Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort

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The real estate developer Al Qamzi Developments
The project location kilo 171 Alexandria-Matrouh Road
The project area 204 acres
Construction ratio 15%
Units type Twin houses, town houses, standalone villas, and chalets
Village's beach extends for 690 m and a length of 200 m
Units number 2000 unit
Installments period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

Seazen North Coast Resort is one of the most prominent destinations for relaxation and tourism in North Coast area in Egypt. The project is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea as it enjoys an ideal location and the beauty of the surrounding scenes.

Seazen North Coast Resort is distinguished by its unique design and the luxurious architecture, as it mixes between elegance and luxury in every detail. The resort includes a varied group of units for luxurious residence like villas and chalets, which is distinguished by modern design and modern preparations.

Seazen North Coast Resort offers a group of services and distinctive facilities, including: wonderful swimming pools, green spaces, commercial centers, cafes and restaurants, sporting clubs, entertainment areas for kids, and many other services.

The location of Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort enjoys a strategic location in North Coast, as its located in kilo 171 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road. This location was chosen carefully to offer easy access through main roads, which makes it a favorable destination for investors.

In choosing to invest in Seazen North Coast Resort, you’ll benefit from the strategic location that guarantees easy access and the availability of important services. Whether you want to invest in residential or commercial units, you’ll find that this distinctive location offers you an excellent investment opportunity and reasonable returns.

Places close to Seazen North Coast Resort

  • Seazen North Coast Resort enjoys a strategic location, as its 3 hours away from Cairo, which makes it an ideal destination for investors and visitors who seek to enjoy the beautiful atmospheres of North Coast away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
  • Thanks to its distinctive location, Seazen North Coast Resort is a short distance from Al Dabaa City around 5 minutes away, which offers easy access to local services and facilities that residents and visitors might need.
  • From Seazen North Coast Resort, you can reach the International Alamein Airport easily and quickly, it takes 10 minutes to the Airport. Which offers travelling easily to your favorable destination.

The space and design of Seazen North Coast Resort

Seazen North Coast Resort enjoys unique and wonderful designs, as it was developed by DMA Company that enjoys an experience of 30 years in the real estate market. Seazen North Coast Resort was designed with creativity and luxury to offer an environment that reflects calm and peace.

Seazen North Coast Resort is designed in terraces at different heights above sea level, allowing almost 90% of the chalets to have wonderful sea views.

Al Qamzi company’s interest was not limited to designing the buildings only, but it also entrusted the coordination of green spaces to the famous OKOPLAN company. 85% of Seazen North Coast Resort’s area was allocated to green spaces.

Seazen North Coast Resort extends on an area of 204 acres, most of the area is allocated for green spaces, as the construction area is about 15%, which enhances the pure air and natural atmospheres for residents, Seazen North Coast Resort with pride owns a beach that extends for more than 690 m with a length of 200 m, the project offers different 2000 units of villas and chalets to meet the aspirations of special clients.

Services of Seazen North Coast Resort

 Seazen North Coast Resort offers a range of premium services and facilities to meet the needs of residents and provide an ideal environment for living and enjoying. Here are some of the services available at Seazen North Coast Resort:

  • Seazen North Coast Resort boasts a private, wide, and clean beach, where residents can enjoy the sun and swim in the crystal-clear sea. Multiple swimming pools are available in Seazen Resort, where residents can enjoy swimming and relaxing in a refreshing atmosphere.
  • Seazen North Coast Resort contains areas designated for entertainment and games, including football fields, tennis courts, and children’s playgrounds, providing opportunities for activity and fun for all family members.
  • Seazen North Coast Resort is filled with beautiful green spaces and scattered gardens, creating a quiet and refreshing natural environment for relaxation and enjoyment of fresh air.
  • The village offers a range of upscale restaurants and cafes, where residents can enjoy delicious meals and experience diverse cuisine.
  • Seazen North Coast Resort features commercial centers and retail stores, where residents can benefit from the availability of various products and services within the village.
  • Seazen North Coast Resort provides 24/7 security and protection, ensuring the safety and comfort of residents and providing a secure living environment.

These are some of the distinctive services provided by Seazen North Coast Resort, aimed at meeting the needs of residents and making their experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Prices of Seazen North Coast Resort

  • Two-bedroom chalets start at 2,100,000 EGP.
  • Three-bedroom chalets start at EGP 3,000,000.
  • Ground floor chalets with three bedrooms and a side room start at EGP 4,200,000 with an area of 135 square meters.
  • First-floor chalets with four bedrooms and a side room start at EGP 4,000,000 with an area of 165 square meters.
  • Townhouse units start at EGP 5,100,000 and consist of 3 bedrooms.
  • Townhouse units start at EGP 6,500,000 and feature an area of 205 square meters.
  • Independent villas start at EGP 9,000,000, include 6 bedrooms, and have an area of 359 square meters.
  • Detached villa starts at EGP 25,000,000, features an area of 475 square meters and includes 7 bedrooms.

Payment systems of Seazen North Coast

  • Paying 10% as a contract down payment, and installing the rest over 8 years.
  • All residential units are delivered in full finishing system
  • The delivery time of Seazen North Coast Resort is in 2 and a half years, in 2025.

Reasons to invest in Seazen North Coast Resort

  • Seazen North Coast Resort boasts unique and innovative designs that cater to the tastes of investors, making it a preferred destination for many visitors and potential buyers.
  • Seazen North Coast Resort offers many recreational, commercial, and health services and facilities, such as pools, restaurants, cafes, sports fields, and social clubs, providing an ideal environment for investors and residents.
  • North Coast enjoys stunning natural beauty and wonderful sandy beaches, making it a favorite tourist destination for many people. Therefore, investors can take advantage of the growing demand for tourism properties and rent them out to tourists or build tourist resorts.
  • North Coast region is witnessing strong investment growth, which enhances the high financial returns on investing in Seazen North Coast Resort, whether through selling the properties after a period of time or renting them out.

The real estate developer

Al Qamzi Real Estate Investment and Development Company holds a prominent position in the real estate industry, with a long history of experience and excellence in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The company distinguishes itself by its commitment to providing the highest levels of quality and innovation in all of its projects.

Al Qamzi company’s projects are distinguished by their unique and wonderful designs, as well as their attention to architectural details and finishing. The company strives to meet the needs of its clients and provide distinctive residential and commercial environments with high investment value.

Thanks to Al Qamzi company’s real estate vision and its dedication in achieving excellence, the company was able to build a strong reputation in the real estate market. Al Qamzi Company works on achieving creativity and continuous advance in every project they establish, with focusing on offering exceptional lives and comprehensive facilities for customers.

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