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The most important 4 services in the city of New Cairo

The most important 4 services in the city of New Cairo

The city of New Cairo belongs to the Cairo Governorate, and it is one of the largest cities in it in terms of area, with an estimated area of about 70,000 acres, and it is one of the third generation cities that a decision was issued to build in 2000

New Cairo consists of several residential compounds, the most famous of which are the First Settlement, the Third Settlement, the Fifth Settlement, and others. In addition, it includes a number of features, landmarks, hotels, and all services, and this is what we will discuss in the coming paragraphs

Where is New Cairo located?

أحياء التجمع الخامس

The city is located in a central area between the Cairo-Suez Road and the Kattameya-Ain Sokhna Road. Its location is also specified in detail in the eastern arc of Cairo Governorate, east of the Ring Road. Therefore, the location of New Cairo comes close to the following

New Cairo city area

  • The total area of the city is about 70,000 acres
  • The area of the urban cluster is about 67 thousand acres of the total area
  • As for the area of residential activity, it is 43.4 thousand acres of the total area of the urban cluster
  • Residential areas are divided into a group of neighborhoods that contain all levels of housing, such as luxury, middle, upper middle, and economic housing
  • The Urban Communities Authority has constructed about 34,845 housing units, of which 21,818 are for youth and future housing, and the private sector has constructed about 117,687 housing units
  • The authority has provided a number of residential plots of land for residential resorts, investment companies and individuals, and has also provided a number of lands for projects such as free housing, family housing, Mubarak housing, and others

New Cairo transportation

It is considered the best residential city in Egypt in terms of its strong transportation network, as there are internal transportation lines linking the districts of New Cairo to each other, which are various means of transportation, including buses and microbuses, and there are other lines to connect the city with its surroundings as follows

  • Mass transit cars transport from New Cairo to Nasr City
  • There are means of transportation belonging to Al-Rehab City, linking New Cairo to the Nasr City metro and Saray Al-Qobba
  • Bus lines of the Public Transport Authority link New Cairo with Abbassiya, Ramses and Tahrir Square

Public utilities and infrastructure in New Cairo

كمبوند الرياض القاهرة الجديدة


Electricity networks extend at a length of 7415.57 km


  • The city’s water networks extend at a length of 1784.51 km
  • The city is supplied with potable water by the Obour City water purification plant, with a quantity of 260,000 cubic meters per day, and it is supposed to increase to 550,000 cubic meters per day

Work is underway to implement a number of designs and modifications to the water station with a capacity of up to 1.6 million cubic meters per day


  • The sewage networks extend at a length of 1148.57 km
  • 3 sewage treatment plants with a capacity of 8 thousand cubic meters per day have been implemented
  • Work has been done to implement a mechanical treatment plant with a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters, and work is underway to develop this plant into a triple one

Roads and communications

  • Road networks in New Cairo extend at a length of 1,178 km
  • The communication networks in New Cairo extend at a length of 608 km

There is an industrial activity in the city located on an area of 1.2 thousand acres, and the quality of industries varies in food, engineering, paper, plastic, building materials, spinning and weaving and other various industries

The services of New Cairo

مميزات مدينة المستقبل

Services in New Cairo vary between major basic services and recreational services. We will discuss a summary of these services

Religious section

There are a large number of mosques and mosques in the city, examples of which are as follows

  • Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque
  • Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque
  • Cairo Festival City Mosque
  • Lady Khadija Mosque
  • Police Mosque in the Fifth Settlement
  • Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque
  • Al Taqwa Mosque
  • Al-Mustafa Mosque
  • Al-Rehab Mosque
  • Thebes Mosque
  • Al-Rahma Mosque
  • Al-Mohannad Mosque
  • Al Noor Mosque

Educational section

The educational aspect is divided into two parts


  • The Egyptian Language School
  • Canadian International School
  • Saladin Turkish School
  • Manar Al-Farouk Islamic Language School
  • The German Private School in Cairo
  • Misr British International School
  • Modern English School
  • Al Yasser Language School
  • The International School of Choueifat
  • New Horizons International School
  • Egypt 2000 Modern Schools
  • Integrated Agyal Language Schools
  • American International School
  • The European School in Cairo
  • Cairo Experimental Language School
  • Al Haramain Language School


  • The American University in Fifth Settlement
  • German University in Cairo
  • Canadian University in Cairo
  • Future University in Egypt
  • New Cairo Academy
  • police Academy

Health section

It is divided into the following


  • Specialized Air Hospital
  • Tabarak Maternity and Children Hospital
  • Health House Hospital
  • Doctor Medical Center
  • Your safety medical center
  • Al-Manar Medical Center

