Salt North Coast Village

Salt North Coast Village

Price starts from:
إستلام فوري


The real estate developer Tatweer Misr Company
The project location Ras El Hekma kilo 185
The project area 294 acres
Units space starting from 95 sqm
Type of units Chalets, independent villas, twin houses and town houses
finishing systems full finishing
The project's beach extending on 800 m
Down payment for chalets 100,000 EGP
Down payment for Villas 150,000 EGP
Instalments period up to 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Project Description

If you’re looking for an investment in the real estate market in North Coast, Salt North Coast Village is your ideal option. This village is a distinctive investment destination that offers you an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful summer experience with your family, in addition to the availability of investing in the available real estate projects in the region.

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by Salt North Coast project, as it enjoys a modern and unique European design that suits all tastes. The project enables all units to enjoy a magical view on the Mediterranean Sea with the magical blue water and soft white sands.

The strategic location of Salt North Coast Village was chosen in Ras El Hekma Bay, which is a touristic and vital area. In addition to this, the project enjoys being close to main roads, which eases access to it from all governorates and close areas.

The location of Salt North Coast Village

In the heart of North Coast and on Alexandria-Matrouh Road, Salt North Coast Village is located exactly on kilo 185. The project enjoys being close to many main roads which helps you in reaching your destination as quick as possible.

In addition to this, Salt North Coast Village is located in Ras El Hekma Bay which offers many entertainment activities. You’ll find in the region a various collection of entertainment activities that suit all ages and tastes

Places close to Salt North Coast Village

  • Salt North Coast Village is located close to many touristic projects like: La Vista Bay, Telal, and Hacienda Bay. which gives residents an opportunity to enjoy facilities and services in these close areas.
  • Salt North Coast Village is located on a short space from New Alamein City and Alamein Airport, which offers easy access to both of them.
  • Salt North Coast Village is minutes away from Sidi Abdelrahman, which give residents an opportunity to enjoys its natural beauty and the entertainment facilities available in it.
  • Salt North Coast Village is located near the main Fouka Bay road in the North Coast of Egypt, making it an important hub for accessing many tourist destinations and nearby commercial areas.
  • Salt North Coast Village is just an hour and a half away from the Gulf of Al-Garawla, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sea and indulge in activities like diving and swimming in this fantastic area.
  • located only 115 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh Governorate, Salt North Coast Village allows residents to relish the wonderful atmosphere and stunning beaches of that region.

The space and design of Salt North Coast Village

Tatweer Misr Company has presented a huge investment project in Salt North Coast Village. A vast area of 294 acres has been allocated for this massive project. The residential units have been uniquely designed to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Salt North Coast Village boasts a private beach extending over 830 meters, allowing residents to enjoy white sands and crystal-clear waters of the sea. To enhance the natural beauty of the project, terraces have been provided, offering direct sea views for the different units.

Large areas have been allocated for green spaces and artificial lakes, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while serving as a buffer between the residential units and the service facilities. The village has been designed with modern European elegance, and the interior decoration has been wonderfully coordinated to reflect elegance and advancement.

There are various chalets, twin houses, town houses, and independent villas available in the project that meet all the needs and tastes. The owner company guarantees offering the best services and payment facilities to guarantee the client’s comfort and achieving a successful and comfortable investment.

Salt North Coast Village is a distinctive investment opportunity to have a luxury life and to enjoy the atmosphere of sea and modern facilities in the latest projects in North Coast.

Services of Salt North Coast Village

Salt North Coast Village includes a diverse range of services and facilities that ensure the comfort and happiness of its residents. Here are some of the advantages offered by the project:

  • The project offers spacious areas dedicated to landscaping and green cover to achieve environmental balance and provide a comfortable and beautiful environment.
  • There is a highly efficient professional security team ensuring the safety of residents, along with high-quality surveillance cameras and electronic gates for security and protection.
  • Well-trained rescue teams are available on the beach throughout the day to ensure the safety of visitors.
  • A water park with numerous fun water games suitable for all ages is also available.
  • Sports fields equipped with complete facilities cater to various sports activities.
  • Dedicated parking spaces for residents facilitate traffic flow and avoid congestion on the streets.
  • A variety of restaurants and cafes offer delicious international and local cuisine and beverages.
  • There are shops offering a diverse range of products and renowned brands.
  • Fully equipped pharmacies operate 24/7 to provide all necessary medications and medical supplies.
  • Medical centers and hospitals offer high-quality consultancy and treatment services in various medical specialties.
  • Smart and modern systems are implemented to facilitate daily life for residents.
  • Elevators and escalators provide convenience for movement between floors in all residential buildings and service facilities.
  • A dedicated children’s entertainment area includes playgrounds and games suitable for all ages, ensuring fun and enjoyment.

Salt North Coast Village combines comfort, entertainment, and security in a fully integrated residential environment to meet all the residents’ needs and provide a distinctive lifestyle.

Prices of Salt North Coast

Salt North Coast offers attractive investment opportunities that cater to various needs and budgets. Here are some details about the prices:

  • You can reserve a chalet with 100,000 EGP
  • There are town houses, twin houses, and independent villas with a down payment seriousness of contracting which is 150,000 EGP
  • Chalets with 2 bedrooms prices start from 4,000,000 EGP
  • Chalets with 3 bedrooms with prices starting from 4,800,000 EGP
  • Twin house units start from 7,000,000 EGP
  • Town house units are available with price starting from 8,500,000 EGP
  • Independent Villas with prices starting from 11,000,000 EGP

Payment systems

  • You can pay 10% as a contracting down payment, and installing the rest over 7 years.
  • In addition to this, the customer can pay 10% as a contracting down payment, then 5% after 3 months, and installing the rest over 8 years.

The importance of Salt North Cost

  • Salt North Coast features enchanting private beaches with soft sands, allowing you to relax by the shore and enjoy swimming in the clear sea waters.
  • The village offers various luxurious resorts and facilities, including fantastic swimming pools, water parks, restaurants, and cafes, ensuring a distinctive and comfortable stay experience.
  • Salt North Coast provides a wide range of recreational activities, such as golfing, surfing, diving, and sea excursions, making it an ideal place for fun and entertainment for the whole family.
  • The village offers comprehensive services like 24/7 security and surveillance, parking areas, shopping centers, hospitals, and medical facilities, ensuring your comfort and stability during your stay in the village.

About the real estate developer

Tatweer Misr Company has provided customers with a unique investment opportunity through the development of Salt El Sahel village in North Coast. The company stands out for its steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality and exceptional projects across various real estate sectors.

The company was founded in 2014, and since then, it works diligently to establish strong foundations and principles that have led to great success in the real estate market. The company cared to build a good reputation and high trust through the highest standards of quality and innovation in project design and implementation.

Salt North Coast Village clearly reflects the excellence and luxury that distinguishes Tatweer Misr Development Company. It has been meticulously designed to meet the aspirations and diverse needs of customers. The village comprises a variety of residential units, including chalets, townhouses, and independent villas, accompanied by outstanding facilities and services to ensure the comfort and well-being of its residents.

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