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The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

Meter Price: 52000

Down Payment: 10%

Price starts from: 2,600,000 EGP
The real estate developer SAMCO Developments
The project location Sheikh zayed
Units type Administrative, Commercial, and Medical
Prices 2,600,000 EGP
down payment starting from 10%
Installments period up to 7 years
Delivery date after 2.5 years
Sales number 00201104894802

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed is developed by SAMCO Development, is a prominent commercial and retail destination that stands as a testament to modern sophistication and convenience. With its strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, this mall offers a unique blend of shopping, entertainment, and leisure experiences.

SAMCO Development, known for its commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality projects, has crafted The Wave Mall to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its visitors. The mall’s contemporary design, extensive array of retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment facilities create an immersive environment that invites both locals and visitors to indulge in a dynamic and vibrant shopping and leisure experience.

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed exemplifies SAMCO Development’s dedication to enhancing urban landscapes and creating spaces that seamlessly integrate functionality, aesthetics, and modern lifestyle trends.

The location of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed
The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed, developed by SAMCO Development, is strategically situated along the 26th of July Axis in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City. This prime location offers convenient accessibility for residents and visitors alike, making it a prominent landmark within the area.

The 26th of July Axis is a well-known and busy thoroughfare that connects various parts of Sheikh Zayed City and provides easy access to other major areas in Cairo. Positioned along this bustling axis, The Wave Mall enjoys high visibility and is easily reachable from different parts of the city, contributing to its status as a central hub for shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities.

Places close to The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed:

  • Its close to Wahat Road
  • Its close Wadi Degla Club
  • Its close to Mall of Arabia

The design of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed is developed by SAMCO Development, boasts an elegant European architectural design that spans an expansive 25,000 square meters. The mall is thoughtfully designed across four levels, including the ground floor and three additional levels, ensuring a captivating and functional layout. The development exudes sophistication and is meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression.

  • The ground and first floors of The Wave Mall are dedicated to retail units, providing a diverse array of commercial stores that cater to various needs and preferences. This setup not only enhances the shopping experience for visitors but also offers a dynamic space for businesses to showcase their products and services.
  • Moving up to the second level, the mall transitions seamlessly to a collection of sleek administrative offices. These well-designed spaces offer a conducive environment for various professional endeavors, from businesses to consultations, in a setting that marries aesthetics with functionality.
  • The third floor of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed accommodates medical units, serving as a hub for healthcare services and facilities. This thoughtful incorporation adds a practical dimension to the mall, offering visitors access to essential medical resources and services within a convenient and attractive setting.

Overall, The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed’s design reflects a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, creating a destination that caters to diverse needs, from shopping and entertainment to business and healthcare, all within a single refined and sophisticated environment.

The area of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed offers a range of unit sizes to accommodate different business requirements. For commercial units, the available spaces start at 50 square meters. This diversity ensures that businesses of varying sizes can find the ideal space to showcase their products and services within the mall.

For administrative offices, the starting area is a generous 60 square meters. These offices are designed to provide ample space for professional activities, making them suitable for various businesses and organizations seeking a functional and well-designed workspace.

Healthcare providers looking for medical units will find options starting at 75 square meters. This space is tailored to meet the needs of medical practices, clinics, and other healthcare-related services, ensuring a suitable and efficient environment for delivering quality care to patients.

Services of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed
The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed is designed to offer a comprehensive range of services and amenities, ensuring a complete and convenient experience for visitors and businesses alike:

  1. Parking Facilities: Ample parking space is available for visitors, ensuring ease of access and convenience.
  2. Security and Surveillance: The mall is equipped with advanced security systems and surveillance to ensure a safe and secure environment.
  3. Elevators and Escalators: Modern elevators and escalators facilitate easy movement between floors for visitors and customers.
  4. Restaurants and Cafes: A selection of dining options and cafes are available for visitors to enjoy a variety of culinary experiences.
  5. Entertainment Zones: The mall may feature entertainment zones, providing recreational activities for individuals and families.
  6. Healthcare Facilities: The presence of medical units and clinics within the mall offers convenient access to healthcare services.
  7. Administrative Services: Dedicated administrative offices on the 2nd floor cater to businesses seeking professional office spaces.
  8. Customer Service: The mall provides customer service assistance to address inquiries and offer guidance to visitors.
  9. High-speed Internet: Wi-Fi connectivity is likely to be available throughout the mall, enhancing convenience for visitors.
  10. Public Facilities: Restrooms, prayer rooms, and other public facilities are provided to cater to visitors’ needs.
  11. Outdoor Spaces: The mall’s design may include outdoor areas for relaxation, socializing, and events.
  12. Promotional Events: The mall may host various promotional events, exhibitions, and activities for entertainment and engagement.
  13. Retail Services: Various retail stores offer a wide range of products, contributing to a diverse shopping experience.
  14. Accessibility: The mall is designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities, ensuring an inclusive environment.
  15. Maintenance Services: Regular maintenance ensures that the mall’s facilities and infrastructure are well-maintained.

The combination of these services aims to create a well-rounded and engaging environment for visitors, making The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed a hub for shopping, entertainment, business activities, and more.

Prices of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed offers a variety of pricing options for its commercial units, administrative offices, and medical units, catering to different needs and budgets:

  1. Commercial Units: Prices per square meter for commercial units in The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed start at 140,000 EGP. These units are designed to accommodate various business sizes and types, providing flexibility for entrepreneurs and retailers.
  2. Administrative Offices: Administrative office prices per square meter within Mall The Wave Project range from 52,000 EGP to 63,000 EGP. These offices are inclusive of finishing, offering a professional and comfortable workspace for businesses.
  3. Medical Units: Fully finished medical units within the mall have prices per square meter starting at 65,000 EGP. These units provide healthcare providers with modern and well-equipped spaces to offer their services to the community.

Payment systems of The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed

The Wave Mall Sheikh Zayed offers flexible payment systems to accommodate different financial preferences for its commercial units, administrative offices, and medical units:

  1. Commercial Units and Administrative Offices:
    • 10% down payment followed by installments over 5 years.
    • 15% down payment followed by installments over 6 years.
    • 20% down payment followed by installments over 7 years.
  2. Booking Details:
    • A booking of commercial units in Mall The Wave project requires an Expression of Interest (EOI) with a value of 100,000 EGP.
    • Booking administrative offices in the mall requires an earnest deposit of 50,000 EGP.

About Samco Developments

Samco Developments

SAMCO Developments is a prominent real estate development company known for its commitment to creating exceptional projects that combine innovation, quality, and luxury. With a strong presence in the real estate market, SAMCO Developments has gained a reputation for delivering high-end residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments that cater to the diverse needs of clients.

Founded on a vision of redefining the real estate landscape, SAMCO Developments takes pride in its ability to craft unique and iconic properties that stand out in terms of design, functionality, and value. The company’s portfolio includes a range of projects, from residential communities to commercial complexes and retail spaces, all designed to meet the evolving demands of modern living and business.

Its previous projects:

  • Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed. 
  • Dijar Compound New Cairo

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The real estate developer

SAMCO Developments

The project’s location

Sheikh Zayed

Units type

Administrative, Commercial, and Medical

Sales number


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