The Golden Square area is the ideal real estate investment destination for capital owners in the Fifth Settlement, for those wishing to own property in the best parts of New Cairo. Therefore, the Golden Square area attracts the attention of all real estate companies in Egypt, as a distinctive spot with a vital location

On the other hand, the Golden Square projects stand out as investment malls with real estate value outside the scope of competition compared to the malls of New Cairo, so some have taken it as the main destination in achieving their own vision, and to find out the best investment for you in the Golden Square with a brief overview of the area’s details, follow the following paragraphs with us

Golden Square Fifth Settlement

The name of the Golden Square or the Golden Square area was given to the area due to its unique location in the heart of New Cairo, as it is surrounded by many major axes, institutions, and famous landmarks. Moreover, the area comes in the Fifth Settlement, which is one of the best areas in New Cairo

The Golden Square Fifth Settlement location

The Golden Square map contains an integrated network of main roads and axes, in addition to that it comes close to the most famous landmarks of the Fifth Settlement, where the borders of the Golden Square area start from the American University to the Middle Ring Road, and below we review the most important neighboring areas of the region:

  • The American University is only 7 minutes away from the heart of the Golden Square.
  • Close to several banks, such as the National Bank, the African Arab Bank, and the Bank of Alexandria.
  • It is surrounded by a number of neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement, such as the Banafseg neighborhood, Al Narges neighborhood, and Al Yasmine neighborhood.
  • The Golden Square projects come within the scope of the northern and southern ninety axis.
  • 10 minutes from Heliopolis district and Nasr City

What are the closest axes from the Golden Square?

The area is surrounded by many roads and vital axes, so the Golden Square projects come on all of the following roads:

  • Main ring road.
  • Muhammad Najeeb axis.
  • Autostrad road.
  • Katameya Ain Sokhna Road.
  • Suez Desert Road.
  • NA Tunnel

What are the most prominent services and landmarks of the Golden Square area?

The great importance of the Golden Square region came thanks to the integration it provided in services and facilities, which can be summarized as follows:

Educational institutions

  • American University.
  • German University.
  • british school
  • Elite International School

Medical institutions

  • Al-Shifa Hospital, a series of which has been launched in several regions, the most recent of which is Al-Shifa Capital Mall, the Administrative Capital.
  • The Specialized Air Hospital, in addition to many clinics and pharmacies.

Famous landmarks

Real estate companies in Egypt are targeting real estate investment opportunities within the Golden Square, so many important malls and landmarks have emerged, such as Cairo Festival Mall, which is a landmark in the region

General facilities

They are the facilities enjoyed by all areas in the new Egyptian cities, and the following can be mentioned among them:

  • transportation network.
  • Security services.
  • Recreational facilities

The best Golden Square projects Fifth Settlement

If you are looking for successful investment opportunities that achieve large returns, then you are in front of the best malls in New Cairo, which include the elements of optimal commercial and administrative investment, which are represented in the following:

1/Prk Vie Mall New Cairo

Prk Mall is a major launch for Abweid Real Estate Company, which aspires to take control of the New Cairo market, as it is the company’s third investment offering in the Fifth Settlement, which comes on a vast area, as the mall represents one of the largest projects in the Golden Square

PRK Mall location

  • It is located at the intersection of Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis with Al Nasr Road.
  • It is minutes away from the American University, and likewise from Clubs Street.
  • Close to the best Fifth Settlement compounds, such as Mountain View 2 and Palm Hills Compound.
  • In addition, it is a few minutes away from the New Administrative Capital and the Monorail station.

Design and space of Prk Vie

  • One of the best projects of Engineer Raef Fahmy, who designed it in the form of a tower of 3 upper floors.
  • The project covers a vast area of about 19 thousand square meters

Mall units in Prk Vie Mall

  • It includes all activities, such as commercial, administrative and medical.
  • Offices for sale in Fifth Settlement, Barak Fe Mall, with areas of 55 sqm.
  • Shops of various sizes, starting from 50 square meters.
  • Administrative and medical units are offered with full finishes, and commercial without finishing

What are the most prominent features of Prk Vie mall?

