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Quan Tower New Capital

Receiving Date: 2026

Meter Price: 37000

Down Payment: 10%

Quan Tower in New Capital 
Price starts from: 1,110,000 EGP
The owner company Contact Company for Real Estate Development and Investment.
Executive Consultant Sabbour Engineering Company.
Architectural Consultant Engineer/ Yasser El-Beltagy.
Management and Maintenance Company Mohammed Rashid MRB
The project location located in the CBD central business district
The project area extends over an area of 10,000 square meters
The type of units commercial, administrative, and medical
Units space starts from 25 meters
The mall's design a tower consisting of a ground floor + 25 upper floors
Prices The price per meter starts from 43,000 pounds
The installment period is up to 10 years
Maintenance deposit of 10% of the total price
Delivery date within 3 and a half years of contracting
Discount offers The discount value starts from 10% and reaches 20%
Sales number 00201104894802.

Quan Tower New Capital is one of the latest projects of Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company. The company knew from the first moment that the location of the project is very important to the marketing process for any residential or commercial project thus, the most vital and important areas of New Capital were selected in the Central Business District (CBD), with a distinctive view of the Iconic Tower and the Green River .

Quan Tower New Capital ’s Location 

Quan Tower New Capital
Quan Tower New Capital

The Central Business District which Quan Tower New Capital project is located, is a valuable treasure for those looking for an investment in a vital area and also looking for projects that achieve the highest investment return in a short time 

According to this distinguished geographical location that the project enjoys, we see its view and how close it is to many important landmarks and areas, including the following: 

  • It overlooks 3 corners and streets (a street 50 meters from the north, a street 50 meters from the south, and a front facade of 40 meters) 
  • It is located in front of the Chinese towers of great economic and tourist importance 
  • It overlooks the two largest gardens in the area, which are more than 3 acres in space
  • It has a direct view of the Iconic Tower, which is the tallest tower in Africa 
  • It is located close to the Monorail Station and the Green River 
  • It is close to the northern axis of Bin Zayed, Al Masa Hotel and the Government district 
  • It is also close to the Egyptian Mosque, the Gold Market, and the financial and business district 
  • Minutes away from the Ministries Complex, the Regional Ring Road and Central Park 
  • It is located with a panoramic view of the third district, R3, as one of the most populated districts in New Capital 
  • It is also close to the Suez Road and about 5 minutes from Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque 

The space of Quan Tower New Capital 

The project extends over a huge area of about 2.5 acres, equivalent to 10,000 square meters, and this large area was divided as follows: 

  • 4,200 square meters of the total area has been allocated for buildings, which is equivalent to 60% 
  • While the rest of the space is allocated to green areas and external landscaping 

The mall consists of a ground floor and 25 recurring floors, in addition to 3 basement floors for the garage. The mall is divided from the inside as follows: 

  • The ground, first, second and third floors have been allocated to commercial units 
  • The fourth, fifth and sixth floors are dedicated to medical clinics 
  • From the seventh floor to the last floor for administrative offices 

The design of Quan Tower New Capital 

The owner company has not overlooked the importance of designs and facades that attract customers and visitors to the mall. It also works to provide a suitable and comfortable work environment for business owners. Therefore, it has sought the help of major specialized companies and engineering consulting experts: 

  • An architectural consultant: Eng. Yasser El-Beltagy, an expert in engineering design consultancy and the owner of prominent projects in which he participated in the capital and elsewhere 
  • An executive and engineering consultant: Sabbour Real Estate Company has a brilliant name in the Egyptian real estate field 
  • The management and operation company: which is an MRB company that participated in several previous projects, the most famous of which are: Cairo Festival City Mall, Al Rehab City, Madinaty, and the Sodic project 

Units space in Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Tower New Capital
Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Iconic Tower achieves the required variety in spaces for clients, so the units in the project came with the following spaces: 

  • Commercial units space starts from 25 square meters 
  • Medical units space starts from 30 square meters 
  • Administrative units space starts from 35 square meters 

Quan Tower New Capital’s services

Quan Tower New Capital
Quan Tower New Capital
  • Mosque 
  • security cameras 
  • Security and guard personnel 
  • Electronic portals 
  • Cafes and restaurants 
  • Electric lifts 
  • Escalators 
  • Fire extinguishing system 
  • Internet networks 
  • Central air-conditioning 
  • sound system 
  • Reception desks 
  • Power reserve system 
  • Meeting rooms 
  • green patch 
  • Entertainment area for the kids 
  • Garage consisting of 3 floors 
  • Periodic maintenance 
  • Backup generators 
  • Central satellite  

Characteristics of Quan Tower New Capital 

Quan Tower New Capital
Quan Tower New Capital
  • Great strategic location in one of the most vibrant areas 
  • Panoramic view of 30 acres of green spaces 
  • Innovative and unique engineering designs that simulate modernity 
  • The mall relies on clean solar energy to not pollute the environment 
  • The owner company has established the project in accordance with healthy lifestyles 
  • The mall also included the first sky food court in the New Capital, with a 1,500 square meter outdoor panorama view 

Prices of Quan Tower New Capital 

Prices vary in Quan Tower according to the units you want, including: 

Administrative units 

  • The meter’s price starts from 43,000 EGP in Quan Tower New Capital 
  • Office prices start from 6,600,000 pounds 
  • There is a discount of 10% 

Medical units 

  • The meter’s price starts from 37,000 EGP 
  • Clinic prices start from 1,110,000 EGP 
  • There is also a pharmacy in an area of 105 square meters, at a price of 18,900,000 pounds (the price per square meter is 180,000 pounds). 
  • There is a discount of 10% 

Commercial units 

  • The price per meter starts from 84,000 pounds 
  • Shops prices start from 2,800,000 EGP 
  • 20% discount 

With a down payment starting from 10% and an installment period of up to 12 years, you can get your unit with the easiest payment system 

The owner company of Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Tower New Capital

Contact Real Estate Development and Investment Company is a pioneer company in the real estate field, and it is a joint stock organization that is classified as one of the best real estate companies in Egypt 

And this is by proving its great marketing and construction abilities with the skill of development, selecting sites, and the quality of projects, and due to its experiences, that exceeded the barrier of 15 years in the Egyptian real estate market 

It presented us with several distinguished and successful projects, the most important of which are as follows: 

  • More than 100 projects in New Cairo and Fifth Settlement. 
  • Mercury Mall in New Capital 
  • Centro project in New Cairo 
  • Sunrise Mall in El Shorouk 
  • Sea Square Mall Gesr El Suez 

Real estate transactions are one of the crucial decisions in an individual’s life, and with the spread of various real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate website Korastsherot offers you a selection of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market, to help you make a proper purchase decision 

FAQ About Quan Tower New Capital

Who is the developer of Quan Tower?

Contact Developments

Where is Quan Tower located?

Located in CBD in the New Capital

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