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Enwan Developments

Enwan Developments


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New Capital
Down Payment: 10%
Receiving Date: 2026
3,300,000 EGP
More Info About The Developer

Enwan Developments company has been achieving one success after another in a relatively short period, which has positioned it as one of the leading real estate companies in recent years. The company was founded through the collaboration of individuals with diverse experiences in the real estate market, combining their expertise and individual skills to form a robust real estate institution.

The company has a clear vision aiming to become one of the best real estate companies in Egypt. It strives to achieve this by delivering projects of high real estate and investment value in both residential and commercial sectors. Moreover, Enwan Developments company places great importance on utilizing the latest contemporary technological advancements to present innovative solutions.

A brief about Enwan Developments

  • The company has extensive experience of over 10 years in the Egyptian real estate market.
  • It holds an ISO 9001 certification, reflecting its excellence in post-sales service.
  • The primary aim of the company is to provide customer-centric services that meet their needs.
  • It is considered one of the leading companies in Fifth Settlement, and in New Cairo in general.
  • Enwan Developments Company is committed to international standards to ensure the highest level of safety possible.
  • It is a member of the Real Estate Development Chamber and the General Association of Real Estate Developers, in addition to owning several other companies.

The CEO of the company is Mr. Mohamed Salem, who has 15 years of real estate experience in the local market. He is a shareholder in the following companies:

  1. Palmz for Real Estate Investment.
  2. Scratch for Contracting.
  3. Downtown Urban Development.

Partners of Enwan Developments

Enwan Developments

Enwan Developments Company operates based on fruitful cooperation with the Egyptian market’s talents. One of the most important partnerships they have established is with Downtown Real Estate Investment Company to execute urban projects in New Capital.

This collaboration aims to expedite urban development within New Capital by enriching it with various specialized real estate projects with distinguished offerings. On the other hand, Downtown Real Estate Investment Company was selected for its vast experience in developing commercial, administrative, and medical malls. In the same context, Enwan Developments has acquired several plots of land within New Capital.

With three projects already introduced in New Capital, the company seeks to present additional projects in other new Egyptian cities, such as New Alamein and New Mansoura, among others.

Projects by Enwan Developments

Throughout its presence in the real estate market, Enwan Developments Company has delivered numerous projects. Fifth Settlement was the gateway to its great success, and the company presented the following projects:

  1. Palm Hills Bayt El Watan project Fifth Settlement.
  2. Supervision of 3 factories in Badr City and Al Obour City.
  3. Development of over 250 residential units in Lotus, Banafseg, and Al Andalus areas.
  4. Qasr El Narges Compound in New Narges area.

The aforementioned projects were the starting point that enabled Enwan Developments Company to establish itself in the real estate market and gain widespread reputation in the field.

The best projects by Enwan Developments

Pixel Mall New Capital

Pixel Mall New Capital

The project is considered the first technological mall that relies primarily on advanced modern technologies. It is strategically located in Downtown, near the Green River, and residential districts R7 and R8.

  • Project Location: The project is situated in Downtown.
  • Project Area: The mall covers an area of 2410 square meters.
  • Building Ratio: Only 30% of the total area is allocated for construction.
  • Mall Design: It consists of 8 upper floors in addition to a top floor.
  • Mall Activities: The mall includes commercial and administrative activities.
  • Unit Sizes: The investment units in Pixel Mall start from 25 square meters.
  • Commercial Finishing: All commercial units in the project come with semi-finished interiors.
  • Administrative Finishing: The administrative units are fully finished and equipped with air conditioning and office supplies.
  • Price per Square Meter: The price per square meter in New Capital Pixel Mall starts from 45,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Installment Duration: Installments can be extended up to 10 years.
  • Sales Number: 00201104894802.

Oxygen Medical Mall

Oxygen Medical Mall

It is one of the first projects specialized in medical activities to be introduced in New Capital, as the mall includes all modern healthcare and medical facilities managed by a specialized medical management company, with general finishing using the latest materials approved by the World Health Organization.

  • Developer Company: Enwan Developments Company.
  • Management Company: The mall is managed by “Healthy Care” company.
  • Project Location: Oxygen Mall is located in the Downtown area.
  • Project Area: The project covers a suitable area of approximately 2,205 square meters.
  • Mall Design: Oxygen Mall consists of a ground floor and 12 upper floors.
  • Mall Activities: It includes medical activities along with commercial shops.
  • Unit Sizes: Shops for sale in New Capital Oxygen Mall start from 30 square meters, and medical units start from 34 square meters.
  • Commercial Finishing: Unfinished.
  • Medical Finishing: Fully finished.
  • Price per Square Meter: The price per square meter in Oxygen Medical Tower starts from 110,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Installment Duration: Installments can be extended up to 9 years.
  • Sales Number: 00201104894802.

Life Medical Tower

Life Medical Tower

It is one of the latest malls in New Capital and one of the newest projects by Enwan Developments Company, located in Downtown on the East Axis directly with a complete medical specialization. Enwan Developments aimed to offer comprehensive specialization in its projects within New Capital to excel and compete among the major real estate companies in the area.

  • Developer Company: Enwan Development Company.
  • Engineering Consultant: Azure Engineering Consultations Company.
  • Management Company: Value Group for Management.
  • Project Location: In Downtown, near the Governmental District.
  • Mall Activities: It includes a complete medical activity, along with commercial units.
  • Unit Sizes: Life Medical Mall units start from 40 square meters.
  • Medical Finishing: Medical clinics are offered with full finishing.
  • Commercial Finishing: Commercial shops are provided with semi-finishing.
  • Mall Design: The building consists of a ground floor and 14 repeated floors.
  • Unit Prices: The price per square meter in Life Medical Tower starts from 31,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Installment Duration: The longest installment period in Life Medical Tower is up to 9 years.
  • Sales Number: 00201104894802.

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