Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

Price starts from:
إستلام فوري


The real estate developer HDP Real Estate Company
The project location Sheikh Zayed
Project Area: 31 acres
Building ratio 16%
Units type apartments and duplexes
Units space starting from 105 sqm
Units number 700 unit
Finishing System half finishing
Installments period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

In its first foray into the real estate market, HDP Real Estate Company has launched Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound. This project is strategically located in Sheikh Zayed City, offering residents an optimal geographic location to create a vibrant residential community. Additionally, the developer has introduced residential units with varying sizes and distinctive living patterns to cater to diverse social groups.

HDP Real Estate Company is the investment arm stemming from a massive institution, the Housing and Development Bank (HDB). Through this arm, they embark on a developmental experience in the real estate market, equipped with unique investment capabilities and financial resources that enable them to compete with surrounding real estate companies.

The location of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

From the very beginning, the developer recognized the paramount importance of geographical location as a key factor in the success of any project, whether residential or investment-oriented. That’s why they chose a distinctive and vibrant location near Arkan Plaza Mall. Additionally, the project is situated on a high vantage point in Sheikh Zayed, offering unique views and a favorable climate.

Notable areas near Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound include:

  1. 5 minutes away from the Nile University.
  2. Close proximity to the 6th of October City.
  3. A few minutes from Mall of Arabia.
  4. Near Al Safa Hospital.
  5. Adjacent to the Monorail station, which connects to New Capital.

The space of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

The real estate developer has allocated a significant area for the project, covering approximately 31 acres, with a building density estimated at a minimum of 16%. The project comprises a limited number of around 700 apartments and duplexes, designed in buildings with a ground floor plus 3 upper floors, as well as some buildings with a ground floor plus 4 upper floors.

The residential units in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound are offered in various configurations and sizes, including:

  1. Apartments for sale in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound, consisting of 2 bedrooms with areas starting from 105 square meters and going up to 130 square meters.
  2. 3-bedroom apartments in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound, with sizes ranging from 130 square meters to 190 square meters.
  3. Duplex apartments starting from 230 square meters and extending up to 250 square meters.

Services of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound offers various amenities and facilities for its residents, including:

  1. Extensive green spaces in the areas surrounding and between residential buildings.
  2. A comprehensive social club with various facilities for project residents, constructed on an appropriate area.
  3. A sports track suitable for running and walking, as well as dedicated areas for cycling.
  4. A commercial center that includes a mall, a variety of restaurants, cafes, and retail shops.
  5. Private garages for each building, along with parking spaces along the internal streets.
  6. 24/7 security services, complemented by surveillance cameras.
  7. Smart gates distributed at the project entrances to enhance security.
  8. Kids’ play areas that provide entertainment for children and young ones within the project.
  9. Comprehensive sports courts for various team and individual sports activities.

Features of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • A large area has been allocated by the developer to provide diverse facilities and various residential spaces.
  • The project offers the highest levels of privacy, especially due to the limited number of units.
  • There is a wide diversity in residential units and offered spaces.
  • The distinctive geographical location near Arkan Plaza Mall adds to the project’s appeal.

Flaws of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

Some might think that the price per square meter offered by the real estate developer is excessive, but when considering the project’s components and the quality of the units it offers, there appears to be a balance between the price and the value provided to customers, especially when competing with other compounds in Sheikh Zayed.

Prices of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

HDP Egypt has successfully achieved a challenging equation in its project. They have combined a wide range of features that customers desire with unmatched competitive prices, allowing them to offer the best price per square meter in Sheikh Zayed area.

This has resulted in very reasonable unit prices. The price per square meter in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound ranges from 41,000 to 44,000 Egyptian pounds, making it an attractive choice for customers looking for excellent value and reasonable prices in Sheikh Zayed’s projects.

Payment systems of Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

HDP Egypt has always recognized the need to facilitate the unit purchase process in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound for customers. They offer flexible reservation and payment options that provide customers with complete comfort in covering the unit costs.

Booking in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound starts with a down payment of only 10%, with the possibility of paying the rest over a period of 8 years. The units are delivered in a semi-finished condition, adding more convenience and flexibility for customers to meet their housing needs.

The importance of investing in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the most important modern real estate projects in Egypt, providing a comprehensive and comfortable living environment for residents. In addition to its residential aspects, investing in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound can be beneficial for investors for the following reasons:

  1. Strategic Location: Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the Sheikh Zayed area, just a few minutes away from the Ring Road and 26th of July Corridor. This means that investors can benefit from the property’s value in this vibrant and continuously developing urban area.
  2. Integrated Services: Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound offers a wide range of integrated services that cater to the residents’ needs, including sports facilities, recreational areas, green spaces, and security services. This makes it an ideal place for both living and investment.
  3. High Returns: Investors can achieve high returns on their investment in Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound due to the high demand for real estate in this area and the excellent services provided by the compound.
  4. Modern Design: The compound’s modern design combines elegance and luxury, which means that properties in the compound will remain in demand and retain their value over time.

The real estate developer

Terrace Sheikh Zayed Compound is the inaugural development project of HDP Real Estate Company, which is an emerging company with significant experience as it is one of the subsidiaries of the Housing and Development Bank. The company’s mission is to develop and market the bank’s private projects, marking its initial step into the real estate investment sector.

The company aims to make a real difference in the field of urban development, primarily targeting new Egyptian cities as part of its strategic plan.

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