosen for the residential units and public facilities. The smart design ensures privacy and comfort for residents by efficiently utilizing spaces.
  3. Advanced Infrastructure: Aster 2 New Zayed Compound features a comprehensive and advanced infrastructure. Essential services such as electricity, water, and sanitation are provided at a high quality. Additionally, high-speed internet and communication networks are available.
  4. Distinguished Services and Facilities: The compound offers a wide range of exceptional services and facilities, such as health clubs, swimming pools, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes. These services provide comfort and entertainment for residents, catering to their various needs within the project.
  5. Significant Investment Opportunity: Aster 2 New Zayed Compound represents an important investment opportunity. It offers a variety of residential units at very reasonable prices. Moreover, the good return on investment rate and the possibility of obtaining a stable financial return in the long term make it an attractive investment.

Prices and payment systems of Aster 2 New Zayed Compound

Aster 2 New Zayed Compound
  • The prices for standalone villas in Aster 2 New Zayed Compound project start from 6 million Egyptian pounds, with a land area of 420 square meters.
  • For the twin house units, prices start from 4.5 million Egyptian pounds with a land area of 340 square meters.

These prices offer diverse and suitable opportunities for investment and living in Aster 2 New Zayed Compound.

Payment systems

  • Payment Option 1: 10% down payment with the rest over 5 years.
  • Payment Option 2: 20% down payment with the rest over 6 years.
  • Payment Option 3: 30% down payment with the rest over 7 years.

About Ricon Developments

Ricon Real Estate Development is a distinguished and leading company in the real estate industry. The company boasts extensive experience spanning several years in developing real estate projects on a global scale. Recon was established with the aim of achieving excellence in providing integrated residential communities and leading commercial projects.

Ricon stands out with its high engineering skills and a dedicated, specialized team that works diligently to realize the company’s vision in developing unique and innovative real estate projects. The company ensures adherence to the highest quality standards in all aspects of its work, from project design to construction and finishing.

Ricon is characterized by innovation and uniqueness in project design, focusing on providing a residential environment and integrated communities that meet customer aspirations and align with modern living needs. The company strives to offer spacious areas, distinguished services, and recreational facilities to ensure an exceptional living experience for residents in its projects.

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The developer company

Ricon Developments

The project location

New Zayed

Sales number


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