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Iwan Developments


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Fifth Settlement, New Cairo
Down Payment: 8%
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Iwan Developments, a real estate development company, was founded in 2004. Over the course of 18 years, it has managed to establish itself as a leading player in the Egyptian real estate market. This achievement can be attributed to its luxurious and upscale projects, comprehensive services, and exceptional locations. The company’s projects stand out for their meticulous attention to detail, with the CEO, Engineer Waleed Mokhtar, personally overseeing their execution.

Under his leadership, the company has achieved numerous accomplishments, executing around 20 residential and commercial projects with investments totaling around 13 billion Egyptian pounds. This firmly establishes Iwan Developments as a significant player in the Egyptian real estate market. Thanks to these advantages, Iwan Developments projects are considered integrated communities that are highly regarded by numerous clients.

The board of directors of Iwan Developments

  • Engineer Waleed Mokhtar holds the position of CEO of Iwan Developments.
  • Engineer Waleed Mokhtar is the CEO of the company.
  • Engineer Ehab Mokhtar is a contributor and the CEO of Idea Design.
  • Mr. Mohamed Maher is a shareholder and the non-executive chairman of the company.
  • Mr. Ahmed Samy is a shareholder and a member of the company’s board of directors.

The CEO of Iwan Developments and Investments emphasized that the company has achieved success and overcome challenges, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The company has continued to enhance its methodology and develop innovative strategies. Iwan Developments is preparing for a new journey to enhance its position, project methodologies, and establish connected communities with the aim of providing its clients with unique lifestyle experiences.

Projects by Iwan Developments

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound by Iwan Developments

Alma Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of Iwan Developments’ projects, distinguished by offering a variety of residential units that cater to different customer needs. It is strategically located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed near vital landmarks. The project boasts modern designs and spacious area spanning 35 acres, featuring residential units including twin houses and standalone villas.

Iwan Developments has presented distinctive spaces, with unit sizes ranging from 262 to 300 square meters, and prices ranging from 7,700,000 to 13,700,000 Egyptian pounds. The booking system requires a 10% down payment and the remaining balance can be paid over 4 years, with a maintenance fee of 5%. The project also stands out for providing all necessary facilities and services to facilitate residents’ lives.

Jidar 6th of October Compound

Jidar 6th of October Compound

Iwan Developments’ projects in October include Jidar 6th of October Compound, which stands out for its strategic location near Juhayna Square, Nile University, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Mall of Egypt, and Mall of Arabia. The project can be accessed via the Ring Road and 26th of July Axis.

Iwan Developments has chosen unique modern designs for the villas in the compound, with areas starting from 93 square meters for duplexes. Prices start from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds, with a 15% booking down payment and a installment period of up to 8 years.

Jada New Cairo

Iwan Developments seized the opportunity in New Cairo to develop a new residential project, Jada New Cairo Compound, situated in a prime location near the American University on 90th Street in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

The project stands out for offering unique unit designs, including townhouses, penthouses, and twin houses, with areas starting from 160 square meters and above. Prices start from 1,512,000 Egyptian pounds, with the possibility of a 5% down payment and installment plans extending up to 7 years.

Iwan Developments provides convenient payment and installment options for all units, along with the ability to choose the latest finishing styles and a guarantee of on-time delivery from the start of the contract. Additionally, they offer round-the-clock support through an exceptional customer support team to answer any questions.

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