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South Gate Mall New Cairo 

Down Payment: 25%

South Gate Mall New Cairo 
Name South Gate
Location Southern Teseen street
Area 4700 Square meters
Developer Invest Well
Units type Commercial and administrative
Sales number 00201104894802

Invest Well Developments has created an investment destination for its clients in the heart of New Cairo, through South Gate New Cairo Mall, the latest offering of its kind directly on Teseen Street, it is a meeting place for capital owners and investors wishing to own a unit with high returns and an appropriate price 

By offering many investment components and public facilities for contemporary malls, the developer was able to attract attention towards its latest projects, especially with its impressive engineering designs and the diversity of its units with medium and large spaces 

Find out the reservation details at South gate Mall, by clicking here 

The location of South Gate Mall New Cairo 

The privileged location is one of the factors achieving the success of the investment project, so the owner company chose a strategic spot in the Fifth Settlement on the southern ninetieth, in addition to overlooking 3 main streets to make the mall a focal point that receives customers from all directions 

nearest places to South gate New Cairo

  • It is located right next to Petrogas. 
  • It is a limited distance from the American University. 
  • South gate Mall, New Cairo, is located in front of Bakir Bookstore. 
  • Close to Mohamed Naguib Bridge. 
  • It is adjacent to a group of the best Fifth Settlement compounds, such as Galleria Moon Valley and Hayat Heights, in addition to that, it is close to Concorde Plaza Mall 

The design and space for South Gate Mall New Cairo

South Gate Mall New Cairo design

South gate Mall area 

The project occupied a large area of about 4,700 square meters, which was divided according to the following pattern: 

  • 1,850 square meters for the building and units 
  • 2,600 sqm area dedicated to terraces and open spaces 

South Gate Mall New Cairo design

According to the latest modern designs of the modern building style, Invest Well Mall was built in the form of a limited-height tower, consisting of a ground floor and 4 repetitive floors, in addition to that, it includes 2 basement floors, while the units are distributed according to their various activities as follows: 

  • Commercial: from the basement floor to the ground floor 
  • Administrative: from the second floor to the last floor 

South Gate Mall New Cairo Units Area

The real estate developer of the South Gate project targets the middle and upper classes of investors, so he worked on offering areas as follows: 

  • Own an administrative office in South Gate Mall, with an area starting from 88 sqm up to 1,950 sqm 
  • Shops for sale in the Fifth Settlement, South Gate Mall, with areas ranging from 100 sqm to 2,000 sqm 

To view all available units of varying sizes in the mall, click here 

South Gate New Cairo Services and Facilities 

South Gate New Cairo Services and Facilities 

The company that owns the project offers a unique experience to the clients of the New Cairo region, as it offers its project with a set of facilities and services that made it one of the best malls in the Fifth Settlement. Below, we review, for example, some of the mall’s characteristics: 

  • Free high-speed internet services with comprehensive coverage of the mall area. 
  • The mall provides central air conditioners that serve all units in the project. 
  • Advanced surveillance cameras with guard services throughout the day. 
  • A designated smoking area away from the vital areas of the project. 
  • A team has been contracted to provide periodic maintenance services for the mall’s facilities. 
  • A reception desk for mall visitors. In addition, there are parking spaces. 
  • Meeting rooms equipped with the latest facilities for holding conferences. 
  • It includes electric elevators that facilitate movement, as well as escalators. 
  • Advanced extinguishing systems to address the possibility of fires. 
  • Outdoor plaza spaces that include water fountains and landscapes 

Features of the South Gate New Cairo project 

  • South Gate Mall New Cairo, operates with advanced modern technologies. 
  • It provides all the factors to achieve huge investments for its customers, as it is one of the best malls in New Cairo that offers vast areas for units. 
  • It does not raise a fixed deposit for maintenance, as it is determined according to the area of the unit. 
  • There is no garage fee, it is estimated on a monthly basis. 
  • A vital location surrounded by a group of New Cairo compounds. 

Disadvantages of South Gate Mall New Cairo 

The real estate developer did not make any developmental errors that would reduce the value of the project, but there are some points that are under consideration by some clients, such as the fact that it does not include a medical activity, which leads to not targeting a category of market clients, especially those wishing to invest in real estate clinics 

Prices for South Gate Mall New Cairo

  • Administrative offices for sale in South Gate Mall, with a meter price starting from 44,000 pounds. 
  • The price per meter in South Gate project, starts from 165,000 pounds for shops 

Important note: The prices of offices and shops in South Gate Mall are in a constant state of change, so you can follow the prices at the present time by clicking here 

Installment systems at South Gate Mall 

Complementing what the owner company provided of all the distinctive investment characteristics to customers, it has offered a payment system with great facilities, whereby the customer pays 25% down payment in installments up to 3 years without interest 

The management company of the project is responsible for all the work related to the additional expenses, which the developer organized according to the area of the unit, in the deposit and garage expenses 

South Gate New Cairo Project Developer  

The beginning of Invest Well Company was originally through the New Cairo city gate, then it expanded its development work to include a group of the most important new Egyptian cities such as the Administrative Capital and 6th of October City, and on this approach it was able to consolidate its real estate name, especially with its interest in providing high investment value to its clients 

The most important projects by Invest Well 

  • Avalon Mall, New Administrative Capital. 
  • Avalon Mall New Cairo. 
  • Kazan Plaza project, 6th of October. 

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Find out the reservation details at South gate Mall, by clicking here 

FAQ About South Gate Mall New Cairo 

What are the prices range in the South gate Mall Fifth Settlement? 

From 3,872,000 pounds 

Who is the real estate developer of South gate Mall Fifth Settlement? 

Invest Well Real Estate Development Company 

What is the location of the South gate Mall Fifth Settlement? 

In Fifth Settlement, on the southern ninetieth 

What is the total area of the project? 

4,700 square meters 

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