Medical Clinics

  • Cure Clinic
  • Medical Park Clinics
  • Prime Clinics Clinic, Fifth Settlement
  • One Care Clinic in Al Rehab City


  • El-Ezaby Pharmacies chain
  • Seif Pharmacies chain
  • Alfy Pharmacies
  • Khaled Yahya Pharmacy
  • Tamer Pharmacy

Commercial and entertainment section

In this section, there are commercial and recreational services represented in malls, and other entertainment services only represented in stadiums, clubs, etc., we mention the most important of them

  • The Sport Mall
  • Hala Mall
  • Seven Star
  • Moon Valley
  • Concord Plaza
  • Americana Plaza
  • The meeting point
  • Downtown Mall
  • Grand Plaza Mall
  • The Spot Mall
  • Point 90
  • Cairo Festival Mall, as one of the best and most famous malls in Egypt

As for the clubs, the most important of them are the following

  • New Cairo City Club
  • Wadi Degla Club
  • Egyptian Bank Club
  • Al ahli football club
  • Katameya Club
  • Flying Club
  • Blackpool Club
  • Platinum Club
  • A number of golf courses

The most important districts in New Cairo

عيوب السكن في مدينة المستقبل القاهرة الجديدة

The best and most prestigious neighborhoods in New Cairo are located in the Fifth Settlement, which is considered one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Egypt. Examples of these neighborhoods are as follows

Andalus district

  • Al-Andalus district is one of the best places to live in New Cairo
  • The district is located in the midst of a large group of compounds in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo, such as: Katameya Dunes, Mivida, Mountain View, Hyde Park, Galleria Moon Valley Compound, and others
  • It is close to the Lotus district, the American University, 90th Street, Universities Street, and a number of service and entertainment areas
  • The district is distinguished by its distinctive engineering design and contains green spaces, public parks, and various services
  • The average price per square meter for apartments in Andalus is about 7,350 pounds, and 10,700 pounds for villas

Narges district

  • It is located near the most famous and largest mosque in the Fifth Settlement, which is Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque
  • It is characterized by tranquility, privacy, and a high social level, as well as distinguished and elegant designs
  • The district is divided into two parts: Al Narges district buildings and Al Narges district villas. The new Al Narges project was implemented as an extension of Al Narges district
  • The average price per square meter for apartments in Al Narges is estimated at 9,750 pounds, and 18,100 pounds for villas

Choueifat district

  • The district is located in the Fifth Settlement, west of Golf, near Katameya Heights Compound, and is close to 90th Street and the Ring Road, which makes it easily accessible
  • It is distinguished by its above-average and luxury housing, so it is largely intended for high social levels
  • The district includes various basic and recreational services, such as shops, malls, health and educational services, and others
  • The average price per square meter for apartments in Choueifat is 12,850 pounds, and 20,800 pounds for villas

Qoronfol district

  • Al Qoronfol district is located on 90th Street, near the Tamr Henna area, and is close to the Platinum Club, Wadi Degla, and the extension of Al-Rehab City
  • It contains green spaces, gardens, and a large number of service areas and important buildings
  • The district is characterized by exquisite designs and distinct engineering divisions, as well as quietness and privacy
  • The average price per square meter in the Qoronfol neighborhood is 7,900 pounds for apartments, and 10,600 pounds for villas

Lotus district

  • North Teseen Street comes to the north of the district , and to the south is the Southern Teseen district. The clubs Street connects the two streets
  • The district is close to the American University and a large number of residential compounds, such as East Sodic Compound
  • It is an integrated neighborhood with various services, the most famous of which are Wadi Degla Club and Masr Club
  • The average price per square meter for residential apartments in the neighborhood is about 8,200 EGP
  • Perhaps the most prominent defect of the Lotus district, Fifth Settlement, is the lack of sufficient attention to finishing street sidewalks

Features of New Cairo City

  • It is one of the largest and most prestigious cities in Cairo Governorate, which includes within it a number of the best neighborhoods and regions
  • It is characterized by wide and quiet streets due to the good planning of the city and the low population mass
  • New Cairo’s height above sea level distinguishes it with a pleasant atmosphere in both winter and summer
  • It is located in a privileged location and overlooks the most important roads and axes, making it an easy destination for those who want to go to or from it
  • It has all the necessary services, it is an integrated residential and entertainment community

Disadvantages of New Cairo City

Although the city is distinguished and superior to its neighboring cities in several points, it was not without defects as well, the most important of which are the following

