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The new Egyptian cities and the most prominent real estate investment opportunities in them

The new Egyptian cities caused a great stir, which has increased in the past few years, in order to create a case for creating investment opportunities in the Egyptian market. Moreover, it had a great impact on increasing supply and demand, which led to the emergence of more housing and investment opportunities suitable for various groups in society.

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Egyptian cities are divided into first, second, third, and fourth generation cities, which opened up horizons for market clients to own their units amidst a wide range of choices, especially with the emergence of new patterns of payment methods and installment facilities to increase the movement of buying and selling in the field of real estate investment

The Urban Communities Authority has played an important role in the development of new Egyptian cities in recent decades, and it is a national institution affiliated with the Egyptian government that carries out the tasks of supervision and selection of real estate companies executing projects in addition to other executive and administrative tasks

The importance of new Egyptian cities

New Egyptian cities projects have increased the investment aspirations of clients and real estate companies in Egypt. In addition, they have achieved many other characteristics, such as the following:

  • Exploiting remote and desert areas for housing and reclamation.
  • Reducing population density in old cities, especially Greater Cairo.
  • Redistribute Egypt’s population horizontally throughout it.
  • Creating new investments and cultural landmarks with different living possibilities.
  • Establishing new Egyptian cities that will attract tourists and visitors.
  • Reducing the phenomenon of urban sprawl on agricultural lands.
  • Presenting new housing opportunities, as well as investment opportunities.
  • Attracting foreign investments, especially in mega projects from the new Egyptian cities, such as the New Capital project, which embraced many investment contributions from outside Egypt

The history and establishment of the new Egyptian cities

The history and establishment of the new Egyptian cities

The idea and implementation of Heliopolis cities began in 1977, when it was planned to offer several cities in all Egyptian governorates, and despite the great interest at the beginning, many of the cities of the first generation did not enjoy the success achieved by the cities of the generations that followed their emergence

The map of new Egyptian cities includes:

First generation cities

  • May 15th City.
  • Sadat City.
  • 10th of Ramadan.
  • Sixth of October City.
  • New Damietta City.
  • New Salhia City.
  • New Burj Al Arab City

Second generation cities

  • Badr City.
  • Obour city.
  • New Minya.
  • New Beni Suef.
  • Sheikh Zayed City.
  • New Nubaria.

Third generation cities

The new Egyptian cities, in their third generation, mostly belonged to the Upper Egypt region, as they included the following cities:

  • New Cairo City.
  • New Aswan City.
  • El Shorouk City.
  • new Tiba.
  • New Assiut.
  • New Qena.
  • New Sohag.
  • New Luxor.
  • New Akhmim.
  • New Fayoum.

Fourth generation cities

  • New Capital.
  • New Obour City.
  • New Ismailia.
  • New Toshka.
  • Salam City Egypt.
  • Al Galala City.
  • New Mansoura.
  • New Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Hadayek October
  • west of Qena.
  • New Nasser City.
  • New 6th of October City.
  • New Alamein.
  • Capital Gardens.
  • New Sphinx

In addition, there is a group of cities that are being planned by the Urban Communities Authority at the present time to be offered in the coming periods, which are as follows:

  • New Suez.
  • New Gerga.
  • New Nag Hammadi.
  • east of Owainat.
  • New Mallawi.
  • New Bani Mazar.
  • New Rashid City.
  • New Al-Fashn City.

The best new Egyptian cities

With this huge offering of new Egyptian cities, some cities have gained fame and a wide reputation, as a result of the government directing attention towards them and investors highlighting them, in contrast to a group of cities that were content with small investments from real estate companies in their surroundings.

The most prominent and most famous new cities projects that achieve the feasibility of real estate investment are as follows:

  • New Capital.
  • New Cairo City.
  • New Alamein City.
  • Sixth of October City.
  • New 6th of October City.
  • Sheikh Zayed City.
  • New Sheikh Zayed.
  • New Mansoura.
  • Al Galala City.
  • Obour city.
  • New Obour City.
  • Al Shorouk City.
  • October Gardens.

