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Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company (MNHD Developments)


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New Cairo
Down Payment: 10%
8,000,000 EGP
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Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company (MNHD Developments) is a prestigious Egyptian institution and is among the oldest real estate companies in Egypt. It was established in 1959 with a diverse start in various fields such as contracting, construction, and others. The company played a significant role in Egypt’s urban revolution by collaborating in the construction of several districts in Nasr City.

The company’s shares were traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1995, making it a highly trusted public Egyptian company among customers. This trust was especially evident given the vast area it developed, approximately 40 million square meters. With the emergence of new Egyptian cities, the company adopted a new work style to keep up with the latest developments in the real estate sector.

Projects by Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company (MNHD Developments):

The company has presented numerous residential projects throughout its journey in the market and the field of real estate investment. Here are some of the most notable projects it has introduced:

  • Taj City Compound.
  • Sarai Compound.
  • Taj Sultan Project.
  • Etlala in Abbasiya Project.
  • Kavana Lake in Future City Project.
  • Kavana Springs New Cairo Project.
  • Park Residence Project.

Other Main Projects by Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company (MNHD Developments)

Sarai New Cairo

 Sarai New Cairo by Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company
  • Project Name: Sarai Compound.
  • Description: One of the largest compounds in New Cairo, introduced by Madinet Nasr Company, located in the heart of Future City and just 5 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Engineering Consultant: Benoy International.
  • Project Location: Directly on the Axis of Hope.
  • Project Area: A vast area of up to 1,300 acres.
  • Building Ratio: Only 18% of the total area is utilized for construction.
  • Unit Types: Includes apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas.
  • Unit Area: Apartments for sale in Sarai Compound, with areas starting from 56 square meters.
  • Payment Duration: The longest payment period in the area, up to 10 years.
  • Delivery Date: Within 2.5 years from the contract date.
  • Sales Number: 00201104894802.

Taj City New Cairo

Taj City New Cairo
  • Developer: Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company.
  • Description: The company is renowned for its vast spaces in New Cairo, with the Taj City project also spanning a vast stretch of land, offering a remarkable diversity in units, spaces, and consequently, prices.
  • Engineering Consultant: DDS & Partners.
  • Project Location: The project is located on the Ring Road in Fifth Settlement.
  • Project Area: The total area is estimated at about 800 acres.
  • Unit Types: The project includes villas and apartments.
  • Unit Area: Apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement, Taj City Compound, with areas starting from 58 square meters.
  • Prices: Apartments for sale in Taj City Compound, with prices starting from 1,015,000 EGP.
  • Payment Duration: Installment period extends up to 15 years.
  • Cash Discount: A 39% discount on cash payments.
  • Delivery Date: Starting deliveries from 2023.
  • Sales Number: 00201104894802.

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