  • Some roads in the city suffer from neglect, especially in the First and Third Settlement areas
  • The problems of flooding streets and roads with sewage in some districts, with the spread of waste and rubbish near the housing units
  • The spread of some random markets and the existence of some violations in the housing units by converting them into commercial activities
  • Some areas suffer from weak water and frequent interruptions, especially in the Third Settlement area
  • There are also complaints from some investors about the difficulty in obtaining licenses for factories in the Alf Factory area.
  • There is a deterioration in the basic infrastructure in some areas of the city due to poor planning
  • Lack of good planning for most of the roads and streets of the city in terms of dealing with rain, as heavy rains lead to stagnation of water, flooding of roads and disruption of traffic
  • An exaggerated increase in the prices of residential units in New Cairo compared to neighboring cities, especially as this is one of the main disadvantages of the Fifth Settlement, which presents high prices

The most famous and best hotels in New Cairo

مدينة نصر

The city of New Cairo is characterized by the presence of several distinguished hotels in it. If you wish to reside temporarily in the city, here are the best hotels

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel, New Cairo

  • It is one of the luxury hotels located near Cairo International Airport, which is only about 15 minutes away
  • It is about 7 km from Cairo Festival Mall and 10 km from Cairo International Center
  • The hotel rooms have TV screens and areas for sitting and relaxing. There are also a number of the hotel’s distinctive restaurants that serve delicious food
  • It contains a spa and a banquet hall, and is generally a hotel suitable for a couple or two individuals
  • It has 3 swimming pools, free airport transfers, parking, family rooms, and free Wi-Fi
  • Prices for one night in the hotel start from 3,016 Egyptian pounds

Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel, New Cairo

  • The hotel is about a 10-minute drive from Cairo International Airport, and it is about the same distance from Heliopolis district, and you can go to Cairo Festival Mall by bus for free
  • The hotel rooms feature wonderful views and modern décor. They also have TV screens, air conditioning, and other services and features
  • The hotel has a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, parking, and free airport transfer
  • There is a hotel for the hotel that serves meals to guests with room service throughout the day
  • The price per night in the hotel starts from 1,762 Egyptian pounds

Arabella Residence, New Cairo

  • The hotel is located 2 minutes from the German University, and about 10 minutes from Cairo Festival Mall and the American University. The hotel is also close to Carrefour, McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Egypt International Exhibition Center and Cairo Airport
  • Rooms feature hot tubs, seating areas and air conditioning
  • The hotel has free airport transfer, Wi-Fi, family rooms and parking
  • It is characterized by an economical price, as the nightly rates in the hotel start from 846 Egyptian pounds

Helnan Landmark Hotel New Cairo

  • It is located in New Cairo, 12 km from Cairo International Airport, 10 km from City Stars Mall and 20 km from the Egyptian Museum
  • The hotel is rated 4 stars as it contains a café and a buffet restaurant, and there are TV screens in the rooms
  • The hotel has family rooms, parking, swimming pool, and free airport shuttle service
  • The price for one night in the hotel starts from 1,344 Egyptian pounds

Residential units prices in New Cairo

  • The average price of apartments in New Cairo is estimated at 10,100 Egyptian pounds
  • The average price of villas in New Cairo is estimated at 19,100 EGP

Note: Prices are for the middle of 2021 and are not fixed and changeable from time to time and may change from time to time

The most prominent compounds in New Cairo

Below we review a group of the most famous and prominent residential compounds in New Cairo, which are still under construction and provide available units within them for customers

Mountain View Extension New Cairo Compound

ماونتن فيو 1 اكستنشن التجمع الخامس

  • The owner company: Mountain View Real Estate Development Company
  • .The location of the compound: on El-Nasr Road, in the Fifth Settlement
  • .Project area: about 130 acres
  • .Project units: including apartments, villas, and palaces
  • .Units Space: multiple spaces, starting from 140 square meters
  • Units Prices: Apartments for sale in Fifth Settlement, Mountain Extension, starting from 3,850,000 pounds
  • .Installments period: The longest payment period in the compound, up to 7 years
  • .Delivery date: Delivery will be in 2025
  • .Apartments down payment: at a price of 50,000 pounds
  • .Villa down payment: at a price of 100 thousand pounds
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

Eastshire New Cairo Compound

Eastshire New Cairo

  • .The owner company: Al Qamzi Real Estate Development Company
  • .Engineering Consultant: Engineer Raef Fahmy
  • .Project location: in the Fifth Settlement, near Amorada Compound
  • .The project area: it covers an area of 26 acres
  • .Building area: 18% of the land area
  • .Project units: it only includes villas and  townhouses
  • .Units Space: the space for villas in Fifth Settlement, East Shire, starts from 166 square meters
  • .Number of units: it includes about 229 villas
  • .Maintenance deposit: 8% of the total unit price
  • .Prices: the prices of Eastshire villas start from 4,434,000 EGP
  • .Installments period: up to 8 years
  • .Delivery date: 2025
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