We discuss the aforementioned new cities in some detail in the next few paragraphs:

New Capital

New Capital

New Capital City has received the greatest attention from the Urban Communities Authority, especially as it is the most prominent residential, cultural, and investment center at the present time. In addition, it is a first-class tourist destination as a result of its embrace of many famous landmarks and mega projects, such as the following:

  • green river
  • Monorail project.
  • electric train.
  • The iconic tower as the tallest tower in Africa.
  • Central Park, as the largest park of its kind in the world at 1,000 acres.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the largest mosque in the world in terms of area

New Capital location

One of the new Egyptian cities that has a pivotal location, as it is minutes away from all areas of Cairo and its surroundings, so we review, for example, the most important landmarks near New Capital:

  • It comes between Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road.
  • It is located directly on the borders of Badr City, and on the borders of the Mostakbal City.
  • Close to Madinaty and New Cairo, and therefore also close to Greater Cairo.
  • Kilometers away from El Shorouk City and Suez

Advantages of real estate investment in New Capital

  • It is one of the new Egyptian cities that receive direct support from all sides, so it offers a safe investment for customers.
  • A developed city that works with modern technological technologies, in addition to that it is a sustainable city.
  • It offers multiple investment opportunities with a budget that suits different categories of investors.
  • It is a residential, investment, tourist, economic and entertainment city alike
  • The city has a huge area of approximately 184,000 acres, which means that investments will continue for several years to come and open new horizons for clients and real estate companies.
  • Provides high investment value to clients of its residential and investment projects.

Disadvantages of New Capital

  • Overpriced, especially in commercial activity.
  • New Capital’s compounds have unsuitable prices for all segments of society.
  • Some see it as New Capital of Egypt, so they fear that it will be overcrowded in the coming years, especially with the presence of government agencies and embassies in it, but it is considered one of the points under consideration, especially with the intention of the Egyptian government to remain on Greater Cairo as the main center of government, in addition to the vast area of the capital. As the largest new Egyptian cities, which are capable of hosting large numbers of residents and projects

The most prominent compounds of New Capital

The most prominent malls in New Capital

It is one of the best new Egyptian cities that includes a large number of commercial and administrative malls, of which we review the following:

  • Infinity tower.
  • East Tower.
  • Nile Business City

New Cairo City

New Cairo City

It is a natural extension of the Greater Cairo region, as it is located on its borders directly, and despite its inclusion of a large group of neighborhoods and sub-districts, it has become one of the best new Egyptian cities thanks to Fifth Settlement, which is the best, most famous and prestigious district in New Cairo

New Cairo location

  • It is located in a vital location between Katameya-Ain Sokhna Road and Cairo-Suez Road.
  • The city is located east of the Ring Road, in the eastern arch of Greater Cairo.
  • Only a quarter of an hour away from New Capital.
  • It is located on the borders of Badr City and Al Rehab City.
  • It is one of the best new cities in Egypt in terms of a large area, as it covers about 70 thousand acres.

Features of New Cairo

  • It is dominated by the wide streets in its various districts.
  • It includes a group of high-end residential and investment districts.
  • It comes in a high location above sea level, which provides a pleasant atmosphere in all seasons of the year.
  • It is one of the best new Egyptian cities in terms of providing various investment opportunities

Disadvantages of New Cairo

  • High prices are offered for projects and units, especially in the Fifth Settlement.
  • There are some areas with poor planning, which resulted in deteriorating infrastructure.
  • Some areas of the Third Settlement suffer from frequent water cuts.

The most important compounds in New Cairo

The most prominent compounds in New Cairo are concentrated in Fifth Settlement and First Settlement. In addition to that, there are distinct residential projects in Lotus, Beit El Watan, Andalus, and others. Below we review the most important of them:

The most prominent malls in New Cairo

The most prominent malls in New Cairo

  1. G7 Mall.
  2. Prk Mall in Prk Vie.
  3. Granoy Mall.
  4. Noir Mall.
  5. Eclipse Business Mall Eclipse business space.
  6. The Venue Mall.
  7. IT Business Hub Mall.
  8. Trivium Mall.

Sixth of October City

Sixth of October City

It is one of the New Egyptian cities that has been widely accepted by customers, and on the other hand, it has been able to expand rapidly in the region due to its distinctive geographical characteristics, in addition to its various residential and investment components, and despite its relative newness, it has become one of the cities with a high population density. In addition, the new 6th of October City has been launched in the Green Belt area to accommodate more residents

6th of October City location

  • The city is located in Giza Governorate, and a decision was issued to make it an independent governorate in 2008, then it returned again under Giza Governorate in 2011.
  • It is only 38 km from Greater Cairo, on the borders of the Auseem area and the New Valley Governorate.
  • It is located on the borders of Marsa Matrouh and Buhaira Governorate
  • It is located on the administrative borders of Giza Governorate, near the Nile River

Characteristics of 6th of October

  • It is characterized by vitality and calm at the same time.
  • Great diversity was achieved by offering neighborhoods of varying quality and prices.
  • One of the best new cities in Egypt that achieves reasonable prices for different social groups.
  • It has an ideal geographical location near the most important axes, such as the Alexandria Desert Road and the Ring Road.
  • It is one of the new Egyptian cities that combined industry, housing and investment, especially with its inclusion of an integrated industrial zone.
  • It includes a distinguished group of commercial malls that have a wide reputation throughout Egypt.

