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Dominar Developments

Dominar Developments company is a leader in the global real estate development industry, offering luxurious and distinguished projects in strategic locations around the world. The company is known for its innovation and sophisticated design, placing great emphasis on providing the highest quality standards in all aspects of its projects. Dominar Developments relies on a professional team of engineers, designers, and specialized real estate consultants who work together to achieve the company's vision and deliver exceptional investment projects. The company's projects are characterized by meticulous details and upscale finishes, providing customers with a luxurious and comfortable living experience.


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Dominar Developments is a global real estate development company specializing in designing, building, and marketing luxurious real estate projects. The company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and has operations and real estate projects in several countries around the world.

Dominar Developments is known for the diversity of its projects, focusing on developing upscale residential complexes, commercial buildings and offices, and luxury hotels. The company aims to deliver high-quality projects with a focus on innovation and sophisticated design, along with the utilization of advanced construction techniques.

Through its leading strategy, Dominar Developments aims to achieve a sustainable vision for improving the built environment and meeting the needs of investors and customers. The company boasts a specialized team of experts in real estate development who work closely with partners and investors to achieve success and excellence in all of its projects.

By prioritizing innovation and dedication to delivering high-quality products and services, Dominar Developments strives for excellence in the real estate development industry while meeting the needs and aspirations of its customers.

Projects by Dominar Developments

Three Square Tower New Capital

Three Square Tower New Capital by Dominar Developments

Three Square Tower is a mixed-use commercial and residential complex located in New Capital of Egypt. This project is part of the urban development plan for New Capital and aims to provide an integrated space that meets the needs of residents and visitors in the area.

“Three Square Tower” stands out with its prime location in the R7 residential sector of New Capital, and it features a modern and appealing architectural design. The mall consists of multiple floors housing a wide range of commercial stores, including renowned global and local brands, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, and more.

In addition to the commercial spaces, “Three Square Tower” offers luxurious residential units that include uniquely designed apartments, along with modern amenities and services for residents. The complex also includes facilities and services such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and green areas for relaxation and entertainment.

“Three Square Tower” aims to provide a distinctive shopping and leisure experience for visitors, offering a wide range of commercial and entertainment options in a modern and comfortable environment. This project serves as a significant addition to the New Administrative Capital, contributing to enhancing modern and sustainable living in the region.

Projects by Dominar Developments

  • Residential buildings in Helwan.
  • Police buildings.
  • Merryland buildings.
  • Tora Prison building.
  • More than 12 towers in Maadi.

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