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Upwyde Development Company's Details

Upwyde Developments


0 Unit
Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
Receiving Date: 2025
8,000,000 EGP
0 Unit
Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
Down Payment: 10%
Receiving Date: 2025
3,100,000 EGP
More Info About The Developer

Upwyde Developments is considered one of the emerging real estate establishments in the Egyptian market. It strives for excellence amidst strong competition among real estate giants. To stand out, the company has adopted a distinctive and unique strategy, as evident in its introduction of Granoy New Cairo, which is one of its most significant projects recently presented to its customers.

About Upwyde Developments

  • Despite its relatively short time in the industry, Upwyde Developments possesses a human experience pool exceeding 40 years in both the Egyptian and Gulf markets. The company holds an extensive land portfolio in several new cities to implement its diverse projects.
  • With a considerable team of top marketing and real estate investment consultants, Upwyde Developments has an advantage in analyzing market needs. The company consistently seeks to understand market requirements, resulting in increased demand and setting it apart with exceptional service.
  • In a short span, Upwyde Developments has secured a prominent position among the top 20 real estate companies in Egypt, ranking as one of the country’s best real estate firms. This accomplishment stems from its relentless pursuit of excellence.
  • Upwyde Developments continually forges significant partnerships with leading consultants and engineering design experts, such as Raef Fahmy and MegaPlan Design.
  • The company has established a clear future plan for real estate investment in New Capital by the year 2022.

The company’s board of directors members and their latest statements


CEO of Upwyde Developments

Hani El-Rafaey serves as the CEO of Upwyde Developments, who recently stated the company’s intention to launch a significant service-oriented project in New Capital by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. In the same context, the company has already allocated the land parcel for this endeavor. The team is also actively studying market requirements and competitors in the region.

COO of Upwyde Developments

Mohamed Abdel Hamid stated the market value of the Granoy Mall New Cairo to be around 2 billion Egyptian pounds. The project gained significant popularity after completing its first phase, which had a market value of approximately 1 billion Egyptian pounds.

The Managing Director of Upwyde Developments

Mahmoud Tammam, the Managing Director of Upwyde Developments, clarified the extensive land portfolio owned by the company. This portfolio enables the company to invest in real estate according to market needs and customer demands.

The most important works by Upwyde Developments

The company has presented a distinguished set of offerings in the field of development and real estate investment, including:

  1. A residential compound in Fifth Settlement.
  2. Developing the tourist promenade in Sheikh Zayed.
  3. Engaged in administrative and commercial project contracts in 6th of October City.
  4. Granoy Mall in New Cairo.
  5. Iguall Mall in New Cairo.
  6. IT Business Hub in Fifth Settlement.
  7. Prk Vie Mall in Fifth Settlement.

Granoy Mall New Cairo

Granoy Mall New Cairo by Upwyde Developments
Granoy Mall New Cairo

Granoy Mall is one of the largest projects by Upwyde Development. On the other hand, it represents a comprehensive experience for the company, especially considering the positive reception and widespread reputation it has gained. This prompts us to provide a brief overview as follows:

  • Engineering Consultant: Raef Fahmy (RFA).
  • Mall Location: Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.
  • Land Area: Extends over 10,000 square meters.
  • Type of Units: It includes commercial and administrative units.
  • Unit Sizes: Unit areas start from 31 square meters.
  • Mall Design: A building consisting of Ground Floor + 4 Upper Floors.
  • Finishing Quality: Options for unfinished and fully finished units.
  • Prices: Starting from 85,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, reaching up to 140,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Payment Plans: A down payment of 10% with a repayment period of up to 6 years.
  • Maintenance Deposit: A 10% fee of the total price, payable within the first two years of installments.
  • Expected Delivery Date: December 2023.
  • Sales number: 00201104894802.

Iguall Mall New Cairo

Iguall Mall New Cairo by Upwyde Developments
  • Developing Company: Upwyde Developments
  • Engineering Consultant: Hafez Consultants.
  • Project Designer: MEGA PLAN.Project Location: Located in New Cairo, Fifth Settlement.
  • Project Area: The mall spans an area of approximately 4,200 square meters.
  • Building Percentage: Around 35% of the total area.
  • Mall Activities: It includes commercial and administrative units.
  • Unit Sizes: Unit areas start from 31 square meters.
  • Commercial Finishing: Semi-finished.
  • Administrative Finishing: Super Lux finishing.
  • Commercial Loading Ratio: 25%.
  • Administrative Loading Ratio: 30%.
  • Maintenance Deposit: A maintenance deposit of 10% is payable.
  • Unit Prices: The average unit price in the project is 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Payment Plans: Payment period up to 6 years, with a down payment starting from 10%.
  • Expected Delivery Date: During the year 2025.
  • Sales number: 00201104894802.

IT Business Hub New Cairo

IT Business Hub New Cairo
  • Developer: Upwyde Developments.
  • Project Location: In the heart of Fifth Settlement.
  • Mall Design: Ground floor plus 4 upper floors.
  • Project Units: Commercial, Administrative, Medical.
  • Unit Sizes: Starting from 40 square meters.
  • Reservation Down Payment: Starting from 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Prices: The lowest average price per square meter within the mall is approximately 58,000 Egyptian pounds, varying based on the unit type.
  • Payment Duration: Up to 7 years.
  • Expected Delivery Date: During the year 2025.
  • Sales number: 00201104894802

 Prk Vie New Cairo

 Prk Vie New Cairo

Prk Vie New Cairo is the latest venture by Upwyde Developments, detailed as follows:

  • Engineering Consultant: Engineer Raef Fahmy.
  • Project Design: Mega Plan Company.
  • Mall Location: In Golden Square.
  • Mall Area: Spans over 19,000 square meters.
  • Building Area: Covering 45,000 square meters.
  • Mall Design: Comprises 3 floors and a ground floor.
  • Mall Activities: Commercial, Administrative, and Medical.
  • Unit Sizes: Starting from 50 square meters.
  • Prices: The price per square meter in Fifth Settlement’s Mall Park starts from 62,000 Egyptian pounds and goes up to 140,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Expected Delivery Date: The last quarter of 2025.
  • Sales number: 00201104894802.

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