Vigor Mall New Capital

Vigor Mall New Capital

Price starts from:
إستلام فوري


Owning Company: EL Baron Real Estate Development Company
Engineering Consultant: MTA Company
Management and Operation Company: KAD Company
Infrastructure Responsible Company: Sewedy Company
Project Location: In the Downtown area
Activity Type: Administrative, Commercial, Medical
Number of Units: 218 units
Land Area: Extends over 3,800 square meters
Building Percentage: 30% of the total area
Floor Area: 1,138 square meters
Unit Area: Starting from 28 square meters
Mall Design: Ground floor + 10 floors
Commercial Unit Finish: Red brick
Administrative and Medical Unit Finish: Fully finished
Payment Duration: Up to 10 years
Sales Number: 00201104894802

Project Description

Vigor Mall New Capital is one of the distinctive landmarks within New Capital due to its strategic location in the heart of Downtown area. It offers a variety of versatile spaces, making it one of the most suitable projects for investment. This is made possible by the efforts of an institution of the scale of EL Baron Real Estate Investment Company, which is responsible for the project’s development. They have ensured competitive prices for all customers while providing high quality and comprehensive services.

The location of Vigor Mall New Capital

Vigor Mall New Capital is located within the Downtown area, and it enjoys a prime corner location with views on three sides. It is positioned on a side street of 40 meters width and another corner on a main street of 75 meters width, offering direct views of the central park.

Here is a list of the important landmarks and nearby areas to Vigor Mall New Capital:

  1. 1 km away from the Government District and the Diamond Hotel.
  2. Very close to the Opera House.
  3. Approximately 4 km from the Medical City.
  4. Directly facing the Central Park.
  5. Next to computer and data center companies.
  6. Within walking distance of insurance companies and petroleum companies.
  7. Just minutes away from the Monorail station.
  8. Approximately 30 minutes from New Capital Airport.
  9. Close to all major roads like the Ben Zayed Axis.
  10. Just a few minutes’ drive from the New Museum.

The design of Vigor Mall New Capital

Vigor Mall New Capital has been designed in a contemporary style with distinctive views of the natural surroundings. The building consists of a ground floor plus 10 repeated floors, with unit distribution as follows:

  • Ground and First Floors: Reserved for units and commercial shops.
  • Second Floor: Dedicated to services such as meeting rooms and a gym.
  • Third Floor: Reserved for medical units.
  • Fourth to Tenth Floors: Designed for administrative units.

The space of Vigor Mall New Capital

EL Baron Company has constructed Vigor Mall New Capital on a land area of 3,800 square meters. The building’s footprint occupies 30% of the total land area, while green spaces make up 70%. The mall consists of a ground floor, 10 upper floors, and a roof. Each floor has a total area of 1,138 square meters, accommodating a total of 218 units.

Here are the unit sizes within Vigor Mall New Capital:

  • Commercial units start from 17.5 sqm with 5 sqm out area with a price of 3,311,430 EGP

Services of Vigor Mall New Capital

  1. Mosque.
  2. Meeting rooms.
  3. Business hall.
  4. Sports club.
  5. Spa and wellness resort.
  6. Spa and gym.
  7. Outdoor terrace.
  8. Restaurants and cafes.
  9. Surveillance cameras.
  10. Underground parking.
  11. Children’s recreational areas.
  12. 24/7 security.
  13. Waiting areas.
  14. Wi-Fi network.
  15. Special lighting system.
  16. Electric elevators.
  17. Escalators.
  18. Maintenance and cleaning services.
  19. Sky Lounge.

Features of Vigor Mall New Capital

  1. The project’s strategic location is inside the Downtown area, the third plot of land directly facing the Central Park.
  2. The units within the project have been constructed with the latest and most luxurious finishes, designed according to customer preferences.
  3. Vigor Mall New Capital’s facades are made of glass, with a thermal and noise insulation system, as well as continuous electronic dust expulsion and cleaning.
  4. A well-prepared infrastructure offers diverse services while maintaining the project’s civil image.
  5. The units boast unique and pleasant views of the natural scenery.
  6. Modern screens are spread throughout the shopping center on all floors, displaying the mall’s key features.
  7. The area of Vigor Mall New Capital is three times the size of Hyde Park in London.
  8. Vigor Mall New Capital provides diversity in spaces and prices.

Prices of Vigor Mall New Capital

The owner company has made sure to offer a variety of unit sizes with competitive and suitable prices for all customers. The company aims to strike a balance between high-quality features and affordable prices, which is reflected in the price per square meter as follows:

  • Prices for commercial units on the ground floor start from 3,311,430 Egyptian pounds.
  • While commercial units on the first floor start from 4,602,988 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Vigor Mall New Capital

  1. 5% down payment and installment over 5 years.
  2. 10% down payment upon contract signing, with the remaining amount paid over 6 years.
  3. 15% down payment and the rest paid over 7 years.
  4. 20% down payment and installment over 8 years.
  5. 25% down payment and the rest paid over 9 years.
  6. 30% down payment with the remaining amount paid over 10 years.

The owner company

EL Baron Real Estate Investment Company is responsible for the development of Vigor Mall New Capital project, owned by Engineer Hazem Zareef. He has worked in the real estate development and investment sector for over 40 years. The Baron Company was established in 1980 and started its operations in Nasr City and New Cairo by constructing several residential buildings and shopping centers. EL Baron Company is known for its precision in construction, attention to architectural details, and commitment to the Egyptian engineering code in construction and building works.

The most important projects by EL Baron Real Estate Investment Company:

  • The company has executed approximately 152 projects within Nasr City, including educational, residential, and commercial projects.
  • Additionally, there is an ongoing compound project in New Cairo.
  • Furthermore, they have developed Kian School in New Capital.
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