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New Event Developments was founded 12 years ago by a group of Arab investors in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, the company has proven its worth in the real estate market through an extensive portfolio of strong projects in Abu Dhabi and several other Emirates.

After achieving significant success, New Event Developments decided to expand its business scope to the Egyptian market in 2014. It launched projects that align with Egypt’s urban development plan and cater to the needs of the real estate market. The company focused on entering the most important investment cities in Egypt, including New Capital, where it has become one of the leading real estate companies in the country.

Projects by New Event Developments

H Mall New Capital

New Event Developments

It seems that New Event Developments Company has launched a new project in New Capital in Egypt, called “H Mall New Capital.” The mall stands out with its unique architectural design in the shape of the letter “H” and its fully illuminated facade. It comprises a ground floor and 12 repetitive floors, offering commercial and administrative units with various sizes starting from 32 square meters, along with green spaces and natural landscapes.

New Event Developments Company has provided competitive prices for buyers, with per square meter prices starting from 60,130 Egyptian pounds. They also offer a flexible payment system, starting with a 10% down payment and allowing the remaining amount to be paid over 8 years, providing an opportunity for investors to purchase the units with ease. Additionally, the mall provides all the necessary services and facilities that investors may need.

It appears that New Event Developments Company is striving to meet the needs of the real estate market in Egypt and has expansion plans in New Capital. They aim to deliver distinctive real estate projects at competitive prices with convenient payment options.

Other projects by New Event Developments

  • Implementation of several projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Supervision and management of some of the most renowned commercial malls in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • Overseeing various real estate projects in different cities across the United Arab Emirates.

Partners of New Event Developments

New Event Developments has collaborated with several successful companies in the fields of design, construction, and management, including:

  1. ECG Engineering Consultants Group: ECG is one of the most prominent engineering and design consultancy firms in the Middle East and Africa, and it has designed numerous luxury real estate projects worldwide. New Event Developments collaborated with ECG in designing the H Mall New Capital project.
  2. Egyptian International Development Company (EIDCO): EIDCO is a leading construction and real estate development company in Egypt. They have collaborated with New Event Developments in the implementation of the H Mall New Capital project.
  3. Egyptian Engineering Industries Company (EIC): EIC is one of the leading companies in the construction and architectural engineering field in Egypt. They have also collaborated with New Event in the execution of some of their real estate projects.

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