Disadvantages of 6th of October City

  • There are some districts that lack a good social level.
  • Some areas have a weak transportation network.

The most important 6th of October compounds

The 6th of October compounds represent one of the best new city projects, in addition to that, it is characterized by a variety of prices, and below we discuss the most prominent of them:

The most important malls in 6th of October

One of the most prominent new Egyptian cities hosting a large group of distinguished malls, of which we discuss, for example, the following:

In addition, there is a group of famous malls, such as the following:

  • Mall of Arabia.
  • Mall of Egypt.
  • Hyper One

New 6th of October City

New 6th of October City

One of the new, emerging Egyptian cities, which gained rapid fame due to its association with the Green Belt region and October City, as it is considered one of the best fourth-generation cities with its great advantages and the great real estate investment opportunities it offers to the region’s clients, with total investments in the region reaching 7.4 billion pounds

New 6th of October location

  • It is located in the west of 6th of October City.
  • Near the regional ring road.
  • Close to 6th of October Airport.
  • Beside New Zayed City.
  • Near Al Wahat Road.

Features of New October City

  • A city with integrated services and capabilities.
  • Quiet, away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Professional division and strong infrastructure.
  • It has a low population density.
  • Its projects are offered at different prices.

Disadvantages of New 6th of October City

  • It does not have an abundant transportation network, which leads to an increase in the use of private transportation, but the matter is due to the city’s modernity, as it will soon be linked to an internal transportation network.
  • The existence of continuous excavation and development works, which makes its streets in a condition that is not suitable for the proper movement of cars on them

The most prominent new October compounds

Hadayek October

Hadayek October

A smart city of the fourth generation, which was established to solve the problem of congestion and overcrowding in the Cairo and Giza regions. It has become one of the most important new Egyptian cities in a short time, despite its recent age. Perhaps this matter is due to its inclusion of several famous landmarks, such as the Global Village and Zewail University

Hadayek October location

  • It is located on both Fayoum Road and Al Wahat Road.
  • Minutes away from the ring road.
  • Close to shooting range.
  • Close to 6th of October City, and similarly to Sheikh Zayed.

The area extends over a large area of about 41,780 acres

Features of Hadayek October

  • It offers reduced prices compared to fourth generation cities.
  • Many recreational areas and green spaces have been put forward.
  • It includes different packages of residential units, whether for social, medium or above-average housing, in addition to that, there are special projects represented in residential compounds belonging to real estate companies.
  • It has a distinguished geographical location dominated by tranquility and privacy.

Disadvantages of Hadayek October

  • There is no internal transportation network up to now.
  • There are shortcomings in street lighting.
  • The area is still under construction and development, so it may not be suitable for housing for a group of customers at the present time

The most important Hadayek October compounds

Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed caused a real urban revolution in the real estate investment market, as it is considered one of the best new Egyptian cities from the second generation, as one of the incubating areas for all segments of the Egyptian market investors, moreover, it is an ideal city for high-end housing with its varying prices and various units.

Sheikh Zayed location

  • It is one of the areas belonging to Giza Governorate.
  • It enjoys a location very close to 6th of October and its attractions.
  • It is located in the west of Cairo, near the center of the country.
  • Kilometers away from Tahrir Square and Lebanon Square.
  • It is located on the 26th of July Corridor, and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Features of Sheikh Zayed City

  • It has a huge area to accommodate about 500 thousand people, in addition to that, the new Zayed City was launched to receive more residents and groups wishing to invest.
  • The city has a vibrant internal and external transportation network, in addition to a strong infrastructure.
  • Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed are offered at varying prices, commensurate with different levels.
  • The area has a distinctive architectural style that blends classic and contemporary architecture.
  • One of the best new Egyptian cities in achieving a healthy residential environment, as a result of the spread of green spaces in it

Disadvantages of Sheikh Zayed City

  • Some areas are experiencing problems with the speed of completion of constructions.
  • Some districts received more residents than they needed, which resulted in poor distribution of population density.
  • With the increasing number of expatriates to invest, live and work in the area, the price per square meter has increased significantly, and on the other hand, some companies are still offering reasonable prices for those looking for the cheapest Sheikh Zayed compounds

