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Val Mall October

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 50000

Price starts from: 4,658,850 EGP
The real estate developer Jwad Real Estate Development
The project location 6th of October
Units type commercial, administrative and medical
Installments period up to 6 years
sales number 00201104894802

Val Mall October the latest creation of Gawad Real Estate Development in the October area, represents a project that will exceed expectations in the coming years. This real estate complex is a multi-use destination that caters to both investors and visitors. It includes commercial, administrative, and medical units, offering exceptional investment opportunities, as well as providing an ideal environment for entertainment and shopping.

What also makes Val Mall October unique is its competitive pricing, which offers real value to investors and customers alike. With these numerous advantages, it is clear that Val Mall October will be an indispensable destination in the years to come, as it possesses all the elements of success and attractiveness in the real estate and investment market.

The location of Val Mall October

Successful investment begins with the right location, as it plays a significant role in attracting potential visitors to the project. That’s why Val Mall October is situated on 26th of July Axis, one of the most vibrant areas in October. It serves as a gateway to many areas within and outside October. Additionally, Val Mall October caters to a large number of residential complexes and important locations.

Nearby Places to Val Mall October:

  • Val Mall October is located near Family Mall.
  • The project is situated near the Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Customers can easily access Val Mall October from Juhayna Square.
  • Val Mall October is located in front of the Giza Pyramids.

The design of Val Mall October

Val Mall October

Val Mall October stands out with its contemporary design that aligns with current investor trends. Jwad Development Company strategically collaborated with the best engineering consulting firms in Egypt to achieve a distinctive design for “Jwad Development” project, aiming to attract customers and provide an exceptional experience.

This collaboration is evident in the design of the plaza, landscaping, and the mall’s external facade. The project is uniquely designed to reflect modern architectural civilization and enhance the visual appeal of the place. This unique design is also reflected in the distinctive interior details of “Val Mall October,” where a focus on using the finest materials in finishing and equipping its units is evident.

The space of Val Mall October

Val Mall October

With skill, Jwad Real Estate Development Company has exceptionally utilized the space in Val Mall October. The company has succeeded in achieving a high degree of diversity in the unit spaces within the mall, allowing it to cater to the varied needs and interests of investors looking to own their units.

This diversity extends to commercial, administrative, and medical units within Val Mall October. This variety ensures the provision of multiple options for investors, enabling them to choose the unit that suits their needs and business goals.

The unit spaces in Val Mall October exhibit significant diversity, starting from units as small as 25 square meters and varying according to investors’ requirements. This diversity provides the company with flexibility in meeting the expectations and needs of a diverse range of clients.

In summary, Jwad Development Company has managed to achieve distinctive diversity in unit spaces within Val Mall October, reflecting strategic thinking to meet the varied needs of investors, whether they are looking for commercial, administrative, or medical units.

Services of Val Mall October

Val Mall October

Jwad Real Estate Development Company facilitates a seamless and exceptional experience for its customers in Val Mall October through a range of available facilities and services. In addition, there are various entertainment options for visitors to enjoy in the place. Here are the points related to the facilities and services available in Val Mall October:

  1. State-of-the-art parking garages with advanced technological systems.
  2. Electronic entrances to efficiently manage entry and exit from the mall.
  3. Smart project management system by the company to ensure a comfortable experience for unit owners and visitors.
  4. Electric escalators and elevators to facilitate the movement of visitors within the mall.
  5. High-speed internet networks to ensure seamless and efficient connectivity.
  6. Well-equipped meeting rooms for conducting meetings with ease.
  7. Gym and sports facilities equipped to the highest standards.
  8. Spa and jacuzzi services with the latest technologies and methods.
  9. “Kids Area” zone to provide an enjoyable experience for children.
  10. Security and surveillance services with advanced monitoring systems 24/7.
  11. Maintenance and cleaning services provided throughout the week to maintain service quality.

In summary, Jwad Real Estate Development Company aims to provide a distinctive experience for its customers in Val Mall October by offering a variety of facilities and services designed to meet their needs and comfort, while also providing space for entertainment and relaxation.

Prices of Val Mall October

The advantages of Val Mall October go beyond the diversity of spaces, as Jwad Real Estate Development Company has also focused on offering the best prices for investors. Reasonable prices have enabled investors to purchase available units in “Val Mall October,” aligning with their capabilities.

Here are the prices for units in Val Mall October:

  1. Commercial Units: Prices per square meter for commercial units range from 135,000 to 220,000 Egyptian pounds.
  2. Administrative Units: The price per square meter for administrative units starts at 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
  3. Medical Clinics: Prices per square meter for medical clinics in Jwad Real Estate Development’s project start at 55,000 Egyptian pounds.
  4. You can own your commercial shop in a prime location with an area of 27 square meters at a price of 4,658,850 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems of Val Mall October

Val Mall October

Val Mall October opens investment opportunities for everyone, allowing ambitious investors to benefit from the reservation and installment systems provided by Jwad Real Estate Development Company. These systems include options that facilitate the investment process and make it more convenient and flexible.

Here are the installment systems available:

  1. First Installment System: Pay 0% down payment and install the rest over 4 years.
  2. Second Installment System: Pay 10% down payment and install the rest over 5 years.
  3. Third Installment System: Pay 20% down payment and install the rest over 6 years.

The cost of reserving a commercial unit in Val Mall October is 50,000 Egyptian pounds, while the cost of reserving an administrative or medical unit in Jwad project is 20,000 Egyptian pounds.

  • Unit deliveries in the mall will begin within two and a half years.

Thanks to these features, customers can take advantage of the investment opportunity in Val Mall October with ease and flexibility that suits their financial needs and circumstances. These attractive factors will encourage investors to join this promising project and benefit from its unique features.

The owner company

Jwad Real Estate Development Company, one of the prominent companies in the real estate sector, is known for its strength in the extensive real estate market, built on a foundation of years of experience in the Egyptian real estate industry. The company has adopted a vision of keeping up with customer needs and the challenges posed by the real estate field, tirelessly working to achieve this vision.

Over the many years of experience, Jwad Real Estate Development has managed to establish a prominent position among the top real estate companies in Egypt. This position is based on its commitment to providing high-quality products and innovative designs that meet customer aspirations. The company is always aiming for growth and advancement by delivering projects that reflect life experiences and achieve sustainable satisfaction for its customers.

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The real estate developer

Jwad Real Estate Development

Project’s location

6th of October

Sales number


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