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Strategies for success by investing in the New Capital

Strategies for success by investing in the Administrative Capital

The term investment in the Administrative Capital includes all activities, whether commercial, administrative or medical, in addition to that the residential activity also comes within the real estate investment strategy in one way or another, while we devote this article to discussing commercial and administrative investment in terms of how to choose your unit and the basics and criteria that must be taken into account when making an investment decision in the capital

Summary of the details of the New Capital

With a comprehensive presentation about the Administrative Capital, we review the most important general points that will reveal the curtain to the client about the merits of the region:

Map of the New Capital

Map of the New Capital
Map of the New Capital

The geographical location of the city is one of the most important marketing factors that customers are looking for in order to exploit it in the best way, especially because it is located between the most important roads in the region, namely: Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road, in addition to the borders of the new capital with the following:

  • It is located on the borders of Badr City and Mostakbal City.
  • 10 minutes or less from New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement.
  • Kilometers away from Greater Cairo.
  • Close to Madinaty and El Shorouk.

The area of the New Capital

How many phases of the project?

Investing in the New Capital is of great importance due to its vast area, which is divided and developed into several phases, as we discuss this in the following points:

  • The New Capital extends over a total area of about 184,000 acres.
  • The development process is divided into 3 phases, as work is still ongoing in the first phase.
  • The first phase on an area of 40,000 acres.
  • The second phase on an area of 47 thousand acres.
  • The third phase is about 97 thousand acres

The most important landmarks of the New Capital

The New Capital was launched with global residential and investment components, so a large group of real estate market investors seek to buy in the Administrative Capital, and below we review the most important attractions for local and foreign investments:

  • The iconic tower, which is the tallest tower in Africa.
  • Green River and Central Park.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Mosque of Egypt, as the largest mosques in the world.
  • Monorail project and electric train project

The successful way to invest in the New Capital

The successful way to invest in the New Capital
The successful way to invest in the New Capital

What is the best investment in the New Capital? Among the obvious questions that are asked from time to time, the answer to which revolves around commercial investment in the first place and then investment in administrative offices. Below we review the most important factors that must be taken into consideration when investing in the New Capital:

Project location

When investing in the New Capital or other areas, clients often search for factors such as price and payment facilities, while the geographical location is one of the most important real estate investment factors at all, so the following must be taken into account specifically before placing your investments in a specific project:

  • Considering the vitality of the mall’s location, in terms of its proximity to a residential area or main axes, or its inclusion of famous landmarks.
  • Searching for a unique mall with a distinctive location and less competitiveness, by choosing a project based on serving a wide segment of the population with no nearby and competing malls, and despite the difficulty of this matter in the capital, which is full of commercial and administrative malls, it is one of the factors of distinction and success

In addition, do not neglect paying attention to the location of the unit inside the mall, by choosing the store or office with the front facade, which achieves greater returns, taking into account the existence of differences in the prices of the Administrative Capital stores according to its facade, whether front or back, and the same is the case when investing in Administrative offices

Project area

We have repeatedly talked about the importance of the space of the project, as it allows the developer the freedom to provide medium and large spaces for the units. In addition, its importance also appears in the following:

  • The floor area in the mall is not less than 600 square meters.
  • The unit space, which represents a big difference in the administrative offices, where the investment in the administrative offices in the Administrative Capital and the new Egyptian cities is one of the investments that depends on the space greatly, so that it is preferable that the area of the administrative office not be less than 50 square meters.

In addition to the aforementioned, the appropriate space gives the real estate developer an opportunity to provide recreational areas and green spaces in his project, which is one of the main factors for contemporary malls that comply with international standards, which the malls of the New Capital follow in their approach

Mall services

Do you seek the success of your project and attract customers as long as possible inside the mall? So, one of the tips directed to real estate development companies when investing in the Administrative Capital is the need to provide all basic and entertainment facilities and services to put the visitor in an enjoyable experience through recreational areas after completing their basic needs.

The experience proved that there was a positive impression among the customers of the most famous malls in Egypt, such as Cairo Festival City, in the inclusion of various facilities such as cinemas, shops, entertainment areas, and garages, things that the malls of new cities worked to provide and even developed according to the requirements of the contemporary global market

Diversity within the project

The diversity of the project means the diversity of the units and shops inside the mall. It is illogical to allocate a specific project with a commercial activity while offering unified shops in terms of quality and area. Rather, it is necessary to offer the following diversity:

  • Units vary in terms of space.
  • The presence of shops in an external area, especially in the ground units.
  • The presence of shops for various commercial activities such as clothes, commodities, and others

Management and operation company

The majority of customer categories fall into a unified mistake about the negligence of the management company for the project, because the company plays a pivotal role in achieving the success or failure of the project, especially with unit owners within the mall subject to a general system for all units, and below we discuss the importance of management and operation companies when investing in the New Capital:

  • Marketing the project.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the mall and pricing the rents.
  • Doing tenant service and taking care of maintenance work.
  • Managing the financial affairs of the mall

The most important project management companies in Egypt are as follows:

  • EFS MISRR Corporation
  • KAD Company
  • CFM Corporation
  • UFM Corporation
  • TMH Corporation
  • ANISTA company
  • CBRE Corporation
  • Keep Property SAL

The best investment districts in the New Capital

After identifying the important factors in the selection process for a successful real estate investment, we come to the step of choosing between the different neighborhoods of the New Capital in investment activity, and which one is best for clients?