The best Sheikh Zayed compounds

The city includes a very large group of compounds, through which it includes a distinctive value for the projects of new cities. For example, we discuss the most prominent Sheikh Zayed compounds as follows:

The most important malls in Sheikh Zayed

New Sheikh Zayed City

New Sheikh Zayed City

One of the best new Egyptian cities ever, one of the smart cities of the fourth generation, which has witnessed an impressive rise among other cities in the past few years as the future of real estate investment in the West Cairo region in the green belt, in addition to that it represents a distinctive development pillar next to New October and October Gardens

It is distinguished by offering a group of the best projects in new cities, as the new Sheikh Zayed compounds are a destination for many real estate companies in Egypt in recent times, in addition to that, it is an investment opportunity for all categories of investors, especially for its reasonable prices

New Zayed location

  • It is located in the northwest of Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Close to the industrial area and the smart village.
  • Close to Waslet Dahshur and Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • It is located close to Al Wahat Road and the 26th of July Corridor.

The city covers an area of 21,000 acres.

New Zayed’s features

  • It includes all facilities and services for the residents.
  • The city enjoys an ideal location, especially with its proximity to a wide range of roads and hubs.
  • It includes multiple opportunities for investment and housing, with a group of the best compounds in Egypt.
  • Many investments have been directed to the development of the city, which means that it will be ready in record time

Disadvantages of New Zayed

  • The area is still under construction, so it may not be habitable at this time.
  • General construction work has not been completed with roads, which makes it not fully suitable for walking.
  • There is currently no internal transportation, which prompts customers to travel in their own cars.

The best New Sheikh Zayed compounds

New Alamein City

New Alamein City

New Alamein is the strongest competitor for New Capital in terms of the quality of projects and the reception of foreign investments, so it is considered one of the best new Egyptian cities
In addition, it is a strong offering in the North Coast region as one of the cities that combined the strength of fourth generation cities with the charm of the picturesque nature, given that it is one of the coastal cities

New Alamein location

  • It is one of the areas located in the vicinity of Marsa Matrouh Governorate.
  • It is located along the Red Sea strip, approximately 14 km long.
  • Close to Borg El Arab Airport and El Alamein Airport.
  • It is located on Wadi El-Natrun Road.
  • The city occupies an area of 48 thousand acres.

Features of New Alamein City

  • A first-class tourist city located directly on the seashore.
  • It includes a wide range of the best North Coast resorts.
  • Investors have achieved a high investment feasibility within it, especially with the Egyptian government directing attention towards it, represented by the Urban Communities Authority.
  • It is one of the areas with a historical presence, as it includes the historic El Alamein cemetery.

Disadvantages of New Alamein

  • New Alamein City prices are not suitable for large groups of people.
  • It does not include internal transportation lines.
  • Some criticize it for its distance from Cairo, about 270 km

The most important resorts of New Alamein

New Mansoura City

New Mansoura City

The city was inaugurated by a government decision in 2018, as one of the fourth generation coastal cities located on the Mediterranean Sea, with its charming geographical nature
In addition, the city offers luxury housing projects at affordable prices, and the Urban Communities Authority has played a major role in completing the development work according to the announced plan

New Mansoura location

  • It is located on the coastal road, within the scope of Dakahlia Governorate.
  • The city is located directly on the borders of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.
  • It is about 54 km away from Mansoura.
  • It is located near the city of Gamasa

Characteristics of the new Mansoura city

  • With professional planning and integrated infrastructure.
  • There are different social levels, and social housing projects.
  • The city includes private industrial, tourism and residential projects.
  • It blended the lives of wild and coastal communities at the same time.
  • It is one of the best new Egyptian cities in terms of reasonable prices.

Disadvantages of New Mansoura

There are some points of defects that prevail in the new cities in Egypt in general, such as lack of transportation and lack of population density, but it will not be long until these problems disappear with the completion of its development.

The best New Mansoura compounds

Al Galala City

Al Galala City 1

Al Galala City is an integrated national project that was launched in an ideal geographical location, 700 meters above sea level. The project includes, so far, a private university and luxury tourist resorts directly overlooking the Gulf of Suez, on a huge area of 17,000 acres

Al Galala City location

  • The area is located between Zaafarana and Ain Sokhna.
  • The city is located on the Galala Plateau, which has a great elevation.
  • It is about 170 km away from Greater Cairo.
  • It lies south of the Gulf of Suez, furthermore east of the Nile River.

