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Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound
Price starts from: 2,700,000 EGP
The owner company: Gates Real Estate Development Company
engineering consultant Raef Fahmy
The location of the compound in front of Zayed Gate 5
The project space occupies an area of 17 acres
The project units includes villas of various styles
Maintenance Deposit A deposit of 10% is paid.
Finishing System Units with Core & shell finishing
down payment at a price starting from 20 thousand, to be refunded in the event of non-completion of the contract
The installment period up to a maximum of 8 years
Sales number 00201104894802

Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound is considered among the villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed, and it is the latest projects of Gates Real Estate Company, in a new and unique development dress, directly on Waslet Dahshur, as the project represents another breakthrough for the developer within Sheikh Zayed City, through which it seeks to launch a real estate achievement that attracts high-end customers in the region, given that it only offers villas.

A group of the most prominent brands in the real estate market is developing the project alongside the Gates Company, in a joint cooperation that produced an ideal residential environment dominated by luxury. Moreover, what it achieved by providing elegant engineering designs with a pattern for the first time in Sheikh Zayed, and most of all by announcing affordable prices 

The Location of Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound

The Location of Prive Compound
Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound

The choice of the vital geographical location by Gates was one of the advantages that Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound had, it is located specifically in Basin 1 in front of Zayed 5, with a direct view of the Dahshur link, which makes the project’s residents within minutes of all the vital and famous points in Zayed and October areas 

The most prominent landmarks near Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound is located close to the Boulevard Road 
  • It is only 2 km from Beverly Hills Compound 
  • It is about 3.6 km from Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis 
  • It is about 3.8 km away from Mall of Arabia 
  • It is only minutes away from 6th of October City 
  • 4.5 km from the 26th of July Corridor, and similarly from Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road 
  • 6 km is what separates it from Arkan Plaza Mall 

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The design of Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound

Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound

The project includes a limited number of villas in Sheikh Zayed, which would provide a great deal of luxury for the project’s customers, especially with the developer’s reliance on sophisticated engineering designs that reflect the extent of living life within Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound residential project.

In addition, there is interest in providing stunning natural views of the residential units through green spaces and water bodies.

Engineer Raef Fahmy 

He is considered one of the most famous consultants for architectural projects in Egypt, with a long work history. We discuss, for example, the following: 

  • Prk Vie New Cairo 
  • Alcazar Compound, Fifth Settlement, IL Cazar New Cairo 
  • Granoy Mall, Fifth Settlement, Granoy Mall New Cairo 
  • Nord New Alamein Village 
  • Eastshire Compound Fifth Settlement 

The space of the Prive Sheikh Zayed compound 

Prive Sheikh Zayed compound 

Prive Sheikh Zayed compound project represents one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed, especially the suitable area of up to 17 acres, which is used to provide a healthy residential environment in the first place. Therefore, landscape areas came to occupy more than 80% of the total area 

The compound witnesses a great diversity in the types of residential villas and therefore in their private spaces, and out of superiority over the neighboring projects, Gates Company offers a style of villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed for the first time in Egypt, inspired by French architecture.

In general, the villas of Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound can be dealt with as follows: 

Maison de ville 

  • A style of residential villas being offered for the first time 
  • Areas starting from 125 square meters 

Town House 

  • Town Villa Middle and Corner is being offered 
  • Areas starting from 177 square meters 

Twin House 

  • A style of villas that provides a more private living life than a townhouse 
  • Areas starting from 211 square meters 

Stand Alone Villa  

  • Standalone villas come in 3 types (A, B, C) 
  • Areas starting from 243 square meters 

Privé Sheikh Zayed compound services 

Privé Sheikh Zayed Compound
  • Strip Mall, for which a large area of the project’s land has been allocated 
  • It includes a club house that includes activities such as a gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and others 
  • Green spaces occupy the largest part of the space allocated to the compound 
  • Bodies of water play the role of providing natural views of the project villas 
  • Security services and in addition there are surveillance cameras 
  • Smart gates are provided at the entrances to the Prive compound 
  • Open areas for reading, yoga and other activities 
  • Various celebrations can be held through a special events area 
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and styles, some of which are designated for children 
  • Recreational areas, especially children’s entertainment areas, which are spread in Prive Sheikh Zayed compound 
  • The developer provides maintenance work for the units, which is done periodically 

Features of Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound 

  • The units depend mainly on the smart home system 
  • The developer provides solar panels to generate clean energy 
  • The best compound in Sheikh Zayed achieves the greatest variety in the villas offered 
  • Moreover, it is the cheapest compound in Sheikh Zayed, in the list of projects specialized in villas 
  • It offers the longest repayment period with various installment facilities 

Disadvantages of Privé Shiekh Zayed Compound 

The developer does not offer apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed through his project, which may be considered by some as a defect, especially for not meeting their housing needs for apartments.

On the other hand, the developer considers a certain category of customers and offers very limited spaces for those looking for high-end housing at a reasonable price equal to the prices of some apartments in other projects.

Prices of Prive Sheikh Zayed compound

  • The prices of Sheikh Zayed villas in Prive Compound start from 7.2 million pounds 
  • Twin house for sale in Sheikh Zayed, Prive project, with a starting price of 5.8 million pounds 
  • Own a townhouse villa with a price starting from 3.9 million pounds 
  • Prive compound villas’ prices start at 2.7 million pounds, with the maison de ville style that it offers 

Reservation Down payment of villas in Prive Sheikh Zayed 

  • A maison villa with a reservation down payment of 20,000 pounds 
  • Twin villa and townhouse, with a down payment of 30,000 pounds 
  • Stand alone villa, with a down payment of 50,000 pounds 

Payment methods for units of Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound

By offering several payment packages, they are summarized as follows: 

  • Down payment of 10% 
  • The longest payment period in Brave Compound is 8 years 

About Gates Real Estate Development Company 

About Gates Real Estate Development

Since the emergence of Gates Real Estate Company on the Egyptian market, it has been distinguished as one of the real estate companies in Egypt with an organized developmental approach, as it relies mainly on high quality and far-reaching investment vision 

Gates is an extension of the United Arab Developers company, which has experience since its founding in 1996, while Gates has been launched with its new face since 2018, and it has started a long journey of achievements starting from the New Administrative Capital, until its recent contribution represented in Prive Sheikh Zayed Compound 

It is one of the goals that Gates Company takes into consideration with the approval of its projects for international construction measurements, so it was able to rise competitively with major real estate companies in a short time, as it reached an investment volume of about 4 billion pounds 

The most important projects of Gates Real Estate 

  • Venia New Capital Compound 
  • Catalan New Capital Compound 
  • AUDAZ Mall New Capital 
  • West Gate Mall, 6th of October 
  • Plaza Espana Sheikh Zayed Mall 

Real estate transactions are one of the crucial decisions in an individual’s life, and with the spread of various real estate scams and unreliable companies, the real estate website Korastsherot offers you a selection of the most important experts in the Egyptian real estate market, to help you make a proper purchase decision 

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