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Shamasi North Coast Village

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2026

Down Payment: 5%

Price starts from: 2,200,000 EGP
The real estate developer Serac Developments
The project location Sidi Abdelrahman Kilo 134
Units space starting from 85 sqm
Units type chalets and villas
Installments period up to 9 years
sales number 00201104894802

Enjoy your summer vacation at Shamasi North Coast Village, where you can indulge in enchanting atmospheres and the beauty of North Coast’s nature along the Mediterranean Sea. This project is the result of the development efforts of one of the largest real estate development companies, Serac Real Estate.

Shamasi North Coast Village stands out with its exceptional design and the vast diversity in its residential units, allowing you to easily choose your coastal unit. The project encompasses a variety of units, including chalets, twin houses, and townhouses. A significant feature is that all these units boast stunning sea views.

Shamasi North Coast Village is one of the most distinguished coastal resorts in the North Coast region. Experience an unforgettable stay in this luxurious project and savor the best that North Coast has to offer.

The location of Shamasi North Coast Village

Among the primary factors that contributed to the success and distinction of Shamasi North Coast Village from others is its outstanding geographical location. This project was specifically developed at kilometer 134 on the Alexandria-Matrouh road, in Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Nearby places to Shamasi North Coast Village include:

  • New Alamein City.
  • Alamein Airport.
  • Cairo and Alexandria governorates.
  • Dabaa Road.
  • Wadi El Natrun.

This strategic location enhances easy access to various important destinations in the region, making Shamasi North Coast Village an ideal choice for those looking for a sophisticated place to invest or enjoy a unique vacation on the Mediterranean coast.

The design of Shamasi North Coast Village

Shamasi North Coast Village

Regarding the design of Shamasi North Coast Village, Serac Company paid significant attention to the design, incorporating the latest styles and international architectural standards. This gave the village a beauty akin to the best tourist villages globally. The village is also environmentally friendly, relying on clean energy sources for electricity.

The company collaborated with a distinguished group of engineering consultancy firms and architectural designers to design Shamasi North Coast Village. These experts have a prestigious reputation in the local and global real estate development market and are known for their creativity and excellence in designing diverse projects.

Shamasi North Coast Village was meticulously planned, utilizing terraced levels to ensure that all village units have a direct sea view, adding an exceptional charm and allure for visitors.

The space of Shamasi North Coast Village

Serac Real Estate Company is executing Shamasi North Coast Village on an expansive area, allowing it to offer a comprehensive range of services, facilities, and recreational activities. This coastal project in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area becomes an integrated place for entertainment and relaxation.

Thanks to the significant emphasis on providing services and benefits in this project, Serac Company has allocated a high percentage, estimated at around 80%, of the village’s area to breathtaking landscapes, facilities, and recreational activities. A smaller portion of the total area, estimated at only about 20%, has been designated for residential units and infrastructure within the project.

With this approach, Shamasi North Coast Village can offer an exceptional experience for residents and visitors. They can enjoy the enchanting nature, luxurious services, and recreational activities, making it one of the most distinguished coastal complexes in the region.

Services of Shamasi North Coast Village

Shamasi North Coast Village

Shamasi North Coast Village offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities that make residents feel they have everything they need without leaving the village. This project stands out due to its diverse services and facilities, with Serac Real Estate Company ensuring these services are of high quality. Here’s what Shamasi North Coast Village offers:

  • Private Beaches: Enjoy exclusive beaches equipped with various beach services.
  • Swimming Pools: Pools suitable for all ages, with a diving team to ensure safety.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Savor delicious dishes in a variety of restaurants and cafes.
  • Shopping Centers: Shop from both international and local brands with ease.
  • Sports Fields: Fields for various sports like football, squash, tennis, and basketball.
  • Gym: Equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Walking and Yoga Paths: Enjoy walks and practice yoga amidst enchanting nature.
  • Barbecue Areas: Organize outdoor barbecue parties.
  • Event Spaces: Designated areas for hosting parties and events directly by the sea.
  • Recreational Activities: Water skiing, surfing, sand skiing, and other water games.
  • Strong Security Service: 24/7 security to ensure safety.
  • Medical Services: Round-the-clock clinics and medical centers, with pharmacies available within the village.
  • Regular Maintenance: Periodic maintenance for residential units and swimming pools.