Characteristics of the city of Galala

  • One of the new Egyptian cities with a coastal character and a pure atmosphere.
  • It includes a group of the best Ain Sokhna resorts.
  • It includes multiple entertainment areas, such as the yacht city and water parks.
  • It is characterized by an integrated infrastructure and natural resources.
  • There is a desalination plant for the city

Al Galala defects

  • Its projects may not be affordable for all groups.
  • Some clients do not prefer owning a coastal unit due to being primarily in a summer resort, but Galala and Ain Sokhna generally have a moderate climate in all seasons of the year

The best resorts in Al Galala

Obour city

Obour city

One of the most prominent new cities in Egypt of the second generation, especially with its privileged geographical location within Greater Cairo, which makes it within reach of all clients of the capital of Egypt
Which achieved great successes by attracting more residents in the past years, as a result, the new Obour City was launched as a natural extension of it.

Obour City location

  • It is located within the Cairo region and is administratively subject to the Qalyubia Governorate.
  • It is located on the Cairo-Belbeis Road from the west.
  • It also comes on the Cairo-Ismailia road from the south.

Characteristics of Obour City

  • A city with an integrated lifestyle, as it is comprehensive in terms of shopping centers, clubs, and others.
  • It is a haven for many social groups due to the availability of varying prices.
  • There are many types of residential units, and they are dominated by the sophistication floor compared to Cairo projects.
  • It includes industrial areas, which makes it a destination for those looking to invest in real estate and those looking to work.
  • It contains all levels of housing, whether economic, middle, upper middle, or luxurious. Therefore, apartments for sale in Obour are offered at various prices.

Disadvantages of Obour City

  • You are not as interested in the present moment as you were in the past.
  • There is no regular maintenance of streets and sidewalks

The best compound in Obour City

It is one of the new Egyptian cities full of residential projects, so it represents an ideal choice for different segments of customers, as the best El Obour compounds are as follows:

New Obour City

New Obour City

New Obour City was launched at the end of 2016 by the New Urban Communities Authority, with a very vast area allocated to the city of about 59 thousand acres, with the launch of many social housing projects, as one of the projects presented to solve the problem of overcrowding in Cairo

New Obour location

  • It is located between Kilo 15 and Kilo 25, on the Cairo-Ismailia Road.
  • It is located near the Cairo-Belibis desert road.
  • It is located on the borders of El Shorouk City and the Tenth of Ramadan City.
  • In addition, it is located on the borders of Obour City from the west.

New Obour features

  • It is one of the fourth generation cities that are being built with the latest technology.
  • It is characterized by residential calmness and distance from the crowds of Cairo.
  • It is a distinguished future for investors, whether in housing or real estate investment.
  • It is one of the cheapest new Egyptian cities.

Disadvantages of New Obour City

  • There is a lack of transportation.
  • Construction work has not been completed for those who want immediate housing.

El Shorouk City

El Shorouk City

One of the best new Egyptian cities of the third generation, for which a decision was issued to establish it in 1995, as the Urban Communities Authority allocated more than 16 thousand acres for the construction of the city, with integrated services in terms of living and entertainment capabilities

El Shorouk City location

  • It is located on the Cairo-Ismailia Road, at kilo 37.
  • It is located on the borders of Al-Salam City and Al-Obour City.
  • Near the administrative capital and the tenth of Ramadan
  • Close to Badr City, and Heliopolis

Features of El Shorouk City

  • A vital location near all areas of Cairo.
  • It includes industrial activities with environmental guidelines to ensure healthy living in the city.
  • There is a transportation network around the city that will make the sunrise destination within minutes of Cairo and its environs

El Shorouk defects

  • Internal transportation is not adequate enough.
  • Government bodies are not fully completed.

The best El Shorouk compounds

The area includes The Square Mall El Shorouk, which is the latest investment offering in the city

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The most prominent questions about the new Egyptian cities

What are the best new Egyptian cities?

New Capital.
New Cairo.
New Alamein.
Sheikh Zayed.
New Zayed.
6th of October City.
New October.
Hadayek October
New Mansoura.
El Shorouk City.
Obour City.
Al Galala.

What are the new cities in Cairo?

There are many new cities in and around Cairo, such as the following:
New Cairo.

What is the pattern of planning new Egyptian cities?

New Egyptian cities are characterized by the great attention directed towards them in engineering planning and integrated infrastructure, so they are built with the latest technologies and contemporary methods.

How to get an investment in one of those new Egyptian cities?

By contacting via WhatsApp, or via the following number 00201104894802

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