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Revolve Mall New Cairo  

Built Year: 2023

Receiving Date: 2025

Meter Price: 150000

Down Payment: 10%

ريفولف مول القاهرة الجديدة
Price starts from: 2,240,000 EGP
Name Evolve
Location New Cairo
Developer Eight Developments
Units Types Commercial, Administrative
Project Area 15,000 square meters
Sales Number 00201104894802

 Revolve Mall New Cairo is one of the projects of the eight development company and is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and is built on an area of 15,000 thousand meters in the best strategic location in the Fifth Settlement on the Tahrir Axis and in front of the Bellagio Sabbour compound, with a facade of 110 meters directly, and the project has been completed by 80%, the constructions of Eight Real Estate Development Company continue to present distinguished investment projects 

As this appears through the Revolve Mall, the assembly, through which it offers a variety of commercial units and administrative offices, which are characterized by a variety of spaces and long-term payment systems, and the presence of all facilities and services that help to complete the business in a quick manner, and the prices of the Revolve Mall are competitive 

What is Revolve Mall New Cairo? 

The Revolve Mall project, New Cairo, is one of the eight development projects, which is one of the best real estate investment companies and a pioneer in the field of investment. Tahrir is 110 meters wide and faces a side street of 110 meters 

Where is Revolve Mall project located in New Cairo? 

revolve mall new cairo location

The revolve mall new cairo is located in the Fifth Settlement, in front of the Tahrir axis and in front of the Bellagio sabour compound, with a facade of 110 meters 

The mall has 4 entrances (entrance for services + entrance from behind the mall + loopy for the hotel + entrance from the north wing and an entrance from the right wing) 

Places near Revolve Mall New Cairo 

  • Revolve Mall, Fifth Settlement, is one minute away from Al-Rehab 
  • The distance between Revolve Mall and Teseen Street is about two minutes. 
  • Revolve Mall is located near the American University and takes about 5 minutes. 
  • The Revolve Mall project is 5 minutes away from the Golden Square. 
  • Revolve Mall, New Cairo, is located about 10 minutes away from the Administrative Capital. 
  • The Revolve Mall project is 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport 

Design of the Revolve Mall project New Cairo 

The revolve mall New Cairo has a unique and distinctive architectural design, and eight development companies chose the best architectural consultants in this field to implement it, who designed it with the best modern architectural ideas 

So that consistency is achieved between all the mall’s atmosphere, so that it has a unique and distinctive luster among other malls located in this area, the Revolve New Cairo design is displayed as follows: 

  • The total area of Revolve Mall is 15,000 square meters 
  • The percentage of construction in Revolve Mall is 30%, and the percentage of plaza and landscape areas is 70%. 
  • Revolve Mall, Fifth Settlement, has an interface of 110 square meters. 
  • Revolve Mall consists of a basement floor + an upper basement + two upper floors 

The area of Revolve Mall New Cairo

The area of Revolve Mall New Cairo

The eight development company was distinguished by exploiting the large spaces in revolve mall new Cairo and the diversity in unit spaces to suit all customers so that you can choose the appropriate and suitable space for each unit, and this harmony included commercial units and administrative offices, and we review the spaces available in revolve mall new Cairo as follows: 

  • Commercial units: the commercial units space in revolve mall new cairo starts from 135 square meters. 
  • Administrative units: the space of the administrative units in the new cairo revolve mall starts from 35 square meters 

Revolve Mall consists of: 

  • The ground floor: underground, which is (parking), and it is located on an area of 11,600 meters, with a ceiling height of 4 meters, and it can accommodate 350 cars, and the ramp of one garage is 8 meters wide 
  • The lower ground floor: on an area of 10,000 meters, with a ceiling height of 6.25 meters. There is a hypermarket on an area of 2000 meters, in addition to a bowling center on an area of 1000 meters, and a nursery and gym on an area of 1000 meters. 
  • Commercial ground floor. It is located on an area of 4300 meters and a height of 6.25 meters in addition to the Plaza on an area of 3500 meters and overlooks the axis of liberation with a facade width of 66 meters 
  • The first and second floors are administrative: they are on an area of 4300 meters for each floor, with a ceiling height of 3.60 meters, and each floor consists of 76 offices + 2 meeting rooms + 3 waiting areas in each administrative floor. 
  • The units are characterized by being delivered fully finished and with air conditioning 

Revolve Mall New Cairo Prices 2023

The eight-development company achieved a balance in the revolve mall new Cairo project between the various and different spaces and the unparalleled competitive prices. The total prices of the units, which are commensurate with the size of the features provided, and the unit prices in revolve mall new Cairo can be known as follows 

  • Commercial units: the price per meter in commercial units in revolve mall new cairo starts from 150,000 to 190,000 EGP. 
  • Administrative units: the price per square meter in the administrative offices in revolve mall new cairo starts from 64,000 to 84,000 EGP 

Revolve Mall New Cairo Payment Plans

Eight development companies in revolve mall new cairo 2023 provided the best booking and installment systems, as it starts with a simple down payment, in addition to having a long-term payment period, and therefore it will suit customers and help them get the right opportunity to buy the units offered for sale, and payment programs can be known in the REVOLVE project MALL NEW CAIRO 2023 is as follows: 

  • The first system: 10% down payment with a payment system over 5 years without payments 
  • The second system: 15% down payment with a payment system over 6 years without payments 
  • The third system: 20% down payment with a payment system over 7 years without payments 
  • The fourth system: 25% down payment with a payment system over 9 years without payments 
  • The seriousness of booking in the commercial units is 30,000 Egyptian pounds. 
  • The seriousness of booking in administrative offices is 20,000 Egyptian pounds 
  • Units in Revolve Mall, the Administrative Capital, will be delivered within two years 

Revolve Mall New Cairo Services and Facilities

The Revolve Mall project, New Cairo 2023, is characterized by many facilities and services that distinguish it from other projects, and the most important services it has are: 

  • There are electronic gates. 
  • It contains panoramic elevators and escalators. 
  • The project has high speed internet networks. 
  • There are meeting rooms. 
  • Automated teller machines are available. 
  • It contains gymnasiums. 
  •   There is also a children’s entertainment area. 
  • Security and guarding services are available 24 hours a day to provide security in the mall. 
  • Reliance on modern monitoring systems. 
  • There are generators. 
  • Maintenance and cleaning services work in Revolve Mall, New Cairo, seven days a week, to always ensure that services work in a distinctive way 

Developer of Revolve Mall New Cairo

Eight Developments is one of the leading real estate companies in the field of real estate investment, which is affiliated with the Investment Authority, and it is one of the ARO Holding group of companies, and its board of directors is chaired by Eng. Distinguished, which made it one of the best and most important real estate development companies in Egypt and the Arab world 

This project is in partnership with Tricon, a company within the GABALLAH GROUP, and is considered a first-class contracting company that implements large-scale projects with the state and has 40 years of experience 

Eight Developments real estate projects 

  • More than 100 government institutions, including: 
  • Ministry of Interior 
  • Ministry of Transportation 
  • Ministry of Finance 
  • Ministry of Endowments 
  • Ministry of Higher Education 
  • Ministry of Justice 
  • It has more than 5,000 housing units, including Tag Sultan Compound 
  • Hospitals and universities, including Al-Fateh Islamic Hospital and Al-Azhar University 

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