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New Town Group Developments


0 Unit
Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
Receiving Date: 2026
4,000,000 EGP
More Info About The Developer

New Town Group (NTG) is a prominent real estate development company with a strong presence in Egypt’s real estate market. The company has gained significant recognition and success in recent years due to its commitment to delivering high-quality real estate projects that meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Key information about New Town Group (NTG) Real Estate Development Company includes:

  1. Experience and Expertise: New Town Group boasts extensive experience in the real estate industry, with a track record spanning over 30 years. This expertise has been instrumental in the successful development of various real estate projects.
  2. Diverse Portfolio: NTG has completed numerous residential, commercial, administrative, and medical projects across different regions of Egypt. The company is known for its diverse portfolio, which caters to various client requirements.
  3. Innovation and Quality: New Town Group is committed to delivering high-quality real estate products and innovative projects that align with the evolving needs and aspirations of its customers.
  4. Flagship Projects: One of NTG’s flagship projects is Evolve Tower, located in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. This significant investment, valued at up to 700 million Egyptian Pounds, highlights the company’s dedication to large-scale and impactful real estate ventures.
  5. Industry Reference: New Town Group (NTG) is recognized as a reference point in the real estate industry, reflecting its commitment to providing top-notch real estate products and groundbreaking projects that cater to customer demands.

Projects by New Town Group

New Town Group (NTG) Real Estate Development Company has been involved in various real estate projects across Egypt. While my knowledge is not up to date with their most recent projects, I can provide you with some examples of their previous projects as of my last update in September 2021:

  1. Evolve Tower: Located in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, Evolve Tower is one of NTG’s flagship projects. This development is a prominent landmark in the heart of the business district and reflects the company’s commitment to large-scale and high-quality real estate ventures.
  2. Residential Projects: NTG has been involved in the development of various residential communities and compounds, offering a range of housing options, from apartments to villas, designed to meet the needs of different homebuyers.
  3. Commercial and Administrative Projects: The company has undertaken commercial and administrative projects, including office spaces and commercial centers, contributing to the development of business hubs in different areas of Egypt.
  4. Medical Facilities: NTG has also ventured into the development of medical facilities, including clinics and healthcare centers, to support the healthcare infrastructure in Egypt.

Other projects by New Town Group

In Town New Cairo Mall

In Town New Cairo Mall by New Town Group

In Town New Cairo Mall is a fantastic project located in Fifth Settlement area in Cairo. This mall is part of the real estate development projects by the NTG Development Company, which is dedicated to providing the best designs and services to its customers.

In Town New Cairo Mall stands out with its strategic and excellent location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, offering a unique and comfortable shopping experience for visitors. The mall includes a diverse range of commercial and administrative units, providing multiple opportunities for business and shopping.

Regardless of your personal needs, you will find a commercial or administrative unit inIn Town New Cairo Mall that suits your requirements. The mall offers competitive prices and diverse spaces, allowing you to make the perfect choice based on your needs and budget.

Prices and payment systems of In Town New Cairo Mall

Here are the prices and payment terms for units in In Town New Cairo Mall:

Administrative Offices:

  • Size: 45 square meters
  • Prices start from 88,889 Egyptian Pounds per square meter
  • Units are provided with full finishing.

Commercial Units:

  • Size: 45 square meters
  • First Floor: Prices start from 122,222 Egyptian Pounds per square meter
  • Ground Floor: Prices start from 188,889 Egyptian Pounds per square meter

Payment Terms for the First Phase are as follows:

  • 0% Down Payment with the remaining amount paid over 4 years in equal installments.
  • 10% Down Payment with the remaining amount paid over 5 years in equal installments.
  • 15% Down Payment with the remaining amount paid over 6 years in equal installments.
  • 20% Down Payment with the remaining amount paid over 7 years in equal installments.

A cash discount of 35% is provided for full payment.

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