Thanks to these comprehensive services and facilities, residents and visitors can enjoy a holistic and unique experience within Shamasi North Coast Village.

Prices of Shamasi North Coast Village

Serac Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by its competitive prices that attract various customers and investors. Here are the details of the unit prices in Shamasi North Coast Village:

  • Chalets: Prices start from EGP 2,200,000, with a down payment of EGP 50,000.
  • Two-bedroom Chalets: Prices start from EGP 2,600,000.
  • Villas: A down payment of EGP 100,000 is required.

Please note that the unit prices in Shamasi North Coast Village vary depending on the type and size of the unit. These prices offer great opportunities for investors and individuals looking for residential units in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area of North Coast.

Payment systems of Shamasi North Coast Village

Serac Real Estate Company has not overlooked the importance of providing flexible payment systems to facilitate the purchasing process for customers. These systems have been designed to cater to the needs of various clients, and they are as follows:

  • 8-year installment plan: With a down payment of 5%.
  • 9-year installment plan: With a down payment of 10%.

These systems help clients distribute costs more effectively over an extended period, making it easier for them to capitalize on an investment opportunity or enjoy a residential unit in Shamasi North Coast Village.

Reasons to invest in Shamasi North Coast Village

Investing in Shamasi North Coast Village offers a multitude of benefits for both investors and individuals looking for a luxurious coastal experience. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

  1. Prime Location: Situated in the sought-after region of Sidi Abdel Rahman on the North Coast, the village offers easy access to major cities and attractions.
  2. Quality Development: Backed by Serak Real Estate, a reputable developer, the project promises quality construction and well-thought-out amenities.
  3. Diverse Property Options: From chalets to villas, the village offers a range of property types to cater to different preferences and budgets.
  4. Stunning Sea Views: The tiered design ensures that most units offer direct views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  5. Comprehensive Amenities: With private beaches, swimming pools, restaurants, shopping centers, sports facilities, and more, residents and visitors have everything they need within the village.
  6. Eco-friendly Approach: The village’s design emphasizes sustainability, with clean energy sources and environmentally-friendly practices.
  7. Competitive Pricing: With competitive prices and flexible payment plans, the village offers great value for money.
  8. High Investment Returns: The North Coast is a popular vacation destination, ensuring high rental yields and property appreciation over time.
  9. 24/7 Security: Ensuring the safety of residents and visitors is a top priority, with round-the-clock security services in place.
  10. Medical Facilities: With on-site clinics and pharmacies, residents have immediate access to medical care.
  11. Future Growth: The North Coast region is witnessing significant development, promising future growth and increased property values.
  12. Community Living: The village fosters a sense of community, offering a blend of tranquility and social engagement.

In summary, Shamasi North Coast Village presents a golden opportunity for those looking to invest in a thriving coastal community that promises both luxury and returns.

About the real estate developer

Serac Developments

Serac Real Estate Development Company has launched Shamasi North Coast Village project, which has become a symbol of elegance and luxury in the North Coast region. This village stood out due to its significant success, marked by the massive interest from investors and clients.

Established over ten years ago, Serac Real Estate Development is owned by a group of businessmen with extensive experience in real estate development. The company’s CEO, Engineer Karim Mamoun, is renowned for his vast expertise in this field.

Thanks to the quality of its projects and its stellar reputation, Serac has succeeded in earning the trust of clients and investors. It has become a primary choice for many individuals and investors, with Shamasi North Coast Village project being one of its latest distinguished coastal projects, reflecting excellence and quality in real estate development.

Projects by Serac Developments:

  • City Hall New Cairo Project
  • Strip Mall North Coast
  • Alora Village North Coast

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The developer company

Serac Developments

The project location

Sidi Abdelrahman Kilo 134

Sales number


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