The project includes all facilities, which makes it one of the best Golden Square projects, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Meeting rooms.
  • Underground garage.
  • security system.
  • Merchandise docks.
  • Plaza areas.
  • Green spaces.
  • Maintenance work.
  • Central air-conditioning.
  • Kids Aria.
  • alarms.
  • Internet

Prk Vie prices in Fifth Settlement

  • The price per square meter in the Fifth Settlement, in the Burak V project, starts from 62,000 pounds for offices.
  • The price per commercial meter starts from 127 thousand pounds.
  • The payment period for mall customers is up to 7 years

The date of delivery of the PRK units in PRK VIE

  • The project is scheduled to be delivered starting in 2025

Three Sixty New Cairo Mall

Landmark Real Estate Development Company continues one achievement after another during a record period of time, as it has launched one of the best Golden Square projects at the investment level with an impressive modern design, with the developer’s acquisition of a huge area of land to establish the project

Where is Three Sixty Mall located?

  • Close to the Ring Road and the southern axis of Bin Zayed.
  • Minutes away from the American University, as well as the club district.
  • It is half an hour away from Cairo International Airport.
  • Close to Layan Compound, Avalon Mall, and Galleria Compound, Fifth Settlement

Design and space of Three Sixty Mall

  • A huge area of about 12 and a half acres has been allocated for the project.
  • The project consists of 11 buildings, each building consists of 3 upper floors.

Three Sixty Mall units

  • It includes all commercial, medical and administrative activities.
  • New Cairo offices spaces in Sixty 3, starting from 51 square meters.
  • Commercial shops with huge spaces starting from 241 square meters.

Sixty Three Mall facilities and features

  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Hypermarket.
  • Garage on a huge area.
  • Cinema complex.
  • Gyms.
  • Recreational areas.
  • Elevators and escalators.
  • ATM machines.
  • Electric generators.
  • Security and surveillance system

Three Sixty Mall prices

  • The price per square meter in Sixty Three Mall starts from 46,000 pounds.
  • The price per commercial meter in the project starts from 80,000 pounds.
  • The installment period is up to 5 years

The date of delivery of the Three Sixty Mall project

The entire project will be delivered during December 2023

Eastmain New Cairo Mall

The Saudi-origin Mopco Real Estate Company has contributed to the consolidation of different meanings of real estate investment in New Cairo, by offering East Main Mall, that huge investment edifice, which is a destination for investment along with its multiple entertainment components

East Main Mall location

  • The mall is located near Al Ahly Club and the Shooting Club.
  • Near the Palm Hills Kattameya project.
  • The project is located on the northern 90th Bin Zayed Street.
  • It comes close to the Bin Zayed axis

The design and space of the East Main Mall

  • The mall covers a vast area of 12 acres.
  • The project consists of a total of 14 buildings, each building consists of 2 floors and a ground floor

East Main Mall project units

  • It includes commercial, medical and administrative units.
  • All mall spaces start from 79 square meters

East Main features

  • Shops.
  • Security and guarding.
  • Health club.
  • fire retardant devices.
  • Alarm devices.
  • Internet services.
  • Electronic portals.
  • Green spaces.
  • Children’s area.

East Main Mall prices

  • The price per meter in East Main Mall starts from 35,500 pounds.
  • Units prices in the mall start from 2.8 million pounds

East Main project delivery date

The delivery date comes within 2023

East Town Sodic Fifth Settlement

A large-scale residential and investment project launched by the well-known real estate investment company SODIC, where a vast area of about 204 acres is allocated for the project, while a limited part of this space has been allocated for the establishment of administrative activities

Eastown Sodic location

  • It is located directly on Ninety Street.
  • Near the American University.
  • Near Galleria Moon Valley Compound.
  • In addition to its proximity to the Mivida Compound

Eastown project area

  • The entire project area is 204 acres, compared to 9,768 square meters for the administrative area.
  • The project has a wide variety of offered units

Eastown Sodic units

  • It includes residential parts that include apartments and villas.
  • The administrative mall includes offices with spaces starting from 72 square meters.

Features of Eastown New Cairo

  • A wall around the project.
  • Gates and security services.
  • Elevators.
  • Tracks for jogging.
  • Garages.
  • Public swimming pools.
  • cultural centres.
  • Advanced control systems.
  • Central air-conditioning.

Eastown Sodic prices

  • Administrative office prices start at 6.5 million pounds.
  • There is an administrative headquarters on an area of 226 square meters, with a price of up to 23 million pounds.
  • The maximum repayment period is up to 6 years

East Sodic delivery date

The developer offers ready units for immediate delivery

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