1/Down Town New Capital

Down Town New Capital
Down Town New Capital

When talking about the most competitive area and the number of malls, we are discussing the Downtown area, which includes more than 70 commercial and administrative malls.

  • Central Park, and the Green River comes close to it.
  • Petroleum, pharmaceutical and computer companies.
  • It includes the data center area, which contains all the capital’s information within it.
  • It includes the Egyptian Mosque and the famous Al-Massa Hotel

What are the best downtown malls?

As we mentioned earlier, the region includes the lion’s share of the malls of the New Capital, and below we review the most prominent and best downtown malls:

  • I-Business Park Mall, from Arqaa Real Estate Development Company.
  • Pyramids Business Tower, from Pyramids Real Estate Development Company.
  • Pyramids Mall or Al-Massa Mall, also affiliated with the Pyramids Real Estate Company.
  • Nile Business City is offered by Nile Real Estate Development Company.
  • Maestro Mall from Marota Real Estate Company, and among the projects of Engineer Raef Fahmy, who is based on its design
  • Oxygen Medical Tower, affiliated to Address Real Estate Development Company.
  • Ano View Mall is provided by NCB Real Estate Investment Company.
  • Mid Tower Mall from Prime Real Estate Development Company.
  • Oia Towers Mall from Edge Holding Real Estate Investment Company

2/The Central Business District New Capital

The Central Business District New Capital
The Central Business District New Capital

The Central Business District (CBD) or the Iconic Tower area, as some call it because it embraces the metal tower, as it is one of the biggest factors that attract customers to invest in the Administrative Capital, as it is one of the areas that provides free marketing advertising to owners within its projects, thanks to its importance and very high returns

The CBD area is undisputedly the best investment area in the New Capital, and despite being the most expensive neighborhood in the New Capital, it offers unrivaled quality

The best malls in the central business district

  • Infinity Tower, which some consider to be the best mall in the Central Business District, is developed by Infinity Towers.
  • East Tower developed by UC Real Estate Development Company.
  • Kwan Tower, affiliated to Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company.
  • Taj Tower Mall by Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company.
  • Capital Diamond Tower from Amazon Holding Real Estate Development Company.
  • Pagoda Business Tower from Acadia Real Estate Development Company.
  • Sixty Iconic Tower by Al Burouj Egypt

3/MU23 New Capital

MU23 New Capital
MU23 New Capital

The area enjoys a vital geographical location factor as it is located in the middle of the second neighborhood R2 and the third neighborhood R3, so it was named MU23 area, where “MU” means double investment activity and “23” because it is located between the second and third residential neighborhoods, which provide the area with a population density of more than 50 thousand people.

What are the best malls in MU23?

4/The Financial and Business District New Capital

The Financial and Business District New Capital
The Financial and Business District New Capital

The financial district has gained its importance from hosting all the important and famous financial institutions, such as the Central Bank of Egypt and all bank branches, with its distinguished geographical location on the northern Bin Zayed and southern Bin Zayed axis, and development work has been started in the neighborhood since 2017

The most prominent malls in the financial district

  • The Financial Hub Mall is one of the projects affiliated to Al-Safwa Urban Development Company.
  • Audaz Mall is developed by Gates Real Estate Development and Investment Company.
  • Anzio Mall of Al-Marka Real Estate Development Company.
  • Alcor Verde Mall from Archplan consultancy

In conclusion, investing in the New Administrative Capital is one of the unique opportunities available at the present time, but it is expected to pay dividends in the long term. In addition, it is an investment that requires a deep study of the market in the region

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The most important questions about investing in the New Capital

What is the best investment in the New Capital?

There is no specific investment that is the best at all, but when talking about high investment returns, if commercial investment is the best of course, then managerial investment, bearing in mind that the higher the value of your investment, the more often you will get a return.
That is, investing in shops is the most expensive, with great feasibility

What are the risks of investing in the New Capital?

It is not possible to say for sure that there are certain risks surrounding the field of real estate investment in the Administrative Capital until now, but it has been affected by several defects such as high prices and the scarcity of internal transportation as it is a new city

How to contact the sales number?

Through the following number 00201104894802, or via WhatsApp

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