Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

Price starts from:


The real estate developer Al Fath Group for Real Estate Development
The project location Down Town New Capital
Project Area: 4,281 meters
Units type administrative, commercial, and hotel
Units space Starting from 24 square meters for commercial units with an additional 27.5 sqm of outdoor space, 35 sqm for administrative units, and 56 sqm for hotel units.
finishing systems ultra super lux
Management and operation company MRB
Engineering consultant DCI Plus
Hotel Management FACIL
Mall design Two separate towers for administrative and hotel use, connected by a bridge on the seventh and eighth floors.
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

Sky Bridge New Capital Mall is the result of a significant success following the first company’s success in the administrative capital. It is a multi-purpose project located in one of the best urban locations. The project consists of a range of commercial, administrative, and hotel sections, each separated along the pedestrian walkway. It offers diverse units in terms of space with modern technologies available. In addition, the project features attractive prices, making it suitable for investors.

The location of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

AFG (Al-Fath Group) made sure to select an exceptionally prominent location for its project, Sky Bridge New Capital Mall, with the aim of attracting the attention of prominent businessmen and global brand companies. The project is situated in the heart of Downtown, at plot number MU4-59, along the western axis of Downtown, with a width of 70 meters.

It is located near the following areas:

  • Sky Bridge New Capital Mall is situated in front of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Adjacent to a 4-acre park.
  • Along a 30-meter pedestrian walkway.
  • Just steps away from Al Masaa Hotel and the Green River.
  • Only a few minutes away from the Mosque of Egypt, the Parliament, the City of Justice, and the Gold Market.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to reach the Presidential Palace, the Financial and Business District, and the Government District.
  • Just one minute away from the Central Monorail Station.

The design of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

Sky Bridge New Capital Mall was developed with a completely different concept and design from the initial project, “Amaz Business Complex.” The new project consists of two entirely separate buildings.

The first building is an administrative structure with its own private entrance, ensuring privacy. Additionally, there is a hotel building that features a distinct entrance separate from the administrative building. Each of these buildings comprises a ground floor and 12 repeated floors. The ground and first floors in each building are designated for commercial units, providing a unique area for business and retail ventures.

The space of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

Sky Bridge New Capital Mall has been constructed on an area of 4,270 square meters. A mere 30% of this total area has been allocated to the mall itself, while the remaining 70% is designated for facilities, amenities, and green spaces. The mall stands out by offering a diverse range of units, allowing tenants to choose from them, all of which boast splendid panoramic views. The administrative and commercial unit spaces in Sky Bridge vary, starting from 35 square meters, while the hotel units begin at 56 square meters. Thus, the mall provides a diverse array of options for tenants with spaces tailored to their requirements.

Services of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

  1. Spacious elevators.
  2. High-quality surveillance system.
  3. Fire safety systems.
  4. Swimming pools.
  5. Free Wi-Fi.
  6. Solar power system.
  7. Building management system.
  8. High-quality electrical generators.
  9. Concierge service.
  10. Facility management system.
  11. Parking areas.
  12. Central air conditioning.
  13. Data center.
  14. Parking facilities.
  15. Restrooms.
  16. Water fountains.
  17. 24-hour security.

Prices of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

Prices for units and shops in Sky Bridge New Capital Mall vary and depend on several factors, including the unit’s size, its location within the building, and the floor it is situated on. Al-Fath Group offers a diverse range of prices to meet the different needs of investors.

  • Price per square meter for administrative units in Sky Bridge New Capital Mall starts from 18,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Price per square meter for hotel units in Sky Bridge Mall starts from 24,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the prices of commercial shops in Sky Bridge Mall, they start from 70,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter for a pharmacy is 126,000 Egyptian pounds, and it comes with an area of 85 square meters. There is a reservation fee of 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

In this way, investors can choose the unit or shop that suits their needs and budget.

Payment systems of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

If you’re looking for an opportunity to acquire a unit in Sky Bridge New Capital Mall with favorable financing options, Al-Fath Group has an excellent offer for you. You can now reserve your unit with a down payment starting from 10% and benefit from payment options of up to 10 years, in addition to special offers for the project’s launch:

  • Pay a 10% reservation down payment and settle the remaining amount over 7 years with equal installments and no interest.
  • Pay a 15% reservation down payment and spread the rest over 8 years with equal installments.
  • Pay a 25% reservation down payment and make the remaining payments over 9 years with equal installments.
  • Pay a 30% reservation down payment and distribute the remaining amount over 10 years with equal installments.

Furthermore, you can purchase your unit and sign the contract by paying a refundable reservation earnest payment. The earnest payment for administrative and hotel units is 20,000 Egyptian pounds, while it is 50,000 Egyptian pounds for commercial units and shops.

Features of Sky Bridge New Capital Mall

Sky Bridge New Capital Mall boasts a captivating and one-of-a-kind design that reaches for the sky in the heart of New Capital. This tower offers a diverse range of units suitable for all types of investments, including administrative, hotel, and commercial units.

Al-Fath Group has chosen to collaborate with the global company FACIL Design Hospitality to manage the hotel units and hotel apartments, enhancing service quality and expertise for both investors and visitors alike.

Sky Bridge New Capital Mall comes with competitive prices, making it a suitable place for investment. Additionally, it offers payment plans of up to 10 years, making it easier for those interested in owning units to realize their dreams of ownership in this distinguished location.

About Al Fath Group Developments

Al Fath Group for Real Estate Development is one of the leading and well-established companies in the field of real estate development. The company was founded 35 years ago and has proven its success and excellence in executing numerous projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The company embarked on its successful journey in the New Capital with the project “Amaz Tower,” which achieved significant success. It then seized the opportunity to launch its second project, Sky Bridge New Capital Mall, which represents another embodiment of the company’s excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional investment projects in the New Capital. The company’s expertise and uniqueness in the real estate industry are based on a rich record of achievements and successes.

Other projects by Al Fath Group for Real Estate Development include:

  1. Amaz Business Complex New Capital.
  2. The development of numerous upscale residential projects in New Cairo, totaling over 300 projects.
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