Viola Mall New Cairo

Viola Mall New Cairo

Price starts from:


The developer company Hassan Holding Company
Engineering consultant Arkan Company
Operation and management company MRB Company
Project location New Cairo, Banafseg area
Mall design a ground floor with 3 repeated floors
Mall's units administrative, commercial, and medical
units' space starting from 30 square meters
The repayment period up to 6 years
available discounts 15% discount
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

Viola Mall New Cairo is one of the most prominent commercial, administrative, and medical centers in Cairo and in Egypt. This mall is an ideal destination for individuals and families looking for a unique shopping experience that meet their needs and requirements.

The luxury and prominent design of Viola Mall New Cairo is one of the most important and prominent facility of the mall, as it is distinguished by its modern and luxury design that adds a unique and elegant atmosphere to the place, the mall was designed with intense care to provide customers and visitors a comfortable shopping experience in a calm environment.

Additionally, Viola Mall New Cairo is distinguished by the availability of distinctive units for various purposes, as it provides modern and fully equipped administrative units for companies and offices, the mall also includes a varied collection of commercial units that include variety of shops, ranging from upscale international brands to local stores, as well as high-end restaurants and cafes.

The location of Viola Mall New Cairo

The location of Viola Mall New Cairo is in the buildings area of Banafseg District, which makes it a unique and a vital location in New Cairo, the mall is surrounded by many main facilities and vital areas, which increases its attractiveness as an ideal destination for shopping and entertainment.

The mall enjoys a distinctive and central location, as its 100 m away form Mohamed Naguib Axis and 200 m from the Northern 90th Street in Banafseg District, the mall’s location on a corner lot is a great advantage, It has two facades overlooking the streets which lead to the Northern 90th Street and Mohamed Naguib Street. This enhances visibility and provides an easy access for visitors and customers coming from nearby main streets.

Some main land marks close to Viola Mall New Cairo:

  • 1/New Capital: New Capital is considered to be a huge governmental project aiming to develop a new city to have the headquarters of governmental institutions and companies, New Capital is close to Viola Mall New Cairo, and this enhances the importance of the location and provides opportunities for businesses.
  • 2/ The Regional Ring Road: The Regional Ring Road is considered a main axis in New Cairo area, as it links between so many vital areas and commercial centers, The Regional Ring Road offers an easy access to Viola Mall New Cairo and makes it a central station for visitors and investors

The design and space of Viola Mall New Cairo

Viola Mall New Cairo is distinguished by its innovative and unique design, the consulting engineering company Arkan collaborated to present the project in a distinctive manner and with attention to detail, the mall was designed to be both a practical and a beautiful place.

Viola Mall New Cairo consists of a ground floor and 3 repeated floors, units in the mall are distributed as follows:

  • The ground and first floor: containing commercial units, as commercial shops can benefit from the repeated floors to present and show their products, commercial spaces start from 30 sqm, which allows different projects to choose the suitable space for their needs.
  • The second and third floor: containing administrative and medical units, administrative and medical spaces start from 60 sqm, which offers opportunities to companies and medical institutions to have their offices and clinics in an advanced and modern environment.

In addition to this, the projects consists of a low ground floor, which contains a hypermarket that takes 40% of the space of the mall, and this offers visitors a comprehensive commercial center that suits the daily shopping needs.

In short, Viola Mall New Cairo features innovative design and a wide range of spaces that allow businesses and medical institutions to benefit from. An exceptional project is presented that combines beauty and multiple functions in one place, thanks to the collaboration with Arkan Engineering Company.

Services of Viola Mall New Cairo

Viola Mall New Cairo offers many services in a unique manner to meet the needs of visitors and investors. here are some of those unique services:

  • The mall provides a special area for children that includes a varied collection of toys and entertainment ways suitable for children. This gives parents the opportunity to shop and entertain at the same time without worrying about entertaining their children
  • The mall offers delivery and fast delivery services, which allows visitors to easily and comfortably receive their orders while saving time and effort.
  • The mall offers fully equipped shared spaces for meetings and business events. Companies and entrepreneurs can use these spaces for meetings, workshops, and collaboration, which promotes interaction and innovation in a flexible and modern environment.
  • The mall offers high-level reception and hospitality services for visitors, including comfortable seating areas and areas designated for rest and dining. This aims to improve and enhance the visitors’ experience and to make it comfortable and enjoyable
  • The mall prioritizes the safety and security of its visitors. That’s why, an advanced security system and a professional team are provided to ensure the safety of visitors and their properties inside the mall.

In short, Viola Mall New Cairo seeks to provide diverse and innovative services for visitors and investors, making the mall experience comprehensive and distinctive.

Prices of Viola Mall New Cairo

Viola Mall New Cairo enjoys a wide range of units with varied and competitive prices, here are some details about units’ prices in the mall:

  • Different commercial units are available with varied prices, starting from the first floor, prices start from 100,000 EGP for commercial units
  • Ground floor units: prices start from 175,000 EGP for commercial units in the ground floor.
  • Administrative and medical units: the mall offers administrative and medical units with varied prices, as prices start from 75,000 EGP for each one of them.

Installment systems of Viola Mall New Cairo

The real estate developer offers easy payment systems to meet the needs of clients in owning or buying distinctive units in Viola Mall New Cairo as:

  • You can pay 15% as a down payment and install the rest of the amount over 6 years.
  • A seriousness reservation down payment of 50,000 EGP is to be paid for commercial units.
  • A seriousness reservation down payment of 20,000 EGP is to be paid for administrative and medical units.
  • The availability of a discount of 15% because of the opening.

The real estate developer

Hassan Allam’s Company is considered as one of the most important pioneer companies in the Egyptian real estate market, thanks to the company’s wide experience which extends to more than 85 years in the urban development field in Egypt, Middle-East, and North Africa. The company was established in 1936 by Hassan Allam.

Hassan Allam real estate company is part of Hassan Holding Companies, which is one of the largest private companies in Egypt. The company has an experience of 85 years and more in the fields of engineering, procurement, construction, building materials, and utilities. The company is led by more than 34,000 employee and talented engineers. The group has implemented construction projects that are worth more than 55 billion Egyptian pounds till now.

In short, Hassan Allam real estate company is a pioneer in the Egyptian real estate market thanks to its long history and distinctive experience in the field of constructions and real estate developments.

The most important works by the company:

  • Swan Lake North Coast
  • Swan Lake Compound New Cairo
  • The Phoenix Compound Fifth Settlement
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