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Compound Riyadh Secon New Cairo

In addition to all of this, the Riyadh project will be one of the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement, providing its clients with high living standards within an integrated society, especially as the total area of the project expands, so it has some of the most important residential projects recently launched within the area

Details about Riyadh Secon New Cairo Compound

  • .Developer: Saudi Egyptian Developers ‘SED
  • .Compound Location: Inside El-Koronfel district in the Fifth Settlement
  • .Project Area: Riyadh Compound covers 68 acres
  • .Type of the units: The project includes residential apartments and duplexes
  • .Apartment space: spaces start from 145 m2
  • .Finishing system: All apartments are delivered fully finished
  • Units’ number: Riyadh Secon Compound Fifth Settlement includes                                         1900 residential apartments
  • .Buildings number: The compound has 120 residential buildings
  • .Units’ prices: Apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement, Riyadh Compound, prices starting from 2 Millions
  • .Instalment period: up to 6 years
  • .Delivery date: Apartments are delivered between 2024 and 2025
  • .Sales Number: 00201104894802

?Where’s Riyadh Secon compound

Compound Riyadh Secon New Cairo

When you own an apartment in Riyadh Secon compound, you will enjoy living within a residential project with unique geographical privileges, as it is located inside El Koronfel district in the fifth settlement directly in front of Al rehab 2, in addition to that, it is located with a distinctive view of 3 main streets, as the units enjoy an open view from all sides

The most prominent places near Riyadh Secon

  • .American University in Cairo
  • .Future Univeristy
  • .Minutes from Suez Road and Middle Ring road
  • .Near to North Investors Extension
  • .A few minutes from New Cairo City and a few minutes from the administrative capital

?What are the nearest compounds to Riyadh Secon

:There are distinctive residential compounds near Riyadh Secon New Cairo, for example

  • .Creek Town New Cairo
  • .Village Garden Katameya New Cairo
  • .Mountain View iCity Fifth Settlement
  • .Taj City New Cairo
  • .Jayd Fifth Settlement


Design and total area of Riyadh Secon New Cairo compound

الرياض سيكون التجمع الخامس

?What is the area of the Riyadh Secon project

The compound has a large area of up to 68 acres with limited buildings to provide a sufficient amount of green areas; hence, the environment of Riyadh Compound is one of the best residential communities in terms of a healthy life with high luxury

The residential areas of the project are estimated as follows

  • .Apartments for sale in the Fifth Settlement, inside Riyadh Secon, with spaces starting from 145 m2
  • .The area of duplexes and apartments of Riyadh secon compound is up to 280 m2

The Design of Riyadh Secon compound

The developer relied on a group of consulting cadres to implement the architectural designs of the project according to the finest engineering style, so the project comes in the ranks of the best compounds in New Cairo, it includes 120 residential buildings and each building includes a ground floor and 4 typical floors

The facilities of Riyadh Secon New Cairo compound

كمبوند الرياض سيكون التجمع الخامس

Although the project includes a wide range of facilities and services, we are trying to make a comprehensive review of the most important of them, as follows

  • A mosque was built on a large area of the project’s land
  • Large green spaces surround all the project buildings
  • Industrial lakes and water bodies covering large areas of the project
  • A social club on a suitable area, allowing customers to have various activities
  • A nursery with fun activities for children
  • A commercial area that includes shops, restaurants and various cafes
  • A health club that includes sauna rooms, jacuzzi and other activities
  • Swimming pools for all residents in Riyadh Secon in the Fifth Settlement

Advantages of Riyadh Secon New Cairo

  • .An integrated residential community that provides you with a full living service
  • .A residential project full of luxury factors, as it includes various entertainment areas
  • .The project developer offers affordable prices compared to the compound’s capabilities
  • .One of the best fifth settlement compounds in terms of high-end architectural design
  • .Payment facilities to own your unit in the project in separate installments

Disadvantages of Riyadh Secon New Cairo

One of the main disadvantages that customers may point out is that the project does not include various residential units. Although it provides multiple types of apartments with different spaces, it did not provide other types of units such as villas or studio units. On the other hand, it is due to the developer’s vision and aspiration to target a certain category of customers

Price range of Riyadh Secon New Cairo

Compound Riyadh Secon New Cairo

  • The prices of Riyadh Secon apartments start from 2 million pounds, for a space of 145 meters with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms
  • The price for a space of 160 meters with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms is 2.5 million pounds
  • Duplex apartment in Riyadh Secon compound at a price of 3.3 million pounds, with an area of 280 m2 and consists of 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms

Installment plan for Riyadh Secon compound

:There are a number of payment packages in the project, which we review in the following

  • Down payment 10% for the apartment
  • The longest instalment period in Riyadh Secon is up to 6 years

Saudi Egyptian Developers SED

الشركة السعودية المصرية للتعمير

It was not the first experience of the company within the New Cairo area, as it was presented by the Jade residential project located in front of Al-Rehab as well, It is one of the long-standing companies in the Egyptian market where it was founded in 1975, so it has long experience through which it has provided many outstanding projects as one of the most prestigious real estate companies in Egypt

Top projects for Saudi Egyptian Developers SED

  • .Latin District New Alamein
  • .Bleu Vert New Capital
  • .Jayd fifth settlement compound
  • .Zahraa Compound, El Obour City
  • .Hilton hotel in New Damietta
  • .Sawary compound in Alexandria
  • .Lake Dream compound
  • .Secon Nile Towers Al Maadi

FAQ about Riyadh Secon compound


?What are the starting prices of Riyadh Secon compound

Starting prices from 2 Million pounds

?Who is the developer of Riyadh Secon compound

Saudi Egyptian Developers SED

?Where’s the location of Riyadh Secon compound

Infront of Al Rehab 2 in El Koronfel district

?What is the sales number of Riyadh Secon compound




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