Stei8ht New Cairo City Compound

ستيت القاهرة الجديدة

  • .The real estate developer: Land Mark Sabbour
  • .Compound Design: Eng \ Yasser El-Beltagy
  • .Units design: Alchemy Corporation
  • .Compound Location: Fifth Settlement, within the compounds located in front of Al-Rehab City
  • .Project area: on a huge area of about 550 acres
  • .Project units: villas, twin houses, and townhouses
  • .Units Space: the space of thevillas in State Compound starts from 275 square meters
  • .Maintenance deposit: 7% of the villa price
  • .Units Prices: villas for sale in State Compound, with prices starting from 9,200,000 EGP
  • .Installments period: up to 8 years
  • .Delivery date: within 2026
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

Galleria moon valley compound

جاليريا ريزيدنس التجمع الخامس

  • .Real estate developer: Arabia Real Estate Holding Company
  • .Compound Design: Eng. Hany Saad
  • .Compound location: on Teseen Street, within the Golden Square projects
  • .The compound area: it extends over an area of 71 acres
  • .Building ratio: the unit buildings will be built on 18%
  • .Project units: it includes apartments and penthouses
  • .Units Space: Galleria apartments space starts from 130 square meters
  • .Units finishing: Super Lux finishes
  • .Maintenance deposit: 10% of the total price
  • .Club fees: 100 thousand pounds
  • .Meter Price: The price per meter in Galleria Moon Valley Compound starts from 16,250 EGP
  • .Installments period: up to 6 years as a maximum repayment period
  • .Delivery time: immediate delivery
  • .Cash discount: up to 30%
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

Mivida New Cairo Compound

مدينة القاهرة الجديدة

  • .Project developer: Emaar Misr for Urban Development
  • .Project location: in the Fifth Settlement, on Teseen Street
  • .Project area: It is the largest compound in New Cairo, covering 900 acres
  • .Building ratio: 20% of the total area
  • .Type of units: it contains apartments and villas
  • .Units Space: various spaces starting from 133 square meters
  • .Number of units: it includes 5,000 residential units
  • .Units Prices: the price per meter in Mivida Compound starts from 20,700 pounds
  • .Installments period: up to 6 years
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

Creek Town New Cairo Compound

كريك تاون التجمع الأول

  • .The Owner Company: Alcazar Real Estate Development Company
  • .Engineering Consultant: Engineer \ Hani Saad
  • .Project location: on the Suez Road, in the First Settlement
  • .Project area: the total area is about 100 acres
  • .Building ratio: about 20% of the total land area
  • .Project units: apartments, duplexes, and villas
  • .Units Space: Creek Town apartments space starts from 128 square meters
  • .Finishing system: fully finished
  • .Maintenance Deposit: 8%
  • .Down payment: starts from 50,000 pounds
  • .Units Prices: New Cairo apartments prices in Creek Town start from 3,115,000 EGP
  • .Installments period: up to 8 years
  • .Delivery date: by the end of 2024
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

The Address East New Cairo Compound

 New Cairo

  • .The developer company: Dorra Real Estate Development Company
  • .Project location: near Zed East Compound, in the Fifth Settlement
  • .Compound area: it occupies an area of up to 60 acres
  • .Building ratio: the lowest percentage of construction by about 20%
  • .Type of units: villas, twin houses, apartments, and duplexes
  • .Units Space: The Address units space starts from 140 square meters
  • .Number of Units: It contains a total of 1,700 residential units
  • .Finishing system: Super Lux finishing
  • .Units Prices: The Address apartments prices start from 1,918,000 pounds
  • .Installments period: up to 7 years
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

Al Marasem Fifth Square New Cairo

كمبوند المراسم فيفث سكوير

  • .The developer company: Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company
  • .Project location: in the Golden Square, in the Fifth Settlement
  • .Project area: an area of about 158 acres
  • .Building ratio: 20% of the area
  • .Project units: it contains apartments and villas
  • .Units Space: the apartments space starts from 80 square meters
  • .Finishing system: integrated finishing
  • .Maintenance deposit: the deposit value starts from 5%
  • .Price per meter: it starts from 20,000 pounds
  • .Installment period: up to 8 years
  • .Delivery time: There are immediate delivery units
  • .Sales number: 00201104894802

The city of New Cairo is one of the best cities in the Cairo governorate and includes a distinguished number of high-end districts that are suitable for housing and real estate investment purposes, and at the same time it is a wonderful tourist and entertainment destination, whether for people from inside or outside Egypt

FAQ About New Cairo

?Where is New Cairo located

The city is located in a central area between the Cairo-Suez Road and the Kattameya-Ain Sokhna Road.

?How can I reserve a unit in New Cairo

You can contact us via the number 00201104894802



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